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its not against flesh of blood its time to rise up with the sun

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its not against flesh of blood its time to rise up with the sun

  • Its Killing Time - Dogs With Jobs
    "I woke up this morning with a thought in my head I like the idea of seeing you dead It's not that I hate you I just need something to do I think I'll kill some time I'll do it killing YOU What's the point"
  • Novembre / Its Blood - Novembre
    "Here is it It brings the nothingness of tomorrow Here is it It gives the silver of another sorrow The last wave The very last wave And then it arrived Now unable to enchant these eyes Weakened by The"
  • Its Da Summa Time - Frayser Boy
    "(DJ Paul) Yeah, the hoes gonna come out to dis one boy. We gon' let y'all know how we do it in da south man. With the motherf**kin golds in our mouth. In da summa time, we get washed up, then we gotta"
  • Its In Me - Young Turk
    "1-When I start to spray Clear the way ducking shots Cause once my gun cock I then aim and pop Im a donkey nigga, look here a untamed guirrella Wilder than willa TC representer Known for spending big spitting"
  • Its A Setup - Kurupt
    "Let's do it doggs, ring ding dong Bitch (aha, aha), bitch (yeah what what what what what?) Beeitch (set up, set up, set up), beeitch (it's a set up) What they're doing? they're trying to... They're trying"
  • Its Not Goodbye - Laura Pausini
    "It's Not Goodbye And what if I never kiss your lips again Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace How would I ever go on Without you there's no place to belong Well someday love is gonna lead you"
  • Its A Craze - Phobia
    "iight lets go stubob yous a hoe muvafuka speakin all drama but dont blow muhfukaz only dem dicks, wedged between ya lip and tonsils repercussions from the vandals, i eat the beef 'cause it is maditory"
  • Its Happening Now - Charlie Daniels
    "All of my life I've been hearing That Jesus is coming back someday For two thousand years the world's been waiting He just told us to watch and pray We don't know the minute nor the hour But the signs"
  • Its All Gravity - E-40
    "(talking) What it do, what that is pimp What you say, talk to me I talk back Oooh, I heard that, oooh Skinny bank, phat bank, foreign cars, candy paint Jelly jars, battle scars, rap stars, pullin' rank Drinkin"
  • Its Not Enough - Youth Brigade
    "i believe that we have dreams of another world where we truly live in peace if its naive then call me a fool but in t his crazy place dreams are really all we have its not enough to say that you are helpless"
  • Its Not Unusual - Tom Jones
    "It's not unusual to be loved by anyone It's not unusual to have fun with anyone But when I see you hanging about with anyone It's not unusual to see me cry, I wanna die It's not unusual to go out at any"
  • Its Not Enough - Swing Out Sister
    "(Swing Out Sister) Click above to return to "Shapes and Patterns" 1997 Previous Lyrics "Shapes and Patterns" Holding hands with summer Gentle as a breeze Fragrant as your petals Cast their spell and leave Someone"
  • Its Not Over - Adina Howard
    "(feat. Ee-De) How did it go down? How did you touch her? sitin' there drinking that hipnotic, (yeah) screaming what have i done to you, i should of knew your girl cheef for beefin' she made some"
  • Its Allright - Various
    "In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be-- It scared me out of my wits-- A corpse falling to bits! Then I opened my eyes And the nightmare was...me!! I"
  • Its Over - Mest
    "You've been waiting for You never knew for sure Cause time was goin' by And never asked you why When I would talk to you The words they went right through Your head But I couldn't tell You were under"
  • Its Not Over Yet - Black
    "So many problems, so many dreams, so many hangdog faces. So many ways to say "oh! I'll never see another day with you in it". So listen while you can, the first time that you ever have. I just grew tired, grew"
  • Flesh & Blood - Bee Gees
    "I'm not that someone who's got what you want I can do nothing but watch what you do You just want someone to kiss you good night But lips are never enough to get you through You stole my nights and you"
  • Its Your Choice - Warzone
    "If you ever looked to the reasons why All the ways they'll scam on you Cut you up with no regret They'll take whatever they can get We must unite - put up a strong fight Against society and their rules Before"
  • Everything In Its Own Time - Indigo Girls
    "Remember everything I told you, keep it in your heart like a stone And when the winds have blown the winds have blown things round and back again what was once your pain will be your home All around the"
  • (Its Just) Desire - Nelson
    "It might be the way you move that keeps me up at night Or the outline of your silhouette when you step into the light Is it in the things you say or the message in your eyes The urgency you feel from"

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