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ivri lider-strong world

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ivri lider-strong world

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ivri lider-strong world
  • Ivri Lider Jesse
    "I love a boy named Jesse But Jesse doesn't love me back He says he has a girl named Chelsea he wants so much I love a boy named Jesse But Jesse doesn't love me back He says he's insecure about what he"
  • Tracy Lawrence Strong
    "In her bare feet, white cotton dress A ribbon holding back her curls In a sweet gentle voice, she sings a lullaby To two sleepy little girls In the nightlight glow as her babies drift off She looks so"
  • Audio Adrenaline Strong
    "I will follow, wherever You lead me, wherever you are underneath this star is where I want to be And I will lay down, this old life of mine, I'll leave behind all the things of this world just to follow"
  • Atlantic Popes World
    "In times of aberration You find it hard to hold your ground Out of the blue they appear To show you what it's all about There ain't no problem in this world Without solution if there's a real need We"
  • London Grammar Strong
    "Excuse me for a while, While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle I excused you for a while, While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle And a lion, a lion, roars would you not listen? If"
  • Gregorian Strong
    "Excuse me for a while While I'm wide-eyed And I'm so down, caught in the middle I've excused you for a while While I'm wide-eyed And I'm so damn caught in the middle And a lion, a lion roars would you"
  • Mad At The World Mad at the World
    "All the children that we used to know Holding knives at their wrists and their throats "Holy Savior, can You still be found?" Is there hope for the human race left to be found? Human passion is all we"
  • Third World All The Way Strong
    "There isn't a simple way To tell you how I feel for you I hope this is just a game you're playing 'Cause I don't want us to be through My love is all the way strong My love is all the way strong To help"
  • Magnum Be Strong
    "They take everything you have And turn you upside down You break and you feel so sad They've got you spinning around Oh, what a day You try, you do your best But nothing seems to work You're not like"
  • Ryan Tedder Strong Enough
    "You don't have to say goodbye I'm strong enough to take the blame I see it coming in your eyes I know your feeling just the same You've painted me a portrait of A picture perfect kind of love The furtures"
  • Sizzla Be Strong
    "You got to get going No time to sit and doubt Some people not knowing life is a cycle You got to know how to get around Yes you got to be strong And be all the best you can The world is out there"
  • Petra Strong Convictions
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Romans 12:2 Western world where the strong survive And the meek will inherit the dregs Living now in the twilight time Will the world hear the answer it begs"
  • Vir Be strong
    "My life, my girl My hart is broken, wants to rest Its time to go, to close the door Its hard to leave you now but I must be strong You talk to me like never did before My life, my girl You broke"
  • Eternal Decision Something Strong
    "Once there was a time in this painful world. I found myself alone again. Waiting for someone to melt this heart of stone I needed more than just a friend Well, I don't want to guess, I just want to know Tell"
  • Patty Loveless Strong Heart
    "Everybody's had the blues Days when it comes undone This really shouldn't bother me I know I'm not the only one To break down and cry, I don't know why It has to be so hard I could've left this road I'm"
  • Bars And Melody Stay Strong
    "No more pain No more tears You don’t need to lie no more Coz now you know her She hides … no win Coz she cries If only you can see the world thorough her eyes"
  • With Honor 20 Strong
    "So it's been weeks and I can't help but stop and think, These rooms seem cold without you. Memories turned salty cheeks, I still feel the flames you held beneath my feet. Life may ever be so good again. I've"
  • Big Bang Strong baby
    "(GD: yall like this man ayo, your boy GD letting yall know VI ready to blow.(VICTORY) His stage, his show, His moves, his flow And holding nothing back Just letting it go, fosho. Show em what you got bro) hey"
  • Jasmine Guy Very strong
    "Feelings don't always go wellWhen your in a dark placeWho is there that countsWho helps you escape?I've always understood why i am this wayI've always knowen what was the matter with meFeelings i have"
  • Coheed And Cambria Strong Short
    "A terrible silence shook a crowd, so giving the blame to me in all Said Im giving my best bluff, Im giving my best bluff Wishing that I could be armor-plated Well now Im a snake in the grass girl Youd"

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