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jack white Im shakin

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jack white Im shakin

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jack white Im shakin
  • Rooney Shakin
    "I've forgotten what it feels like to feel normal To be normal I've forgotten what food tastes like The way it tastes right The taste buds taste right I wake up in so much spit and sweat It is not normal What"
  • Jack White I'm Shakin'
    "Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk I got a knockin' in my knees and a wobble in my walk And I'm tremblin' That's right, you got me shakin' When you take me in your arms and talk romance My"
  • Billy Fury Nothin' Shakin'
    "I'm finding out what love is all about And everyday I flee when school is out I see my baby I get weak in the knees Theres nothing shakin but the leaves on the trees My daddy told me thered be times like"
  • Bleed The Dream Jack And White
    "Jaded, washed out These clothes don't even fit me anymore But I'll try, to get up Cause I don't feel like sleeping anymore I know your teeth are sinking in And my scars are proof of where I've been And"
  • Austin Anderson Shakin' Me Up
    "Im hanging here with my friends Were all just chillin out. Jokin round, Doing what we do You know the fun never ends (And you appear) Baby Please (This is weird) Dont know what youre doing to me Youre"
  • The Dandy Warhols Shakin'
    "Oh you got me shakin' Oh you got me high I'm getting nowhere now I'm not that good But you were drinking And thinking all night You were hot so you thought You didn't want to try You were getting older I"
  • Adam Nergal Darski, John Porter jako Me And That Man Cyrulik Jack
    "Nawyzywam się Cyrulik Jack Medyk złodziei Złoczyńców brat Serca mi brak [?] Pijackich ścierw Cyrulik Jack Serca mi brak Serca mi brak Ten stary port Przyjmie mój wrak Kościół straconych ladacznic kwiat Serca"
  • AC/DC Big Jack
    "The steam is a burning, Workin up and down the line, The pot is getting ready, Hes been working it so hard, When it comes to lovin, Big jack is on his way, Wink of satisfaction, His time is going on, Im"
  • The White Stripes Black Jack Davey
    "Black Davey come running on back, Whistlen' loud and merry, Made the woods round him ring, And he charmed the heart of a lady, Charmed the heart of a lady. "How old are you my pretty little miss?", "How"
  • Tom Russell Jack Johnson
    "He was born in 1890, on the Gulf of Mexico Fought his way around the world with hand, and heart, and soul So trot out all your Great White Hopes, But they'd better bring a gun Jack Johnson's made of iron"
  • Everclear Black jack
    "Scary John gets a strong arm on He can break me, make me Happy with his black jack Scary John has a heavy hand on He smiles without his eyes Nice and easy with his black jack Don't tell me you didn't see"
  • Running Wild Caliaco Jack
    "Up with the roger, the vessel is close Cannons are loaded the weapons prepared Set up more sails the distance grows They try to escape but we shan't care Calico Jack - Listen and hear my command Calico"
  • Kurupt Jack Move
    "Nigga You betta get cha money Fuck dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz Let's go get our chips That nigga Daz on the street at a early age Barely made it out da twelfth grade But the man will still stay"
  • Daz Dillinger Jack Move
    "(feat. Big Syke, Kurupt, Outlawz) Nigga You betta get cha money Fuck dat I'm tired of bein broke Daz Let's go get our chips That nigga Daz on the street at a early age Barely made it out da twelfth"
  • Hi-C Jack Move
    "- I need a warrant check on 2 suspects wearing black Dickeys and dirty white t-shirts - I have one black and one Mexican They have five outstanding warrants Armed and considered skanless - I'll run 'em"
  • Beyoncé Don't Hurt Yourself (ft. Jack White)
    "Don't hurt yourself /2x Who the fuck do you think I am? You ain't married to an average bitch, boy! You can watch my fat ass twist boy As I bounce to the next dick boy And keep your money, I got my own Get"
  • Three 6 Mafia No Im Not Dat Nigga
    "(Chorus) x2 No I'm not that nigga that be hugged up with you, but I'm tha one walkin away With your mouth on my nuts (Juicy J) Let's take a trip to east high And talk about a bitch Who claims she's"
  • Los Lobos Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
    "(Cesar Rosas/T-Bone Burnett) The wind blows through the valley It's warm and hard and wild It gets all up inside the trees And shakes the leaves all night They shake up through the mountains They shake"
  • Brighton Rock Can't Stop The Earth From Shakin'
    "A broken man before you My spirit flown away Can't stop the hammer falling - calling See only shades of grey Black is the night approaching No way I can stay Inside the storm is growing A new world"
  • Cledus T. Judd One Jack Off
    "Every Friday night I go to bubba's hardware store and give the secret knock on the private stockroom door good ol' boys are shootin craps playin' five card stud hot lookin' women ice cold suds this blonde"

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