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it is you shane

  • Shane - Kim Wilde
    "Written by ricky & marty wilde I dreamed I lived the whole thing just last night Somehow this film just seemed to get it right I watched a gunfire under dirty western skies The one man's vision seems"
  • Shane - Girlysound
    "I know that it was the night The war broke out because You and I were driving around You were doing a story About if people understood What had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping A world in"
  • Shane - LIZ PHAIR
    "I know that it was the night the war broke out Because you and I were driving around And you were doing a story About if people understood what had happened to their world Tonight in bed sleeping The world"
  • Shane and Dixie - Richard Thompson
    "Oh Shane and Dixie, they were two-bit crooks They wanted to be famous like you read in books Shane had the brain and Dixie had the looks for glory As a bankrobber Shane really was no use He'd end up likely"
  • Shane - Pendragon
    "(1st Astronaut) 'That looks like Istanbul down there' (2nd Astronaut) 'No it's Vienna' (1st Astronaut) 'There's Buffalo' (2nd Astronaut) 'Ah, Buffalo Schmuffalo' Shane you've gotta lay down your guns Pick"
  • Cheers To Shane - Molly Maguire
    "There's a toothless man staring down in his glass He's the kind of man who never says no to a drink He hears tunes and words like the wind through the grass Judged by the look you'd never expect him to"
  • All About Shane - Subb
    "She's been around a couple of years ago She's doing cool things, like porno videos With all her friends and her caravan I wanna take a ride and travel across the land She's the kind of girl that make"
  • Shane, She Wrote This - Television
    "(Verlaine) Shane I want to know Sisters rejoice in a B-minor chord, With wildly impassioned delight Rapture is mine now as I behold All turning holy and bright So bright. She gives me all the love Why"
  • You - Shane West
    "There's always something in the way There's always something getting through but it's not me it's You, it's You sometimes ignorance rings true but hope is not in what i know it's not in me..me it's in"
  • Is It You - Elton John
    "Is it you Running around with someone who is new I love you You can be sure of everything I do If you're feeling lonely If you're feeling blue Is it you Is it you Is it you I can be sure that you have"
  • Is It You? - Slapp Happy
    "Is it the light shining into you? Is it the heart bleeding through you? Is it the darkness surrounding you? Is it the bones you're stumbling through? Your star makes the earth tremble. Is it the eyesight"
  • Is It You - Lee Ritenour
    "Someone's just outside, knocking at my door A stranger, somebody unknown Someone's in my dreams, can't get it off my mind, yeah I'm tired of being alone Someone's trying to find an easy way inside Come"
  • It is you - Dana Glover
    "There is something that I see, in the way you look at me There is a smile there is a truth in your eyes But an unexpected way on this unexpected day Could it be this is where I belong? It is you I have"
  • It Is You - Hillsong United
    "Lamp unto my feet Light unto my path It is You Jesus, It is You This treasure that I hold More than finest gold It is You Jesus, It is You With all my heart With all my soul I live to worship You And"
  • Is It You - Blue Rodeo
    "Is it you I wonder and still it makes me laugh is it you that I'm looking for don't turn away so fast and while you were talking wide-eyed I fell asleep hoping tomorrow would be as sweet Is it you who"
  • Is It You - Wumpscut
    "Here In The Dark Is No Light At All No Orientation No Shadows Fall Here In The Dark I Reach Out For You Sensing Fear Have I Lost You Is It You I See No Way Out I Just Hear Your Voice It Seems So"
  • Is it you - E-Rotic
    "My heart's all alone. My thoughts can deceive me. Cause tears never lie. Please, tell me why You had to leave me. And time passed it by. Each minute it I missed you. I need you, I long for your body and"
  • It Is You - Harbourlight
    "He speaks the word And the storm kneels down before Him He said "Let it be" And there was water, land and sky Who is so mighty That the universe exalts Him He is so mighty And yet looks down and says "I"
  • It is you - Hillsong
    "Lamp unto my feetLight unto my pathIt is YouJesus, It is YouThis treasure that I holdMore than finest goldIt is YouJesus, It is YouWith all my heart With all my soulI live to worship YouAnd praise forevermorePraise"
  • It is you - Shrek
    "There is something that I seeIn the way you look at meThere's a smile, there's a truth in your eyesBut an unexpected wayOn this unexpected dayCould it mean this is where I belongIt is you I have loved"

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