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j cole january 28th

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j cole january 28th

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j cole january 28th
  • Jeremih Planes (feat. J. Cole)
    "This one goes out to all sides world wide Let that play ass nigga thumpy be your guide As we go on a ride with playa hatin' killers and hood niggas thrive And lame mah'fuckers can barely survive Catch"
  • Alexis Jordan Acid Rain (Feat. J. Cole)
    "It ain’t hard to tell, I excel and prevail Young n-ggas rising hell but talk well Make sales, I managed to re-fake jail Blast on the road to success was unpaved land But here we are, breathing, f-ck demons Never"
  • 21 Savage a lot (ft. J. Cole)
    "i love you turn my headphone down a little bit for so many reasons yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah how much money you got? straight up how much money"
  • Inna Cola Song (feat. J Balvin)
    "We got that Coca-Cola bottle shape shape shape We got that sugar, do you wanna taste taste taste? We take it all around the Globe, Baby everywhere we go make it hot when mama arrives Shake! shake! Shake! Like"
  • Drake Jodeci (Freestyle) (ft. J. Cole, Dennis Graham)
    "Yeah 26 on my third GQ cover Your new shit sound like you do covers Of all of my old shit, oh shit I devoted to making sure that shit goes unnoticed Swear you niggas is hopeless I should run a clinic for"
  • Young Thug The London (Ft. Travis Scott, J. Cole)
    "meet me in the London If you find time we can run one talk about some things we can’t undo you just stand the pin I can find you 6;1;; on the money 9’2’’ you just say the word and I’ll run through 2 textas"
  • Elle Varner Only Wanna Give It To You (ft. J. Cole)
    "Thought you were just another romeo The shoe you pass by in the store, window But soon as I got home I wish I’d bought you instead I got it bad, I’ll take the black, take the navy & red No other man has"
  • Dreamville Down Bad (feat. J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang, & Young Nudy)
    "tell em slime I am the kind of the E.A Get this bitch screwed like the DJ I am the shit where we play we got the chooper where we play come thru the city we gon chop ya ass up just like she sushi ak47"
  • Hank Snow January
    "January January that's when I am blue January January when the year is new I found you in January then you proved untrue That's why January makes me blue That's why January makes me blue [ guitar ] Once"
  • Brandtson January
    "i can't feel my fingers as i hold on for my life. quiet as this blanket hurts to breathe hurts to try. i have defined january. the end of another new beginning draws me out to white. the cold of what i"
  • 28 Days January
    "January January to the one January to the nine I swear I've found my piece of mind Can you let me tell you the rest of your life That you can be anything if you so please and you try You just try"
  • Pilot January
    "January sick and tired you've been hanging on me You make me sad with your eyes you're telling me lies Don't go don't go January don't be cold Don't be angry to me. You make me sad come and see. Oh January don't"
  • Hope Of The States January
    "I want to be a kid again I want to wash my eyes out I want to mean everything I say And never be scared again I refuse to be ashamed However many doomed attempts it takes To forget my history and my mistakes And"
  • Bonnie McKee January
    "(Spoken) Yeah, I'm really excited about seeing you again The other night was really great You know, it was kinda scary I mean, I've never really done anything like that before But I trust you You say"
  • Paolo Nutini January
    "Oh, oh oh oh La da da da, da La da da da, da I sit around and wonder About the fire in your eyes The movement of your fingers The way you slowly complicate my life From the time we spent together Which"
  • Goldfinger January
    "I know you've told me this before I know you've told me this a million times You say you don't know how you feel You don't know if you even love me anymore If she was a good kisser Then I'd know how much"
  • Elton John January
    "Must have been the right month Must have been a good time Must have counted every cloud in the sky that night Every single glass of wine Must have learned some home truths Sitting in that cool grass Must"
  • Tyler Read January
    "In passing glances Take that look up off your pretty face An evening A midnight chance encounter I hope you think about her until the daylight breaks into your skin Happy new year We made our resolutions"
  • Myrrh Larsen January
    "January's all I can see, in my fear there's nothing here I need. The cold of winter's chill has long gone, the festive air is dry and stale and wrong. I never wanted love to bring me down. There's always"
  • Trio Nordestino Menino De Colo
    "Quando eu era, menino todo mundo me pegava As mocinhas bonita, dava beijo e segurava Me botava no colo, na banheira me banhava Trocava minha fralda, nem sequer me censurava Me dava chupetinha, preu chupar"

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