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it works

  • It Works - Alabama
    "He rattles his glass, she jumps up fast And pours him a glass of tea Deep in her heart she believes That's the way it should be Yeah, and I've seen my dad get fightin' mad Over one little four-letter"
  • If It Works - Tokyo Police Club
    "We get our nerves of steel When the balaclavas go on We're just not used to ourselves If it pays then it sells our hides I wake for every meal But I still set a place for you We're looking out for you"
  • Love Works - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie / Billy Aerts) Hey you on the hill Take the time if you will To read my note I'm not very smart But it comes from the heart of me I know this world is real complicated, And my idea may be"
  • She Works - Weddings Parties Anything
    "She works, she works like a trojan And she never says nothing, she doesn't get sick She never makes trouble, she's a really good stick All day, she works at the same job Over and over like a cow in the"
  • Faith Works - Soldiers Of Jah Army
    "Faith, works and unconditional love - No bad mind, no hatred, no envy and no grudge. Babylon destroy, your minds they want to corrupt, But InI have got to reach the higher heights up above. Things will"
  • The Works - House Of Large Sizes
    "I work so hard, I clean my (?) Try to stay between the lines I almost lost my mind I have to show what I can do Have to prove myself to you Again Not again... Nothing much left to say East is feelin' good"
  • It Works For Me - Toby Keith
    "Never owned a brand new car Never worked in a white collar Never held a woman longer Than I held one single dollar I never went out chasin rainbows Cause there cant be that much to it Even if I found"
  • This Is How It Works - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, lisa "left eye" lopes (1995) Performed by tlc Not everbody knows just how to do it Some just learn it on the way Once you get it right, ain't nothin to it If you wanna get it right,"
  • Baby It Works For Me - No Secrets
    "Something went wrong now she's gone Baby don't stress it baby don't second guess it Don't look down turn yourself around Baby I'm waiting with something I've been saving To let you go she must have been"
  • This Is How It Works - TLC
    "T-Boz: Not everybody knows just how to do it Some just learn it on the way Once you get it right aint nothing to it If you wanna get it right you gotta learn to pace Chorus: Make it smooth (make it smooth) Take"
  • Faith without works - Owen Temple
    "What am I doing with my days I can spend my time so many ways Work I could do runnng through my head But faith without works is dead There is a meaning you can find In every action, heart and mind Uncover"
  • Stuff That Works - Rodney Crowell
    "I've got an old blue shirt and it suits me just fine I like the way it feels so I wear it all the time I've got an old guitar that won't ever stay in tune But I like the way it sounds in a dark and empty"
  • Not By Works - Twice Born
    "Why can't you see that it not your deeds that get you into heaven? No man is worthy enough to earn this Holy Blessing No man is perfect, no man will ever be That's why God sent His perfect Son to die for"
  • Stuff That Works - Guy Clark
    "I got an olblue shirt And it suits me just fine I like the way it feels So I wear it all the time I got an old guitar It won ever stay in tune I like the way it sounds In a dark and empty room"
  • Forever Works For Me - Neal McCoy
    "Tonight when you told me, you're love is here to stay. So I took out my calender, the second I got home. And I wrote your name on every page. I can see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. How 'bout"
  • Everything works if you let it - Cheap Trick
    "(Alternate intro) Everything'll work out if you let it Everything'll work out if you let it Everything'll work out if you let it Let it in your heart (Chorus 1) Everything works if you let it If you let"
  • Works Hard For The Money - Charli Baltimore
    "Uh, uh, uh, uh Chorus She works hard for the money So hard for it honey She works hard for the money And you better treat her right Verse One: Charli Baltimore Whatever you gotta, do for the Prada On"
  • A heartache in the works - Randy Travis
    "This ole heart of mineIs now showing signsFrom the wear and tear of timesYou have taken it and crushed itThen came close to throwing it awayHolding on to someone who don't love the same way that you doAlways"
  • Knowing How The World Works - Les Savy Fav
    "Pappa don't preach, I beseech you man, Your devilish deeds Teach more than a teacher can. What have we learned? Which lessons won't stick? Tracing the edges Of wisdom and shit. Knowing how the world works Is"
  • How The Pigs' Music Works - Frank Zappa
    "Spider: I think I can explain about about how the pigs' music works Monica: Well, this should be interesting Spider: Remember that they make music with a very dense light John: Yeah Monica: O.K. Spider:"

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