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italian boys forever lovers

  • Lovers - Effigy
    "I want to entertain you all, but the cameras overwhelm me I've got stage fright The whole town came out to see, a lonely boy Set himself alight Lovers, we could be lovers, but you don't like boys And I"
  • Lovers - Nu Flavor
    "I love her so much From the taste of her kiss to her gentle touch The way she whispers in my ear Like there is no one else here I'm so crazy for you baby You know I wouldn't want anyone else cause you"
  • Paninaro (Italian Remix) - Pet Shop Boys
    "Passion and love and sex and money Violence, religion, injustice and death Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh Girls, boys, art, pleasure Girls, boys, art, pleasure Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh Food,"
  • Boys Boys Boys - Lady GaGa
    "Hey there sugar baby Saw you twice at the pop show You taste just like glitter Mixed with rock and roll I like you a lot lot Think you're really hot hot I know you think you're special When we"
  • Letters Between Lovers, Part 2 - Emo Side Project
    "Dear Lover, Every now and then, someone comes along. Someone who changes your life completely Someone who changes your perspective on what love is, and what life is. And for me, that person was you."
  • Sluggish Lovers - Montevideo
    "Ain't love symmetrical and something crazy! I mean as electrical as an engine, running ! All young fellows, spread over the world, demonstrate their anger, selling drugs, don't you know? Sluggish lovers!!! Sluggish"
  • Lovers Again - Bonnie Tyler
    "I got pictures of you in funny poses Letters from you with fresh yellow roses I've got souvenirs of fun times together And I'll cherish those years but I'll bet I'll forever I know we'll be lovers again,"
  • True Lovers - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, l.a. reid, daryl simmons (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson Spoken: You know girl, all my life I've been looking for someone like you And you know true love Is so hard to find Since"
  • Lovers Chain - Charlie Landsborough
    "Ive found all the love I ever wanted Things so sweet I never could explain Hold me like a prisoner who has nowhere to escape Tied forever to a lovers chain. You showed me the strongest love is gentle Softer"
  • Lovers Greed - Jump Little Children
    "What is it in nature which lends its hand To the tongues of young wondering lovers in flight That by the silent boot of a dying word A scythe was taught to moan and to write What is it that is left for"
  • Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance
    "Hand in mine, into your icy blues And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway With this trunk of ammunition too I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets I'm trying, I'm trying To let you"
  • Lovers Rock - ABS
    "I ain't trying to hide it Since i laid my eyes on you Ain't no use trying to fight it From falling deep into you I want you here with me It's how it's got to be Girl ifeel surroundedby you Beautiful"
  • Forever - Chicago
    "Every day it seems we hear the same old story. Every day there's lovers giving up on love. People say it's just a fact of modern living. All around us, people fall in love and marry. Then we hear they're"
  • Forever - Tina Cousins
    "(chorus) Just hold me now, just hold me now Say you'll stay forever Say the day will never come Just hold me now, just hold me now Stay this way forever, oh 'Cos we've only just begun Tell me why do lovers"
  • Forever - Westlife
    "I'll be loving you forever, Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never, Even if you took my heart, And tore it apart, I would love you still, forever, You are the sun, You are my light, And you're the"
  • Forever - Gadjits
    "I belong to you forever, I'll never let you go. I belong to you forever, ooh I love you so. I wish I could be just like the other boys And take you out to dinner and buy you expensive toys But I'm a poor"
  • Non Puoi Lasciarmi Cosi - Italian (Quit Playing Ga - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Miscellaneous Non Puoi Lasciarmi Cosi - Italian (Quit Playing Ga Howie: Baby, ohhh... Guardo dentro me e so gi Cosa rester di noi Quello che vorrei sei tu Ma niente ti riporta qui Che"
  • The lovers - Forever Slave
    "In 1817, a courting couple by the sea. He promised her he would return. While the time won the battle. His lips caressed her skin, when tomorrow they'll say good bye. She closed her sweet eyes, but he"
  • Lovers In The Sand - Bad Boys Blue
    "Bad Boys Blue Miscellaneous Lovers In The Sand (This is radio KLW Sunny California. For you lovers out there it's going to be a great day with temperatures around thirty degrees centigrade) Lovers in"
  • When Lovers Cry - Freiheit
    "There was love that could have grown But someone took your dream away Gone for good, we'd spat forever Forever Ooh, when lovers cry There's no need to stay together Together Ooh, remember time is on your"

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