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james arthur-certain things full

  • For James - Seven Nations
    "For James (Kirk McLeod) And this is for James A guy I thought would be ahead of everyone else And this is for James Now I'm so surprised he's blown it for all but himself And it seems impossible to imagine"
  • James Strange Dream - James Strange Dream
    "I was thinking of jumping off a building last night before I went to sleep Later when I was dreaming, I guess I decided to take that leap As I was falling through the nighttime sky the ground was nowhere"
  • James - Huffamoose
    "We're headed for the great smokey mountains to see the wild flowers bloom in spring 'Cause we've decided that there's no better place to be for two young people who just wanna do their thing in the spring I"
  • Certain Things - Pinhead Gunpowder
    "He is good at certain things Like making you feel guilty And disappointing everybody At breaking promises and plans And talking shit behind your back And telling you how you should live While he goes nowhere"
  • Certain Things - Ghost Machine
    "I'm still loving you, after all we went through I'm still needing you, after all we've done I'm still hearing you, telling me not to I'm still wanting more, thats where we left off Certain things remind"
  • Otherwise (ft. James Arthur) - MOKS
    "Take a deep breath and listen as it feels like we've fallen into deep I follow your decision, your prediction and now I have to leave on your behalf and we go on, on our own Oh, can we ever be the same"
  • Arthur Nix - Jupiter Sunrise
    "We're wondering what you're thinking, Arthur Nix 'Cause ever since you rode your bike into that car And were quickly whisked away by ambulance You've been so pensive and quiet Did your arm heal faster"
  • Arthur - The Kinks
    "Arthur was born just a plain simple man In a plain simple working class position Though the world was hard and its ways were set He was young and he had so much ambition All the way he was overtaken"
  • James Dean - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Look around outsideAin't nothing to do but hang aroundThink about all the stupid things that I've doneI guess I ain't nothin' but a clownIf I had a wish, I swear I'd wish, I'd wish for just one thingAnd"
  • James Dean - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Look around outside Ain't nothing to do but hang around Think about all the stupid things that I've done I guess I ain't nothin' but a clown If I had a wish, I swear I'd wish, I'd wish for just one thing And"
  • James dean - Iris DeMent
    "Look around outsideAin't nothing to do but hang aroundThink about all the stupid things that I've doneI guess I ain't nothin' but a clownIf I had a wish, I swear I'd wish, I'd wish for just one thingAnd"
  • Oliver James - Fleet Foxes
    "On the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear, By the river bridge a cradle floating beside me. In the whitest water on the banks against the stone You will lift his body from the shore and"
  • James Connolly - Black 47
    "Marchin' down O'Connell Street with the Starry Plough on high There goes the Citizen Army with their fists raised in the sky Leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his eye "My name is James"
  • James, Jesse - Bob Seger
    "When Jesse James was a lad He killed many a man And he roamed over the Scarsdale range Robbin' from the rich And givin' to the poor He was dark and cold and full of rage Oh yes he was, sing with me Poor"
  • James Dean - Tash Sultana
    "You burnt out all the cigarettes Watching james dean films on a monochrome screen But I guess it doesn't look right When everyone around you sucks The life out of your life line The truth comes out"
  • Bobby James - N.E.R.D.
    "Hi I'm 17 And My Name Is Bobby James Everyday In School All My Classmates Call Me Names And So This Pusher Introduced Me To This Thing He Said It Makes You Forget Pain But Makes You Sing I Got Pushed"
  • James Francis - Domestic Problems
    "1739 Freeman Street James Francis, fifth in the family December 2nd 1936 You and your cousins acting like children, not a care in the world, playing ball in street Taking your bike, riding from Jay Zoo you"
  • Bobby James - N*E*R*D*
    "Hi Im 17 and my name is Bobby James Everyday in school all my classmates call me names And so this pusher introduced me to this thing He said it makes you forget pain but makes you sing I got pushed at"
  • James' Song - Offset
    "You'll sleep so sound tonight but I won't I'm tossing and turning those thoughts up in my head Lack decency as they keep me from my dreams And those things you said And those things you did Can we"
  • James Brown - Cabaret Voltaire
    "Everything. Devoured.I learn to hold my, will power.Everything. Devoured.I learn to hold my, will power.When it comes, it falls in pieces.Eating holes and gems unbound.Birds and hearts and flags and everything.Said,"

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