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its so new

  • Its Been So Long - Benny Goodman
    "Jersey Bounce Ella Fitzgerald Words by Robert B. Wright Music by Bobby Plater, Tiny Bradshaw, and Edward Johnson - As sung by Ella Fitzgerald, who did NOT chart it - Most popular version, by Benny Goodman,"
  • Its Over - Mest
    "You've been waiting for You never knew for sure Cause time was goin' by And never asked you why When I would talk to you The words they went right through Your head But I couldn't tell You were under"
  • Its Me - Out of Eden
    "All of my life I've dreamed a love would come to me It's here and now I know it's more that and other love could be I never though I'd know someone who loved me so To go as for to die that His love for"
  • Its Raining Men - Various
    "We are here for you just to tell you the truth Yeah, we know it's not new But we're here from the start And that'll break you apart - uuuhhh... You've got light a candle to be with me 'cause you know I"
  • Its All Gravity - E-40
    "(talking) What it do, what that is pimp What you say, talk to me I talk back Oooh, I heard that, oooh Skinny bank, phat bank, foreign cars, candy paint Jelly jars, battle scars, rap stars, pullin' rank Drinkin"
  • Its So Easy - Guns N' Roses
    "I see your sister in her Sunday dress She's out to please She pouts her best She's out to take No need to try She's ready to make It's so easy, easy When everybody's tryin' to please me baby It's so easy,"
  • Its So Obvious - Wire
    "In an act of contrition I lay down by your side It's not your place to comment On my state of distress For this is for real I've tears in my eyes Am I laughing or crying? I suggest I'm not lying I haven't"
  • Its Da Summa Time - Frayser Boy
    "(DJ Paul) Yeah, the hoes gonna come out to dis one boy. We gon' let y'all know how we do it in da south man. With the motherf**kin golds in our mouth. In da summa time, we get washed up, then we gotta"
  • Its Time Chapter Three - Saga
    "IT'S TIME! (CHAPTER THREE) Large and tall ones, short and small ones working round a frame. The pieces fit so perfectly like some large metal game. The time draws near and with it fear all senses a new"
  • Its Oh So Quiet - Lisa Ekdahl
    "It's, oh, so quiet Shhhh, Shhhh It's, oh, so still Shhhh, Shhhh You're all alone Shhhh, Shhhh And so peaceful until... You fall in love Zing boom The sky up above Zing boom Is caving in You've never been"
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison
    "We both lie silently still in the dead of the night Although we both lie close together We feel miles apart, inside Was it somethin' I said or something I did Did my words not come out right Tho' I tried"
  • Mr Walker Its All Over - Billie Jo Spears
    "I left Garden City, Kansas with a ticket And a yen to see New York I typed eighty words a minute So your corporation let me go to work I fetched paper clips and coffee Even helped you dodge you're domineering"
  • Its Time I See You - Jadakiss
    "(Drag-On) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck y'all niggas talkin 'bout huh? ("it's time I see you...) Get it right, you faggot niggas heard Suge Knight Double R's the only niggas he respect and, y'all niggas shook"
  • Its So Hard To Wait - Buffalo Springfield
    "(Neil Young) I am a child, I'll last a while You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile You hold my hand, rough up my hair It's lots of fun to have you there I gave to you, now, you give to me I'd"
  • Its Been So Very Long - Plankeye
    "Emancipation of myself and pain inside of me Sometimes I wonder where I'd be without You God There'd be a big old hole inside of me I sit and I wait for You... Time to take place Perfect day that shines"
  • its love - A-Teens
    "A Teens Miscellaneous its love oh yea oh no baby what i feel for you is weird like ive never felt this way before(tell me the same) but even though this seems like a dream i know you are so true i really"
  • Its Over - Dubstar
    "Into the coloured field of view my eyes are on the toe line Into another space and now it's clear that I will soon be found And this is the first time that it's made vague sense So into the coloured field"
  • New - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "And Ive been thinking if maybe You are just part of myself.And Ive been hoping to keep You forever mine.Its been a lifetime of learning You better and better.So today I know You by Heart.Ive got a new"
  • So Brand New - Leonardo'S Bride
    "Strange news from another star is floating around. Now I know why when I try to stand up I fall down. There walks a giant and the earth is just a stone in his shoe. Believe me baby when I tell you we"
  • So Brand New. - Leonardos Bride
    "strange news from another star is floating around. now i know why when i try to stand up i fall down. there walks a giant and the earth is just a stone in his shoe. believe me baby when i tell you we"

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