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itzy not shy

  • Not Shy - ITZY
    "Cauze i am Not Shy Not Shy Not Shy Not Shy Gimme that Not Shy Not Shy cuz I like it cuz I like it"
  • Shy - Prince
    "After a month of just bein' alone he said, "I wonder what L.A.'s thinkin'" Streets he roamed in search of a poem amongst the wild and drinkin' When he sees cool dark skin in hot virgin white The search"
  • Shy - Peter Murphy
    "One day you will be the one to say I'm sick of empty fun It means if your faith is strong it means you are no longer astray... See I see all the light It comes straight from the sun And I want to get near"
  • Shy - Ani DiFranco
    "the heat is so great it plays tricks with the eye it turns the road to water and then from water to sky and there's a crack in the concrete floor and it starts at the sink there's a bathroom in a gas station and"
  • Shy - Epperley
    "I don't say much but I, but I like to sing Won't tell you what I'm thinking Just have to wait and sing I have no skin left on my, on my fingertips But still my heart pours out, out from my lips Well I'm"
  • Shy - Elan
    "If you're going into the city Can I follow behind And if you think it's all so pretty I might just lose my mind 'Cause it's been raining all the time Yeah, it's been raining all the time And I might not"
  • Shy - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Oh, every time I pass you I'mInclined to look awayI don't know why, but some dayI will turn my head and sayExcuse me miss, but this glove isIt the one that you've just droppedAnd you'll reply by saying"
  • Shy - Eddy
    "Ive lived my life like a one way ticket Not knowin where Im bound About killed myself just to prove I was alive Then all of a sudden with a whole lot of lovin You turned my world around So dont worry if"
  • I'm Not Shy - Frank
    "Open Wide, Close Your Eyes, Do You Feel Fine, Do You Dare, Take Me There, Wanna share mine.. Cause Today Is the Day, Wanna Feel Mine, Out Of sight, Come and slide, Cause it feels like Im not"
  • Too Shy - Limahl
    "Tongue-tied, (I'm) short of breath, don't even try Try a little harder Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must be strong Ooh, baby, try Hey girl, move a little closer. You're Too shy shy Hush hush,"
  • Too shy - Kajagoogoo
    "Tongue-tied, (I'm) short of breath, don't even try Try a little harder Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must be strong Ooh, baby, try Hey girl, move a little closer. You're Too shy shy Hush hush,"
  • Shy Boy - Hi-STANDARD
    "I could not say "I love you" So my love has gone far away I was worried all night long But I can say so because I am a shy boy, I am a shy boy I am a shy boy, I know myself very well! I could not say"
  • Shy Girl - O-Town
    "Shy shy girl Shy Girl Yeah, Yeah (yeah yeah) Oh Oh (oh oh) Standing with the wallflowers Wishing you've stayed at home You kick yourself for coming When you're standing there all alone The centers of attention"
  • Shy Fly - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Young) Come let me take you, said tiger to the fly You'll never make me, said fly, I'm rather shy I'm gonna get you, said tiger with a glare His eyes were a shining, but fly she was aware Shy"
  • Camera Shy - Spoons
    "These eyes Cold from the winter years Of searching every face These arms Numb from the cold embrace Devoured by something not totally there Youve been CAMERA SHY in my life Youve been somewhere else always CAMERA"
  • Shy Boy - Hi Standard
    "So my love has gone far away. I was worried all night long. But I can't say so because.... I'm a shy boy. I know myself very well. I could not say I'm sorry. So my love has gone far away. I cried and cried"
  • shy away - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "When i get home You better not be there We’re placing bets you won’t Sched your modesty And the only thing to leave behind Is your own skin on the floor Don’t you shy away Manifest a ceiling when you"
  • Shy Guy - Leslie Carter
    "Spoken: This is a story about a shy guy But I can't say his name... Got your picture on my wall Along with all the other things I treasure They don't measure up to you My friends don't understand What"
  • Too Shy - Hey! Say! JUMP
    "Ai to yobenaide yume to shiranaide kimi wo mitsumeteta Zutto zutto zutto itsudemo Too shy meguru kisetsu ni To say tamiki tsukeba Ano mabushii hibi sugu yomigaeru yo Too shy me ga au tabi ni To say komatta"
  • Camera Shy - School Boy Humor
    "There is no hope for you and me Cause this long drive might be (the last time I take the wheel) You're not sure how you feel. I take the spot light Always gives you stage fright Wish this song would end"

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