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j lo feat.ll.cool j all a have

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j lo feat.ll.cool j all a have

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j lo feat.ll.cool j all a have
  • Jennifer Lopez J Lo
    "Love is life And life is living It's very special ( J Lo ):Oooooh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool a ):Baby don't go ( J Lo ):Yeahhh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( J Lo"
  • Londonbeat J-lo
    "Intro : Show me the way - Show me the way Show me the way - Show me the way Verse 1: I was shaken I was stirred -I was feelin' quite absurd Had the same old dream again - I woke up callin' her name How"
  • Kitty Wells J. J. Sneed
    "At last I have caught up with you and you're a sight to see Could this really be my outlaw lover JJ Sneed Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise Turn your heart against me with"
  • Mindless Self Indulgence J
    "The white wall plaster never catch on You always have to do it with a big Long John White the wall plaster it never catch on We riding in pink with the walls And the balls and the fetus And the pink in"
  • Bjork J
    "All these accidents, That happen, Follow the dot, Coincidence, Makes sense, Only with you, You don't have to speak, I feel. Emotional landscapes, They puzzle me, The riddle gets solved, And you push me"
  • DJ Felli Fel Have Some Fun (Pitbull, Juicy J & Cee Lo)
    "All I wanna do is have some fun In the night, let it all in I wanna party till the morning sun In the night, let it all in You lookin' way more sexy that you are are Better, oh, baby, give me a sign (Go"
  • Cliteater Death Of J-Lo
    "Filthy f**king slut I will drag you through the mud Shoot a bullet through your head Then slice your billion dollar ass like mad The death of J.Lo The death of J.Lo No matter how many cocks she sucked J.Lo's"
  • J Church J Church sucks
    "Everything was going seemingly as planned, Until we ran out of money in Amsterdam, 22 gigs in 44 days, Everyone laughed at our naivet Well I'm never doing that again, oh no, Got no money and fewer friends,"
  • And One Forever J
    "Like Isabelle Adjani, She glides by upon, A bank of violets, with those eyes, That see it all, And then she smiles... Like a bee with honeyed thighs, A living hell, A slice of heaven, She's Jekyll and"
  • Ry Cooder J. Edgar
    "Down on the farm we had a pig, J. Edgar was his name He'd eat up all our victuals and start back up again Just like them vacuum cleaners they sell down in the lane Well, that's how J. Edgar Hoover got"
  • Colin Hay Dear J
    "Dear J,Can you hear what I'm sayingIt's okay, can you hear what they're playingIt's a mighty world, but not so mighty without youI can feel you nowThough I never knew you wellYou stayed hidden from my"
  • Al B. Sure Channel J
    "Yeah, now that ain't Al B. Sure Ya know I always see the lady, she drives me crazy all night Except my baby doesn't know, I need to have that special lady Channel J might break her heart if I ever left"
  • LL Cool J LL Cool J
    "Aiiyo Bimmy So rock the bells, Def Jam collabo' man You know'say, Bim...my...yeah Feel It's baby, (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha ha (L) I'm the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L) And (Cool J) I'm double"
  • Jennifer Lopez All I Have Ft. Ll. Cool J.
    "Love is life, And Life Is Living, It's Very Special J.Lo:oooh Ll Cool J: baby please go baby please go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby please go baby please go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby please go baby"
  • Jeremy Jordan My Name Is J. J.
    "Hello baby, just in case you didn't know, my name is Jeremy Jordan... CHORUS: People can I get a J, then you add an E, like my heart got an R, now can I get an E my mind, now back to the J, now can I"
  • Mary J. Blige One Mary J. Blige
    "Is it getting better Or do you feel the same? Will it make it easier on you now? You got someone to blame You say one love, one life (one life) It's one need in the night One love (one love), get"
  • Humanos J
    "J no sou quem era Meus sonhos no so iguais J no sou quem era A hora sincera E eu sinto que me estou a agitar J no fico espera J no fico espera mais J no fico espera De ver acender Essa luz que me"
  • Ney Matogrosso J
    "J te falei Ouvi dizer por a J gritei, telefonei, cantei por toda a cidade Pelo beco, pelo meio da avenida central, no jardim J divulguei Anunciei por a Por e-mail, por correio veio toda a verdade J mandei"
  • Afonso Zeca J
    "J o tempo Se habitua A estar alerta No h luz Que no resista noite cega J a rosa Perde o cheiro E a cor vermelha Cai a flor Da laranjeira cova incerta gua mole gua bendita Fresca serra Lava a lngua Lava"
  • Angela Maria J
    "J era tempo de voc voltar Me beijar, Esquecer J era mais que tempo de voc Refletir que as palavras muitas vezes No provem do corao J fazem meses Que voc meu bem Disse adeus e partiu J era tempo de voc"

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