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  • Italian Rain - Stephen Bishop
    "(Stephen Bishop) I rub my eyes as I wake from sleep And leave behind The world of my dreams And thru' my window I can see the sky But I never see the sun Someday Someday I shall fly I want to close my"
  • Italian Girl - Andy McCoy
    "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na I fell in love with a Italian girl Well she came from only heaven knows But my Lord above I must've needed her together we built a small humble home And"
  • Italian Girls - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "Music and lyrics: Oates I see I see I see all the monumental ruinization I see I see I see the greatest works of art in western civilization Ooh but where are Tell me where are Ooh but where are the"
  • Italian Girls - Hall & Oates
    "Music and lyrics: Oates I see I see I see all the monumental ruinization I see I see I see the greatest works of art in western civilization Ooh but where are Tell me where are Ooh but where are the"
  • Italian Radio - Blue October
    "I ended the book that I'm writing. The part about you I'm tearing it out. A simple goodnight, stop fighting, There's nothing left to even read about. I'm leaving you here my darling, to search for a better"
  • Italian Plastic - Crowded House
    "I bring you plates from rome You say they look fantastic I say we're having fun Nothing like that italian plastic I bring you rocks and flowers You say they look pathetic You pick me up at night I don't"
  • Italian Girls - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart / Ron Wood) I've got two and more to show I was dreaming of a mobile that couldn't be mine not without lyin' Was I feeling kind a silly when I stepped in soakin' beer down the cola machine Oh,"
  • Italian christmas - Christmas Carols
    "Twas the night before Christmas,Da whole house was mella,Not a creature was stirrin',Cuz I had a gun unda da pilla.When up on da roofI heard somethin' pound,I sprung to da window,To scream, "YO! Keep it"
  • Italian song - Vangelis
    "Oh ma la oh oh me giova oh,pe dolae gi po va po;e sha me co oh me gioma ah,p d le pa tus dac.E la fongo oh te de van,pe a su mon ah tu na.Oh de salai tu ghe,mani tnai oh ye.Oh ni pa eh eh pad pa nar,oh"
  • Italian Sexual Frustration - Black Lips
    "Never going to get it anytime, anywhere Italian sexual frustration These situations confine me Italian sexual frustration All they ever do is sit and stare everywhere Italian sexual frustration I put the"
  • Italian Love Song - Tina Arena
    "Fire in your eyes, the promise of true love and protection But in your mind, necessity of getting your way Tradition disguised, suspicion and lies Selfish desire, you're looking for maternal perfection Oh"
  • Big Italian Rose - Small Fred
    "She was riding on the airline leafing through their magazine They said, "We'll fly you to the homeland that you have never seen" Smiling tourists in the picture back in sunny Italy Said she, "These pretty"
  • Italian Leather Sofa - Cake
    "She doesn't care whether or not he's an island. She doesn't care, just as long as his ship's coming in. She doesn't care whether or not he's an island (oh no). They laugh, they make money, he's got a gold"
  • Fine Italian Shoes - Morten Abel
    "Any open, any open door I put my foot in Any full moon I lay on my back On the cold atumn ground In the park, on your lawn I lay on my own Any old friend Any old friend Unknown will do Whats your name Where"
  • Perdono (Italian Version) - Tiziano Ferro
    "Perdono (Italian Version) Perdono si quel che fatto fatto io per chiedo Scusa regalami un sorriso io ti porgo una Rosa su questa amicizia nouva pace si Posa perch so come sono infatti chiedo Perdono"
  • Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng
    "Oh no not now Please not now I just settled into the glass half empty Made myself at home And so why now Please not now I just stopped believing in happy endings Harbors of my own But you had to come along"
  • American Jesus (Italian) - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion Miscellaneous American Jesus (Italian) Non ho bisogno di essere un cittadino globale Perch sono benedetto dalla nazionalit Sono membro di una spingerci sotto E ci sono cose Che ci tirano gi Ma"
  • Ti Amo (Italian) - Umberto Tozzi
    "ti amo redis moi ti amo garde moi ti amo mme si je sais que je ne suis pas ton unique et que tu laimes aussi que la vie est ainsi ti amo cest mon cri entends moi mme dans le silence dans lequel jai"
  • Italian X Rays - Steve Miller Band
    "(Steve Miller and Gary Mallaber) I went to bed late last night Pulled down the shade And turned out the light I fell asleep, and I began to dream The most extraordinary beautiful dream Incense and perfume"
  • Paninaro (Italian Remix) - Pet Shop Boys
    "Passion and love and sex and money Violence, religion, injustice and death Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh Girls, boys, art, pleasure Girls, boys, art, pleasure Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh Food,"

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