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it just happens

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it just happens

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it just happens
  • Roxette It Just Happens
    "It Just Happens It’s a cabaret Taking over On a quiet lazy Backseat day And it’s so beautiful Like the sunshine On your balcony Just yesterday Don’t underestimate Your heart is never late And love will"
  • Criteria It Happens
    "all the leaves falling at ground just like our love it's mockery it's make believe the choice is made how many times did i call and can't get no one on the telephone line how many times did i call how"
  • Hopesfall It Happens
    "The bodies collide to the beat The spilt wine takes us to new heights She said I was her captain out of town swinger For a night we parade the conquest for the careless I am motionless and coma Ready for"
  • Jewel Just So Happens
    "Just so happens that I'm tired of your face Just so happens that I'm tired of this place Just so happens that I can not endure The pain and the suffering that's caused when I touch you anymore Just so"
  • Quindon Tarver Just so happens
    "Just So Happens That I'm Tired of Your FaceJust So Happens That I'm Tired of This PlaceJust So Happens That I Can Not EndureThe Pain and the Suffering That's Caused When I Touch You AnymoreJust So Happens"
  • Poco Just In Case It Happens
    "(Richie Furay) What does it matter to me that you've gone The memory's all in a dream And though it seems odd to be With a good night yawn, the heartache is gone Yes Indeed For lovin' you I have been such"
  • Carly Simon It Happens Everyday
    "(Carly Simon) It happens everyday Two lovers with the best intentions to stay Together the decide to seperate Just how it happens neither is certain But it happens everyday It happens everyday After you"
  • Tyler When It Happens
    "It could be the way he smiles.The twinkle in his eyes.look how he walks.smiles as he talks...but does he know? He'd look at you-all innocently.with his pleading eyes-Would He know? (bridge) smallest"
  • Linda Davis Love Happens
    "Just rocking along minding my business Stealing my share of midnight kisses It's a game we play But then one day Love happens Maybe she's a girl you've known forever Never thought twice about getting together Just"
  • Bill Withers Whatever Happens
    "Whatever happens We'll have some love along the way But it ain't easy We'll look for some words of love to say And smile..mmmmm It may happen anyway And we'll kiss before we say 'goodnight' And"
  • Vanessa Williams Whatever Happens
    "Whatever happens We left some love along the way But it ain't reserved We'll think of some words of love to say And we'll smile oh and be happy anyway And we'll kiss before we say goodnight And whatever"
  • Blue Whatever Happens
    "We take it for granted All that we have, yeah Treatin our love like it is here to stay We never question or look from the lessons until it is taken away Now there is one thing I know It's what you've"
  • Bill Nye Friction Happens
    "Oooh yeah, friction! Listen to my voice and to my careful diction Gonna tell you about a force that we call friction It appears when one thing rubs against another Like a comb across the head of your"
  • John Hiatt Something Happens
    "I get jumpy Wanna step on the gas Drive right out of this place fast She says, "Red light I'll take those keys" Out of my mind and On my knees CHORUS: Something happens And I don't know why I"
  • Teflon Shit Happens
    "{*phone being dialed*}, {*click*} "Hello?" "This is Nynex. You have a collect call from a New York State correctional facility. Caller, please say your name." (Yeah, collect call from Teflon) "If you"
  • Dar Williams It happens every day
    "The first part of every day for me is good I've got the bus stop in my neighborhood And everything's on purpose everywhere they go Hiding in my car and running in the snow Running with the friends they'll"
  • Nat King Cole It happens to be me
    "Someone longs for you and your caress He's learning now how empty arms can be Someone who used to know your kiss not long ago That someone happens to be me How he misses you and must confess Without you"
  • Alabama Until It Happens To You
    "I worry all day and I can't go to sleep at night Thinking about baby and wondering who's holding her tight tonight People say I've been a fool too long, too long All my friends still ask me why I keep"
  • Sesame Street The First Time It Happens
    "The first time you see her No bolt from the blue Just something so quiet That's waiting for you With no one to tell you Where you've got to go The first time it happens You know The first time you see"
  • Corinne Bailey Rae Till It Happens To You
    "I know what I said was heat of the moment but theres a little truth in between the words we've spoken its a little late now to fix the heart thats broken please dont ask me where i'm going cuz i dont"

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