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it s so easy

  • Easy - Troye Sivan
    "You ran away to find something to say I went asytray to make it ok And he made it easy , darlin’ I am still in lobve And i say taht because I knwo how it seems between you and me It hasn;t been easy darlin’"
  • Easy - Aesop Rock
    "I take it Easy Upside down, I pick wigs for beetles Pry 'em out and pin 'em to the polar of the see-saw Sofa cobra shimmy out crater Cradle my weight in double wishbone suspension Versus AM clock radio"
  • So easy - Mesh
    "Time's thinking Life's rushing by again You could do no wrong for them Time's watching As they smile and you pretend That broken hearts will always mend They could draw a picture and tell me it was you"
  • So Easy - Accidental Superhero
    "many times i forgot, I'd simply wait for my lot angelic i thought you to be so much for what you think of me smile as you really frown, then grin as you look around flip-flopped it all upside down you"
  • So Easy - Sylvan
    "When you breathe in memories and your thoughts are light-years away When the past takes root in your head Yet your glance shows agony - on the edge of losing yourself You should not suppress it again Drifting"
  • So Easy - Lorene Drive
    "She said let go, goodbye So pathetic yet it seems so right I said alright, okay Anything to make me go away If you get back before I do If you could only hear me through It used to be so easy Oh no you've"
  • So Easy - Bodyjar
    "When I look right into the future When I look back at my past It makes me want to seize the moments I find in today 'Cause things used to be so certain But now I'm not so sure And there was golden opportunities Knocking"
  • So Easy - Scotty Don't
    "It makes no sense for me to run So I'll be layin' low until the day is done When you're ready I'll be hear to hear your reason Because it's you and you alone I can't be pleasing And I will never fall"
  • It Ain't Easy - Cypress Hill
    "I remember times I hustle, times I struggle Times I had to get over the everyday shuffle People tryin' to muffle my thoughts and all my dreams too People who I thought were down, and see true But I blame"
  • It Ain't So Easy - Chalee Tennison
    "(Marv Green/John Bettis) Oh, yeah Baby, I heard you when you said good-bye That's the kind of thing you don't have to say twice Now I hear that you ain't so happy being free I guess it ain't so easy to"
  • It Was So Easy - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman) I remember a time, rompin' through the woods Sun against our skin instead of clothes When we felt hungry we would eat, whn we felt glad we would dance And whenever we felt"
  • It Seemed So Easy - Eric Carmen
    "(david smalley/eric carmen) Rememberin' our love, babe Rememberin' the good days The days when we both thought it would stay Just thinkin' about you So warm there beside me I'd look in your eyes And"
  • Easy - Stefan Eicher
    "Easy easy you came much too easy too easy to stay so easy easy you came like a birthday too easy to stay And easy it falls all around you you waste it when you walk you waste it when you talk Give it"
  • Easy - Barenaked Ladies
    "What's a boy to do When you tell your tale And, it never fails I just end up feeling bad for you With your hang-dog eyes You can bring me down Now I'm wrapped around your whole hand Stop looking so surprised You"
  • Easy - Morningwood
    "You want it all You want it cheap You want some peace So you can sleep You want somebody to care You want somebody to know You wanna live the lie the lie that's in your head. (It's so easy) You"
  • Easy - Matthew Sweet
    "She remembers how we met Through a friend of ours I took her for a ride and laid her Underneath the stars And even now it makes me laugh to think we wanted more And always talked about how hard it was When"
  • Easy - Emiliana Torrini
    "It's not an accident You mean to touch me And that's exactly why I'm here A trick of confidence Twenty years inside You're exactly what I need But I bide Don't have time to play So put your toys away"
  • Easy - Dalbello
    "been caught in the middle been looking out for something it i try just a little it'd be purely for nothin you know you better believe me - - believe me as long as i'm breathing this girl ain't goin down ain't"
  • Easy - Sweet Matthew
    "She remembers how we met Through a friend of ours I took her for a ride And laid her underneath the stars And even now it makes me laugh to think we wanted more And always talked about how hard it was When"
  • Easy - Boyz II Men
    "(Nate)I know it sounds funnyBut I just can't stand the painGirl I'm leaving you tomorrowSeems to me girlYou know I've done all I canYou see I begged, stoleAnd I borrowedOoh, that's why I'm easyI'm easy"

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