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ivanie pavle II

  • II - Akissforjersey
    "I will scream your name out But I won't walk away Your heartbeat's getting fainter It's your choice to leave or stay God save me, Oh God save me 'Cause I'm a sinner The world is ending Don't delay I'll"
  • Human Ii - Boyz II Men
    "I know this was my fault but How much should it cost To make things right Do I have to pay for life We all fall short sometimes And I'm guilty of that crime But I just wanna make you see That you can still"
  • II Tru - Mo Thugs
    "feat. II TruII Tru's comin' to get ya fools Nothin' but the best females This remains, not nothin' But the females caught in the rapture Recognize II Tru's comin' to get ya fools Come let a sista break"
  • Willem Ii - Bram Vermeulen
    "Het kost de man wel een uur Om de straat uit te lopen Voetje voor voetje schuifelt hij voort Met een hand aan de muur Omdat-ie steeds iets vergeet En dat zelf ook wel weet Stopt zijn vrouw een lijstje"
  • Revolt ii - Kent
    "Svag s skakar mina ben Och flickan med TV-nerver ler Som om Jag bryr mig Snk mitt hjrta som en sten Ge mig en kftsmll Jag r feg Som om Jag bryr mig S kar vi igen Jag r fartblind, kriminell Du r aktuell"
  • Ii Dk - Vidoll
    "te wo tsunaidemo ii? mou sugu eki no soba, hohaba ga chiisakunatte, hanaretakunai, GYU to tsuyoku nigiri shimete "jaa, itsuka mata ne..." tsugatte waratta tsumori datta kedo koe ga furuete kotoba ni naranai"
  • Carter II - Birdman & Lil Wayne
    "(Lil Wayne talking) So you made it, this far, hm hmm. We upstairs, I let you up here. You special. Marley, don't shoot 'em. hm hmm. You know what this is, still Tha Carter II people, it's still Tha"
  • Carter II - Lil Wayne
    "(Lil Wayne talking) So you made it, this far, hm hmm. We upstairs, I let you up here. You special. Marley, don't shoot 'em. hm hmm. You know what this is, still Tha Carter II people, it's still Tha"
  • Payback Ii - EPMD
    "(e double) Word em up (joe sinistr) Word em up, ha ha Got the e double, right there (e double) Jmj combined with grand.. royal.. Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four Word em up (joe sinistr) Here we go,"
  • Payback II - Erick Sermon
    "feat. Joe Sinistr Word em up Word em up, ha ha Got the E Double, right there JMJ combined with Grand.. Royal.. Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four Word em up Here we go, Joe Sinistr representin from"
  • Tekken ii - SEX MACHINEGUNS
    "chikagoro no yatsu no taido "nan jai sorya" "dou iu koccha" KONO YAROU erasouna koto wo iu na "dare ni iuton ja" "omae gasei" yurusenai komiagetekuru ikari kami ni kawatte tenbatsu! nando ittemo wakaranai"
  • Unforgiven Ii - Steph Lacroix
    "The Unforgiven II Steph Lacroix Sunday,Nov 28 Lay beside me, tell me what I've done Speak the words I wanna hear, to make love and run The love is over now, but it's open if"
  • Attentat II - Iam
    "Vous avez aime le premier, vous adorez le second Ils reviennent Imhotep, Kephren, Shurik'N, Malek Sultan, Kheops et Akhenaton Rien que pour vous et pendant 5 minutes de Totale phrenesie musicale Le cote"
  • Mary II - Scarface
    "I don't really remember ... feelin' like this - I wish they can see they need Mary In a great day and I'm on it Coming up out ya And every now and then I can't help but to think about ya Hatin' that"
  • Doggz II - Redman
    "Yo, Yeah Yeah, yo, yo Who them niggas Who will roll up to your front door hand on the pump (Doggz nigga) Kick down the door, and pull out the four, and lay niggas down for your man getting jumped What"
  • Beto II - Fair To Midland
    "Reach. go on. Hands don't match, Go and find the bars that make us hunger, Maybe with knots and uniforms, And if i may add, Well i've got a big gun, And i know just who i'm gonna use it on, Maybe it'll"
  • Part Ii - Fairport Convention
    "I was sixteen now and full of life, life was full of things to see Grown up in my little town and only seen Torquay So it's off I went to Newton Abbot to get myself the deeds to sign My father took them"
  • Death II - Pulp
    "Oh uh-uh-uh Oh Hey Oh now the lonely nights begin and there is nowhere left to go But watch my spirit melt away, down at the D-I-S-C-O I must have died a thousand times The next day, I was still alive And"
  • Part II - Method Man
    "(feat. Redman, Toni Braxton) I, I get so high Yo ladies and gentlemen...we got Toni Braxton up in the house So high that I can kiss the sky bitch We live up in here y'all, let's get high Motherfucker"
  • BUMBLEBEE (II) - Ween
    "Ahhhhh, shit, ahhh Ahhhh bumblebee stung me He stung my brain Awwwww He stung me, he stung me, uhh Weedeating Vaughn's grass A big bumblebee came right out He stung me 47,000 times on my head It"

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