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  • Deep Space - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: Lord Jamar) Uh, let's take a trip Trip into the mind... The mind of the wise... (Lord Jamar) Okay, uh, enter the seventh dimension Witness my ascension into the heavens Like Christ on the third"
  • Supreme Mathematics (Knowledge Mix) - Lord Jamar
    "(Chuck D sample throughout the song) "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine" Do the knowledge... (Lord Jamar) ONE - One is Knowledge, TWO - Two is Wisdom THREE - Three is Understanding,"
  • I.S.L.A.M. - Lord Jamar
    "(Lord Jamar) I be the All Eye Seeing, Supreme Being Black Man, the colored man is the European Ran up to his cave, he was fleeing Over hot sand, steal from me and I chop hands Off, that's Islamic law The"
  • Supreme Mathematics (Born Mix) - Lord Jamar
    "(Lord Jamar) ONE - One is Knowledge, TWO - Two is Wisdom THREE - Three is Understanding, the devil's underhanded FOUR - Four is Culture Freedom, FIVE - Five is Power Refinement SIX - Six is Equality, newborns"
  • Givin' Up - Lord Jamar
    "Givin' up... is hard to do (3x) When youuuuuuu, givin' up someone (Lord Jamar) Yo, maybe I should rhyme about guns and crack Then I might sell like tons of stacks Sometimes I tell myself, fuck the truth "But"
  • Same Ole Girl - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: Lord Jamar (sample)) Uh... yeah... let's go (You're the same ole girl that lived across the street) Same ole girl (and you were so bad) So bad (who-oh-oh, yeah) Where you be? Spinning round with"
  • Original Man - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: sample (Lord Jamar)) All the brothers from Brooklyn, will you raise your hand, thank you... All the brothers from Manhattan, will you raise your hand (uh, uh) All the brothers from the Bronx, will"
  • Greatest Story Never Told - Lord Jamar
    "(sample) "In 1963, a young minister at Malcolm X's mosque in New York City A man named Clarence X, broke with the Nation of Islam He changed his name to Allah, and took his less astere vision Of Islam,"
  • The Corner, The Streets - Lord Jamar
    ""In the street, on the, on the, corner, in the street" "In the street, on the corner" (Chorus) They got crack they got guns "on there corner" I seen niggaz die young "in the street" They got, females"
  • Study Ya Lessons - Lord Jamar
    "(Sadat X) The God U Now on that cold December day Was the weapon that came in to play I had stress already cuz my father had died A month previous, I'm already feeling devious Looking for a cause, just"
  • Revolution - Lord Jamar
    "(Chorus: Reality Allah) Are you ready to fight, revolution Stay loud, til you make a solution How are we going to fight, for the people's right Are you ready to fight, revolution (Lord Jamar) But what"
  • The Cipher - Lord Jamar
    "(Lord Jamar) You know I stay God Cypher Cypher Divine I don't swine, I don't master Islam Now Divine When a punk jumps up to get fucked up I'm like a father giving tough love Uh, bust slugs with the universal"
  • Young Godz - Lord Jamar
    "(Intro: Justice) Check it out... Uh-uh-uh-uh, one-two, one-two, baby Young Dirty, Justice, I like this Young Lord, Brand Nu, Killa Beez (Justice) I watch Star Wars, just to see Yoda My thoughts get iller,"
  • Hot This Year - Kid Capri
    "(diamond d) *talking on a phone Yo capri, yo this is diamond, um.. Check it out um..i moved the session to next wednesday At 12 noon, plug me in at d&d, you'll be outta there by one o'clock Aiight? call"
  • Sweatin' Bullets - Brand Nubian
    "Intro/Chorus: Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet em up!) Sweatin bullets, wet a whole click full of suckers (Wet em up!) Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet"
  • I'm Black & I'm Proud - Brand Nubian
    "Intro: grand puba Uhh, uh huh, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh huh, come on, check it out, check it out, what? Brand nubian "i'm black and I'm proud" Uh, like that, like that, what? "say it loud" "i'm black and"
  • Collaboration Of Mics - Artifacts
    "And ya don't stop! (3X) "This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future" - E. Sermon And ya don't stop! "This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future" - E. Sermon And"
  • Lituation - Fabolous
    "Money, money, chain, situation /2x My current situation a lituation My current situation a lituation Don't keep that money waitin', it get impatient You niggas get to hatin', you get ovations Bottles"
  • Show Business - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Verse 1 (Q-Tip) Let me tell you 'bout the snakes, the fakes, the lies The highs at all of these industry shing-dings Where you see the pretty girls In the high animated world Checkin' for a rapper with"
  • Who Wanna Be A Star? (It's Brand Nu Baby!) - Brand Nubian
    "Who wanna be a star? Be out late night under the moon Got a plan to get dough and be rich by June And all the broads, sexual, yeah ultimate head But, over one chick I seen two niggaz dead Who's God? "

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