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jackal shakedown

  • Jackal Jackal - Marc Almond
    "I dived into the pool The cool, the blue from heat The sun breathes fire On Marrakesh To burn the busy street My brow the wet of fever My throat the dry of sand Through passageways to dead ends A gauntlet"
  • Shakedown - Behind Crimson Eyes
    "They come into our lives not even listening baby. Long hallways dressed in gold to justify the souls that they've sold. We'll start a revolution and bring them to their knees You know this will be a shakedown,"
  • Shakedown - Steve Kilbey
    "Isadore columbine woke up in the dunes How she came to be there no one ever knew, shakedown They took him in for questioning, they didn't get a thing They said she shouldn't try to impersonate the king,"
  • Shakedown - Bob Seger
    "No matter what you think you pulled You find it's not enough No matter who you think You know you won't get through It's a given L.A. law Someone's faster on the draw No matter where you hide I'm coming"
  • Shakedown - Sean Price
    "(Sean Price) Let's play freeze tag with icepicks Nightshift, selling white shit to white chicks Bikes with vicegrips, scuffed up Huffies For the crime, do Shyne time, that's fucked up You the type to get"
  • Shakedown - Canibus
    "(Canibus) One for the money, two for the show Three for the first record-label with the dough We on the road, represented by Loeb and Loeb Platinum-sold, golden globe I pose for Rolling Stones with"
    "AC-DC Flick Of The Switch NERVOUS SHAKEDOWN Flick Of The Switch (1983) SINGLE: Nervous Shakedown-Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution(live)/Sin City(live)-This House Is On Fire(live) (1983) (Young, Young,"
  • Nervous Shakedown - AC/DC
    ""Freeze", said the man cruisin' the beat "You get your hands up and spread your feet" "Don't you move an inch", I heard him say "Or you'll be doin' time until the judgement day" And he said, "Don't tell"
  • Radio Shakedown - Guitar Gangsters
    "Turn it up again, we've got our aerials downtown. On cheap car stereo's, we've got a radio downtown. Feel the city shaking for miles around. Kick the start and turn the dials around. Radio, radio, radio."
  • Vancouver Shakedown - Nazareth
    "Nazareth We only came here to play rock'n'roll Share some times with some people we know Drink some wine Give us some time We aint no wise boys we aint no fools We tried to play clean and keep to the"
  • Shakedown Cruise - Jay Ferguson
    "SHAKEDOWN CRUISE Jay Ferguson It was thirty days around the horn The captain says it's thirty-five more The moon looks mean the crew ain't staying There's gonna be some blood Is what they're"
  • Industry Shakedown - Freddie Foxxx
    "Yeah "Industry Shakedown" I call this one The Industry Shakedown Word up Uh huh "Industry Shakedown" Now the reason I call it... the Industry Shakedown Is cuz alot of niggas have fucked up "Word up, Industry"
  • Industry Shakedown - Bumpy Knuckles
    "Yeah "Industry Shakedown" I call this one The Industry Shakedown Word up Uh huh "Industry Shakedown" Now the reason I call it... the Industry Shakedown Is 'cause alot of niggas have f**ked up "Word up,"
  • Catcliffe Shakedown - Pulp
    "Straight down the Parkway follow your nose to a place where nobody wants to go It's a fare and a half; they're having a larf Everybody's broken or they're a dwarf Mirror mirror on the wall who is the"
  • The Shakedown - Hours Eastly
    "Lay it down on the eight track Picket fence Grass grows green But the money's pretty thin around here Always wonder if you're coming home Don't know, never mind Never want to see you with him around here It's"
  • Shakedown Street - The Grateful Dead
    "You're tellin me this town ain't got no heart Well, well, well, you can never tell The sunny side of the street is dark Well, well, well, you can never tell Maybe that's cause it's midnight, In the dark"
  • Shakedown street - Grateful Dead
    "You tell me this town ain't got no heart. Well, well, well, you can never tell.The sunny side of the street is dark. Well, well, well, you can never tell.Maybe that's cause it's midnight, in the dark of"
  • Jackal Is Back - Claw Boys Claw
    "Get out and remember you're a fine friend, the stage was loving you as well Some man thought you were a nice man, some man they wished you straight to hell Jackal is back and I know he will digging"
  • Anubis The Jackal - White Skull
    "Animal form or God concealed in Animal body, since ever you know It's up to you, welcome the dead one Watch over them in the pyramid hall In the book of dead your priest have written The other world host"
  • Soul Shakedown Party - Bob Marley
    "We gonna have a soul shakedown party tonight! We gonna have a soul shakedown party tonight! The way you love-a me, huh! It's all right! When you put your lovin' arms around me, and you hold me tight"

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