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iza lach i can feel you

  • I can feel U - Iza Lach
    "Let me open this door for you Now you're waiting outside And I can feel you. Let me offer you all my love, You've been away for so long And I've been mising you, oh. I've seen it all, and lost control Please"
  • Ostrze (& Iza Lach) - Fisz Emade
    "Przyjacielu mój na rozstaju dróg nie wsiadaj do samochodu, gdy zapada noc, a oczy śpią kurz wzbija się od czterech kół przyjacielu mój, rozpędzasz się bierzesz za dobre rzeczy złe i cały świat, jak mała"
  • Can De Lach - Nasum
    "Desperation - in these silences something may rise A vampire travelling from host to host with one breath Regulating - in the house of the wolf and the scorpion Ancient statues transforming passion into"
  • Iza - Tercet Egzotyczny
    "Jestem tu całkiem sam Nagle blask, nagle szał Przyszłaś tu, przyszłaś tu tylko dla mnie I jesteś ze szkła Delikatna jak mgła Twoje oczy, twoje oczy patrzą na mnie I jesteś ze szkła Delikatna jak mgła Twoje"
  • Oh Boy - Iza Lach
    "I live for this guilt … But to loose you is a pain I Can’t describe Whenever I can feel you touch In my head there’s scream I need so loud I wanna hold you forever Don’t ask me to stop I can do this till"
  • Enjoy the Heartbreak - Iza Lach
    "I feel different Very different That’s I feel save That would be with someone else I feel different Very different Last I felt dump Tending to someone else I enjoy the Heartbreak’ I need the pain I"
  • Time of the year - Iza Lach
    "It's hard to love When we are getting hurt Again, again Our hearts warned now From trying for so long Again and again, mhm Oh, I still believe in one love The one that makes you feel ooh, oohh And I"
  • Gotta be real (feat. Snoop Dogg) - Iza Lach
    "You Gotta to Be Real To be so in love You Gotta to Be Real To make something worth You Gotta to Be Real To be very brave You Gotta to Be Real Till your last day I can’t believe it’s true I found this"
  • Time Of The Year - Iza Lach
    "It’s hard to know When we were get in there Again, again In hard words for now for trying for so long Again, again Oh, I still believe in wonder The wonder make she feel And I feel like found one In"
  • Can you feel it - Dead Can Dance
    "It's not the way you look It's not the way you walk It's not even the colour of your money That brings you my respect It's not the way you talk It's not the tales you tell You watch and speak loud on words"
  • I Can Feel - Mott The Hoople
    "(Ian Hunter) Well I know this life is real If I close my eyes I see All around mw worlds of a million ways But still I feel The truth is here in me It does not matter what you see For my face is living"
  • I Can Feel - Hyde
    "Feel, I can feel you - the bliss, your kiss I can't believe it - could this be fate? Karada wo kaishite dakishime aeba surprise Kuuryoku no kaihou tamashii wa mou arise You're part of me, we're melting"
  • I Can Feel You - Anastacia
    "Yeah Tell me what have you done to me, oh How come your eyes feel like your hands on me? (Am I under some magic spell?) Oh, did you put a hex on my body (I'm aroused though, boy can't you tell?) I can't"
  • I Can Feel You - Jump Little Children
    "Born to the red rising sun A silver ring and a bottle of rum The lonesome coup is nothing new I'll toast it anyway just for fun. How could we know about this? She gave that little ring a twist She swelled"
  • Can You Feel - Taxiride
    "Can you feel Underneath the brave and brand new sky A soldier's singing So I'm writing you this letter won't be long Till I meet you at the station For you are the only one I'm thinking of You are the"
  • I Can Still Feel You - Collin Raye
    "It's that feeling, That someone is standing behind you and I turn around and there's no one there and it's the sensation that someone just whispered I stil hear your voice but you're not really here"
  • I Can Feel You Drifting - Chalee Tennison
    "(Bat McGrath/Billy Kirsch) You took me out so far that I can't swim to shore I've been holding on but you're not anymore Our love would always lead us home Constant as the Northern Star Here's a storm"
  • The One Who Leaves - Iza Lach
    "Don't wanna be the one who leaves But I don't have the time I gotta catch up my dreams Make all those things I couldn't do with you We can talk But I can't sleep with you no more Something's changed And"
  • Off The Wire - Iza Lach
    "I put off the gin to other night, I was doing real good, just feeling with vibe I came to the party but with different kind of action. The next thing you know I was on the throne of Michael Jackson. I"
  • No Ordinary Affair (ft. Snoop Lion) - Iza Lach
    "I thought I would never do something like that But it happened so fast The way that you look into my eyes It was love – you can’t deny I’m standing here Outside your place And I’m watching you And I’m"

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