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  • Suddenly - Hugh Jackman
    "Suddenly you’re here Suddenly it’s dance Can two itches hearts beat as one Yesterday I was alone Today __ all I need Something still unclear Something __ Has began Suddenly the one Thinks of different"
  • From now on - Hugh Jackman
    "I saw the sun begin to dim And felt that winter wind blow cold A man learns who is there for him When the glitter fades and the walls won't hold 'Cause from then, rubble What remains Can only be what's"
  • Kiss Mash-Up With Everything I Own - Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman
    "(come on and be my love) Nicole: But how can you know for sure? (Oh Norma Jean) Nicole: Is there really just one? (come on be my love) Nicole: So many songs, but im feeling so lonely You don't have"
  • Life Goes On - Gerry Rafferty
    "You get a thunderbolt from out of the blue And it changes everything about the life you knew Yes the storm breaks and your heart aches And then life goes on. When a long time love just disappears You"
  • Love And Affection - Gerry Rafferty
    "So long ago when our love was new And the dreams that lovers dream still cast a spell When we made love we were together more than we knew And we gazed down deep into the wishing well. Every day was a"
  • Don't Speak Of My Heart - Gerry Rafferty
    "Don't speak of my heart, it hurts too much -- hurts to touch I'm writing the book each and every day Take a look at my face, I still need -- I still bleed I've been running on empty since you went away. The"
  • The Light Of Love - Gerry Rafferty
    "Love comes with a new expression And the sentimental moon shines in our eyes Love grows with each new impression Like an elemental tune that never dies. But all too soon arrives the dawning And I awaken"
  • Baleana - Cztery Refy
    "1. Dziś każdy wielorybnik wypłynąć chce z Dundee, Na odległych stąd łowiskach każdy chciałby pierwszym być. Na Północnym Atlantyku będzie wielki wyścig trwał, A najszybsza z nich, chłopcy wierzcie mi, To"
  • Old Polina - Great Big Sea
    "There's a noble fleet of whalers, they're sailing from Dundee Manned by British sailors that take them o'er the sea. On a western ocean passage, we started on the trip We flew along just like a song on"
  • Renegade Freestyle (Jack Harlow Diss on Eminem beat) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "Alright, we're live in the homies backyard And today, it's just me in the cypher Yeah Can you turn me up? Yo, hey, yo, sit back and watch me do this Correct all the stupids who tried to put me in a box I"
  • Let's Eat (feat. XP) - MACKLEMORE
    "I woke up, threw some sweat pants on Then I fed my cat and then I walked to the mini-mart And I really want a donut, shouldn't get a donut Bought a donut, fuck it man it's really hard Supposed to be on"
  • Just Blowin' In The Wind" (ft. Flatbush Zombies) - RZA
    "Blow, blow, blow, blowin' in the wind I'm, I'm, I'm, just, just, blowin' in the wind Wind, wind, I'm, I'm, just blowin' in the wind Wind, blowin' in, blowin' in, blowin' in the wind Wind, wind, wind "

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