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ivan b she gotta

  • She Gotta Smile - Stephen Lynch
    "She gotta smile, Yeah, She gotta smile and she's flashin' it right at me She gotta wink, a wink across the bar and I know that it's meant to be. She gotta walk, Oooh she walkin' over and i know this"
  • The Rise & Fall Of Belinda & Ivan - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him Until the very end He believed what she said When she said that she would For better or for worse That was the oath decreed Two years later divorced 'cause of speed Pull"
  • Avenue B - Iggy Pop
    "Rapper standing on the corner Wrappers flying in the wind Waitress up from Alabama Can't believe the cold she's in And me, I'm sitting in my castle On the verge of a divorce And if I haven't got a hassle I'll"
  • Safronia B. - Colin James
    "Now looka' here Safronia have you gotta dollar on ya in the state of California if its all right to know I want a little girl to be all mine in the winter time Now when the rain starts rainin' the snow"
  • B-Boys - Nag
    "You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go You ask you mom, "Please " but she still says, "No!" You missed two classes and no homework But your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk You"
  • B' Word - Scarface
    "Let's do it! They sayin 'Face you need to slow down dude You refer to hoes as bitches and that ain't cool I tell 'em look out fool, I ain't Al Sharpton My name Brad Jordan, I don't beg pardons Don't get"
  • Gangsta B - Yukmouth
    "Verse 1 Give me a gangstress a bitch that don't take no shit I need a gangsta bitch a bitch that's armed and dangerous nigga.... I want a bitch that pack a gat up under her mini skirt a duce-duce up in"
  • She Gotta Smile (Live) - Stephen Lynch
    "Intro: Lets bring out my friend, Mr Mark Teich. Teich - How bout a big round of applause for my opening act. *Lynch sticking the bird finger in Teich's face* Teich: What is that, is that a bug. Lynch:I"
  • The rise and fall of Ivan and Belinda - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him, Until the very end He believed what she said, When she said that she would For better or for worse That was the oath decreed, Two years later divorced 'cause of speed Pull"
  • The Rise And Fall Of Belinda And Ivan - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him, Until the very end. He believed what she said, When she said that she would. For better or for worse, That was the oath decreed, Two years later divorced 'cause of speed. Pull"
  • She Bad - V-Factory
    "ya ya ya she bad Where you been all my life? You got some junk in your trunk Why you built up You got a big b-dunk-a-dunk You're the bad mama-jama You gotta shake your rump quick Super fine, super bad,"
  • She Say She Loves Me - E-40
    "(feat. 8 Ball, Bun B) She say she love me she she say (she love me) she say she love but, all we do now is fucking fight if I ask u rob that bank with me would u do it? would do ya time like martha"
  • B - Die Toten Hosen
    "Sie malt gern Bilder von sich selbst und riesengroen Mnnern in einer Zwergenwelt. Sie wei Geschichten, die sie nie erzhlt, die meisten davon hat sie selber erlebt. Wie die vom bsen Wolf, der hin und wieder"
  • She - Hayley Kiyoko
    "she act like she’s in 7 grade but actually she’s 20-gay and she been tellin’ people she don’t date that it ain’t for her she’s been so in love for a real long time and it ain’t her first she keeps driving"
  • She - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion L'olympia She Elle Avait dix-huit ans Les cheveux au vent La ligne D'un cygne Qui dpliait ses, , , She Was eighteen years old Hair in the wind The line Of a swan Who's unfolding"
  • She - Marvelous 3
    "(B. Walker, J. Harte, D. Child) I first saw her struttin' down the street, decked in black. She had her hair teased up lookin' sharp as a tack. She had all the guys lookin' like zombies in a trance."
  • She - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "SWEET CHERRY WINE Tommy James & The Shondells Come on everyone we gotta get together now Oh yeah, love's the only thing that matters anyhow And the beauty of life can only survive If we love one another Oh"
  • The B-List - The Starting Line
    "Take another hundred names And put 'em on a list And curse yourself for ever watching it I'm not gonna have to see it to the end 'Cause the fastest rat is always gonna win You've gotta know the hustle To"
  • B N U - D-12
    "Heyyyy Boys and girls! And all you dirty heads out there! Let's take a trip to the world of D-12 The hardest boy band in the world! Ha Ha Ha, Straight From... Detroit Michigan Come on Follow Us, Come on! If"
  • Gotta Darn Good Reason Now - Cab Calloway
    "A Oh, she's pretty and witty, soft-natured and sweet Attractive and active, boy, clever and neat; I've got a darn good reason now for being good. A I'm hazy and I'm crazy; I'm crazy for love, She's"

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