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jacob banks mercy

  • Redemption (ft. Jacob Banks) - Sigma & Diztortion
    "This ain't about your love This is about the life that we've been told This ain't about your freedom This is about the future that's unknown This ain't about your forgiveness This is about the life between"
  • Alive (ft. Jacob Banks) - Chase & Status
    "As the rain, keeps pouring down on me And the sky is the only thing I see And my troubles are gone with the wind It's just me, and the ground beneath my feet. I feel so alive I feel so alive I feel so"
  • What Do You Love (ft. Jacob Banks) - Seeb
    "Spend your time in a 9 to 5 You waste your time on central line What do you love? Work 2 jobs Trying stay alive You spend your monay on a Friday night Tell me, what do you love? Just stand for something Or"
  • Jacob Shock - Himsa
    "Unleashed - he will unleash with brutal backlash That holds my bane and beauty I'll grant him vengeance to render them powerless Punish me bitter battle of bottled beasts So sick and deranged masochistic"
  • Jacob - Allister
    "Allister Miscellaneous Jacob jacob sits outside the door and runs into the class when i sit down he takes a seat right next to me i never thought about it until now and even if a boy"
  • Jacob - Lennon
    "VERSE: I'm dancing in your story Find myself lost in the words I'm looking for the ending I'm looking for our happiness in the folds CHORUS: And it's all good till you realize There's no happiness to"
  • Jacob - Jackopierce
    ""Jacob's a fine boy but his parents don't get along they hardly talk, when they do he thinks he's done something wrong he heard all the screaming as he lay down to bed he should have been sleeping but"
  • jacob - młody nykiel
    "Zajebałem szkołę ale dziś mam kurwa klasę. Powyciągałem wnioski, że kurwa wciągałem. Pytają mnie "Kuba kiedy znajdziesz pracę?" Nigdzie nie emigrowałem ale jestem w ciężkim stanie. "Czemu tyle pijesz Kuba"
  • Beg For Mercy - Tony Yayo
    "G G G, G G G-Unit No peace talks, no white flags No mercy, I'm gettin yo ass (50 Cent) Niggas done heard about my click how we stay wit the toastas Blood in, blood out, la kostra nostra You don't wanna"
  • ****** Wit Banks - Ant Banks
    "Ooh, goddamn, I'm glad you set it off, ha ha, yeah, you know Pooh-Man, big sucker, fat face fucker So won't you just pucker up and suck the nuts of The big, big bad ass nigga, Ant Banks, let's do this"
  • Brother Jacob - Head East
    "Hey Brother Jacob I trust you're well today You've been dealin' with the devil And cast your soul away Ol' Brother Jacob lived 93 years Not a second of it on his knees He lived in a little wood shanty Down"
  • Jacob Black - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "Jacob Black She's not coming back La Push has come to shove And she's through with you Can't you see You're just a dog to me If you come near her again I'll eat you too First you missed her Then you kissed"
  • Ain't No Click- With Lloyd Banks - Tony Yayo
    "Tony Yayo) Yee nigga Fuckin back hunger for more Tony's home Yo Banks I told these niggas man (Lloyd Banks) Yall done fucked up now Yee! Yeeeeee! (Tony Yayo) Here We go (Chorus: Lloyd Banks) Aint no"
  • Mercy - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Dont pick up the phone Dont look me in the eye Dont you do anything Til you break down and cry Leave your gates unguarded Let your sentries sleep You dont have to give away any secrets No, those you"
  • Mercy - Express Ohio
    "I love you mercy, mercy. Oh, you know, you're such a beautiful thing. You're laying kisses on me girl All you know all the pleasure it brings, Ah, ah, ah, ah. You're spending all my money, And you're making"
  • Mercy mercy mercy - Snow
    "Took a walk down the avenueSaw this man that I thought I knewI said to the man "How's your day?"He looked at me and this is what he saidHe don't wanna be a rich man, a poor manHe wants to live his life"
  • Mercy - JC Chasez
    "Yeah-yeah Whoa... Oh... Yeah... Yeah yeah yeah It's like your blood runs through me baby (Baby) And I can't get you out of my vein A lust for you electric lady (Whoa...) The affliction to my pain And the"
  • Mercy - Prefab Sprout
    "Mercy on me, oh say that I'm forgiven And wrap your arms around me To your goodness I surrender Without mercy where is goodness ? Won't you have mercy on me ? Mercy on me, oh say that I'm forgiven And"
  • Mercy - Muse
    "Help me I’ve fallen on the inside I tried to change (the pain) They’ll try to infiltrate Now I need to Let it go It always seems to Warm my soul Save me from the Ghost of shadows Before I eat my soul Mercy Mercy Show"
  • Mercy - Lillian Axe
    "I can't seem to find the words To say the things I want to say to you I must be burnin' out One night a long, long time ago My mother told me I should go to you With all my thoughts and dreams Please,"

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