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j over the rain

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j over the rain

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j over the rain
  • Kitty Wells J. J. Sneed
    "At last I have caught up with you and you're a sight to see Could this really be my outlaw lover JJ Sneed Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise Turn your heart against me with"
  • Alexis Jordan Acid Rain (Feat. J. Cole)
    "It ain’t hard to tell, I excel and prevail Young n-ggas rising hell but talk well Make sales, I managed to re-fake jail Blast on the road to success was unpaved land But here we are, breathing, f-ck demons Never"
  • Dolly Parton J.J. Sneed
    "At last I have called up with you and you're a sight to see Could this really be my outlaw lover JJ Sneed Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise Turn your heart against me with her"
  • Chocolate Spoon Rain over Berlin
    "There's a rain over Berlin,gotta get my cashwhere will I go today, basking everywherethere's a caffee over there,people drink champagnethey don't even look at me,gotta get my pay.Yeah I'm looking at you"
  • Violent J Let It Rain
    "Looks like rain... Sittin down in my crack house Earning my pay It's the southwest juggla claiming Delray Violent j, known by gang squad and police alike I'm known to get wrong off the get right Hanging"
  • Sesame Street J-Jump
    "J jump joyful jumble around. Juniper, Jan, Jane, John. J jump joyful jumble around. Jack-in-the-box jumping all over town! Jingle jangle junk summer day. Big J swingin', flyin' singin'-- J jump joyful"
  • Jennifer Lopez J Lo
    "Love is life And life is living It's very special ( J Lo ):Oooooh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool a ):Baby don't go ( J Lo ):Yeahhh ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( LL Cool J ):Baby don't go ( J Lo"
  • Gary Numan Basic J
    "Jo the waiter spilling wine Over some ex-friends of mine In zero cafe number 9 What you gonna say this time Basic J, say, are you new here New ones walking down the stairs Pretty young thing but no-one"
  • LL Cool J LL Cool J
    "Aiiyo Bimmy So rock the bells, Def Jam collabo' man You know'say, Bim...my...yeah Feel It's baby, (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha (uh) ha ha (L) I'm the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L) And (Cool J) I'm double"
  • Ian Hunter Rain
    "(Ian Hunter) Billy said this town is dying, it's dying just to be like me. He was fighting everything in sight, died when he was 23. I used to meet him down at his cafe, he had one eye on the door and"
  • Goombay Dance Band Rain
    "Dust and wind and heat Since 14 days in the murdering Sun of the sierra nevada No rain no water no food - We are prisoners in the melting Pot of hell - oh god help us! Rain rain rain - Sierra nevada sierra"
  • Barry Manilow Rain
    "Gray clouds rollin'over my head I can see a storm in the sky All night long you're tossin' in bed All night long I'm outa my head it's Rain Fallin' down from the sky Kissin' my love goodbye Rain fallin'down I"
  • Kiss Rain
    "Tell me what you want me to be I can't stand myself anymore Tell me what you want me to see I can't find my way off the floor Took me like a hurricane I think it's gonna rain, yeah I think it's gonna"
  • Drag On Rain
    "Well it's a happenin' thing And it's happenin' to you Full moon and thunder Ribbons of blue Ice on the window Ice in my heart Foolin' with thunder Every time we start It's been rainin' for so"
  • Vert Rain
    "I went to your funeral couldn't resist your pull you lay you were pail as me I never kissed you goodbye I never ment to say goodbye I never wanted to never wanted it to be goodbye and the rain I'm living"
  • Audiovent Rain
    "Rain Coming to cleanse Will she fall? Stares Into the wind And she cries Her tears mark every time That I swept the pain aside Too much to withstand When the Rain is coming She will face it all It's"
  • Katelyn Tarver Rain
    "just don't know if I can deal Are you really into me Cuz I know I'm into you But I don't wanna take another step Until you say ya feel it too It looks like rain And that's alright with me I'm standin"
  • Heather Headley Rain
    "Remember how you used to see me That day we met the butterflies Let me know I wasn't dreaming Pretending not to feel me While you walking down my street Playing hard to get I know you thought I wouldn't"
  • Tyrant Tea Club Rain
    "Met a girl in science class some day she told me bout her life and why she didnt stay in her hometown where shed spend most of her life she didnt want to end as the milkmans wife Rain will free your"
  • Dragon Rain
    "It's a happening thing and it's happening to you Full moon and thunder ribbons of blue Ice on the window ice in my heart Fooling with thunder every time we start It's been raining for so long It's been"

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