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ita a sin

  • Ita - Cold Chisel
    "Every night when I go home I settle down to prime-time limbo When all the boys are gathered around Shoutin' "Ita's on TV" And though the roaches are thick on the ground Somebody goes to close our window Keep"
  • Sarajevo (ITA) - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Tra le pianure di Galizia alita il vento cattivo Il poco che avevamo ce lhanno tolto le acque Come gli uccelli migranti, come dei falchi Voliamo sopra la terra due lettere blu Ancora arde il fuoco e"
  • Darmodej (ITA) - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Ieri camminava un uomo per la citt e camminava per la via principale. Ieri caminava un uomo per la citt ed io lo vedevo dalla finestra: suonava col flauto un corale, lo suonava come fosse una campana e"
  • Dance macabre (ITA) - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Sei milioni di cuori sono volati via per il camino, ma una cosa da nulla, amore; oggi, scusami andremo a ballare con i contadini e negli allegri villaggi ci divertiremo, ti amo. Lamore odio e lodio"
  • Bahama rum (ITA) - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Abbiamo bevuto tutta la notte Bahama rum e abbiamo mangiato i biscotti secchi tu avevi la maglietta gialla Harley e ti stava stretto e sexy e dopo abbiamo fatto lamore dal registratore Plhal cantava"
  • Kimi ga ita kara - YeLLOW Generation
    "Sakura mau ano hi egao no a-chi wo Kugurinuke tou ni fumi dashita ippo Kata ga butsu karu eki no homu Te wo furu kimi itsumo to onaji asa ga kuru Hi no ataru kyoushitsu yasashii hizashi wo Kakobu kaze"
  • Sin Sin Sin - Robbie Williams
    "Don't let your eyes tell the brain You should feel ashamed Everyone needs it baby And I feel the same Didn't quite catch your name Hush, hush, hush Don't say a thing Let's see what the night will bring It"
  • Sin - His Hero Is Gone
    "With halos proudly displayed our inner selves wear a Guilty face misplaced hedonic thoughts destroyed Hollow lies conceal our sins "no pleasure: only strife" Embrace our sin & vice inner dwellings hemorrhage With"
  • Sin - Megadeth
    "He had an unfamiliar face Complete life in disarray A simple man, power drunk No worries of living, no more anything Deep inside I've seen it rise Actions progress to no end Mirror Mirror please look"
  • Sin - Kamelot
  • Sin - Android Lust
    "You taught me to lie I taught you to fake it You asked me to take it with no explanation Red red wine makes a stain on your shirt and i pretend there's no stain at all You ask me to dance I turn you down You"
  • Sin - Project Pitchfork
    "A star for you Velvet night Now count to eight Everything falls apart You form the wax In my hand Now count to one Blood on the blossom Be yourself No one else Now count to twenty We fall like kings"
  • Sin - Headplate
    "Sin I'm stuck in this lie, can't breathe; I can die I'm stuck with this fear, can't see, I cannot hear See the lie always on me, so scared I cannot see Please turn around from me, JUST SEE THAT ALL YOU"
  • Sin - Nine Inch Nails
    "You give me the reason. You give me control. I gave you my Purity. My Purity you stole. Did you think I wouldn't recognize this compromise. Am I just too stupid to realize. Stale incense old sweat and"
  • Sin - Seance
    "The time is right the ecstasy starts to increase Internal reaction hallucinal disease The priest is here gives him what he needs Must spread the faith the most decadent seeds The believer brings the virgin"
  • Sin - Organized Konfusion
    "*Sounds of a baby crying* *Pharaohe Monch whining* Pharoahe: God why is it so difficult to get it through these niggas heads They can't fuck with me, I try to explain to the name won't misses Please"
  • Sin - Nuclear Assault
    "I wander through the streets at night Lost and cold, alone Bloody visions fill my dreams My heart is like a stone A stranger comes out of the mist Backons to call me near He leads me down the path of hate Down"
  • Sin - Beer Coaster
    "Look on the eyes of the angels Reaching now our hands You will see only strangers Looking for a __ And everyone screaming you want to you want to have more Feelings are gone And you __ make it __"
  • Sin - Nightfall
    "Horny feelings haunt my mind And I'm afraid I can't escape How a dream can turn so black Or it's again that female god Or it's again that devil's mark She's so real, full of beauty Everlasting like hope,"
  • Sin - Circus Maximus
    "All my life I have been a drifter Going down the paths that had no ending With Satan on my shoulder, I was an angel of the underground Nothing could ever stop me You're losing all, Losing all of control In"

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