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iwaneczko writings on the wall

  • Writings - Magnitude 9
    "Predicting time and places presenting us with changes a different page in our world with only clues to the answers We're left to decide as it all begins to unfold The secrets will unfold and continue to"
  • Writings On The Wall - The Album Leaf
    "writing on the wall so you can speak writing on the wall will sing will sing writing on the wall so you can scream the writings on the wall they'll sing they'll sing i couldn't seem to find you from"
  • Writings On The Wall - Lovex
    "A glimpse of light shines through The ruins of our lives My dusty eyelids rise to let hope Blind my sight Between the closing walls A breeze revives my mind I run into the darkness Praying we could escape Is"
  • Writings On The Wall - Green Carnation
    "Kill me... Down by the shore I can feel it... She is not here anymore Hear my call... It's born by the breeze Tell me... To where do I go? I would beg, I would plead But you were still going to leave"
  • The Writings On The Wall - Demon
    "Life's no more exciting after twenty one Than Billy Graham or Mary Millington with no drawers on Piss artists who feel they're owed one after time Rise up from the slaughter house into the mime The prostitute"
  • The Writings On The Wall - Three Dog Night
    "(D.Troiano) Lookin' out my window, it was a smoggy afternoon, I breathen in some air, I couldn't get in too soon. I turned on the news, learned of some food I shouldn't eat, Don't you run around today,"
  • The Writings On The Wall - Impellitteri
    "I could never be a slave To this hypocrisy I would never stand in line To bow at your feet I will always fight your system To my dieing end I would tread through melted glass Just to watch you pay for"
  • The Writings On The Wall - Stryper
    "Verse 1 The truth is right before you Don't refuse it No matter what you've been through He can change it cause Chorus He is our God, Creator of all Unless you accept Him, you'll continue to fall"
  • The Writings On The Wall - They Might Be Giants
    "Half the boy and nothing else Put me in the driver's seat I wanna make promises I can't keep Half the boy and nothing else You were once my sole desire You could've built me up, but you made me lie to"
  • Writings on the wall (fi) - Lovex
    "'Kirjoitukset seinll' Valon pilkahdus loistaa lpi Elmiemme raunioista Plyiset silmluomeni nousevat pstkseen toivon Sokaisemaan nkkenttni Lhenevien seinien vliss Tuulahdus virvoittaa mieleni Juoksen pimeyteen Rukoillen"
  • Writings On The Wall (francuski) - Lovex
    "ECRITURES SUR LE MUR Un rayon de lumire se rompt travers Les ruines de nos vies Mes lourdes paupires se lvent pour laisser l'espoir Aveugler ma vue Entre les murs fermants Une brise ranime mon espoir Je"
  • WRITINGS - The Frosts
    "Keep writing at my head I keep writing at yours It's right and it's ok We don't want to be alone Think I'm scared of you(x3) Am I scared of you Are you scared of me(x3) You should be Wooo my darling Wooo Wooo"
  • Dancing On The Wall - Iona
    "It started with a dream and I could see it all I had a vision and I heard you call me Now the dream is over but the voice remains I am part of something that is going To change things for the better To"
  • Wall - Bone Crusher
    "Chorus: The Wall The Wall And we keep on struggling And we ain't got nothing And we need to get something [2x] This woman can't put the bread on the table It isn't like she isn't willing and able Went"
  • Wall - Lady Sovereign
    "It's Woven in a FantasyI Can't Beleive the Things I've Seenthe Path That I Have Chosen NowHas Led Me to a Walland With Each Passing DayI Feel a Little More Like Something Dear Was LostIt Rises Now Before"
  • On The Wall - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "Unlike the mole I'm not in a hole And I can't see anyway Just like a doll I am one foot tall But dolls can't see anyway The frozen stare The clothes and hair These make me taste like a man Tied to a door Chained"
  • Poster On The Wall - On Thorns I Lay
    "I can feel her calling me again There is no voice but picture only then I can't pretend I 'm just a man Faith. Could I find her? Pain, Must be stronger. Isn't she for real, drowning in my fear? I can"
  • On The Wall - Black Sheep
    "Black-Sheep Spell it to the letter I'm out of the ghetto Some could tell my story But who could tell it better Nobody slinuner Thinkin he's a winner Pullin on the wool-er Finger on the trigger Scramb-a-lin,"
  • On The Wall - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Sidewalking Chilled to the bone and five miles from home I'm messing in the dark and feeling all alone I got ice in my fire got heat in my wire Inject a little heat I'm burning up"
  • The Wall - The Jacksons
    "You hold me close to you my baby But somehow it doesn't feel the same You built the wall so high between us And you tell me that you haven't changed (Chorus:) Tear down the wall that I can feel between"

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