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james blunt goodbye my lower

  • Melody (feat. James Blunt) - Lost Frequencies
    "hey melody every night you play me something sweet and when I’m down you always change the key I need you now my heart has lost the beat and I’m counting on your love hey melody we both could use a reason"
  • Blunt Ashes - Nas
    "Yo, I want the Langston Hughes and Alex Haley got blazed before they told stories I'ma get blazed before I tell y'all stories I saw on tv today, this man lost his son, his son died So he had him cremated,"
  • Blunt - Wild Strawberries
    "I don't want to be beautiful No one ever hears her speak I don't want to be a diplomat With a heart attack for peace All that I need is a fire escape All that I need is a stone Everything that starts"
  • Blunt - Sunk Loto
    "Another finger to be pointed Another voice to be heard Another finger to be pointed An eye for an eye And your presence is annoying And you never got burned I could never decide for life or suicide Save"
  • Lower - Band Of Annuals
    "You know all that I have. Yeah, she gave me the world and took it back. But it only lasted for a moment, Thought it still haunts me to this day. But it's not like I could get much lower tonight. No, it's"
  • Lower - NOFX
    "I will never feel the ribbon break I will never taste sweet victory I don't want to leave the rest behind I don't want inscription on a plaque Never first or second place I won't ever run your rat race I"
  • Lower da Boom - Artifact
    "Hey man, try some of this It's absolutely dynamic Oh yea, shit A lot of cats put down grass man Like uh, uhh, because they say things about it Like it makes you, lose your memory and all that Well I just"
  • Lower Da Boom - Artifacts
    "A lot of cats put down grass man Like uh, uhh.. because they say things about it like it makes you, lose your memory and all that Well I just wanna say that uhh, uhh.. I forget where I was man ("Ohh-h"
  • Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
    "Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine"
  • OK (feat. James Blunt) - Robin Schulz
    "I really need you /2x Love right now I’m fading fast Not gonna last I’m really stupid I’m burning up I’m going down I win it back Don’t even ask When I found in the middle in the middle /2x Could you"
  • Blunt Cruise - Asher Roth
    "Yo we crusin', yeah, we crusin' Yo we crusin', down the streets I got the money, who got the duchies You got the munchies, I got the weed You know we be blunt crusin', blunt crusin' My homies in the front,"
  • Blunt Time - Dr. Dre
    "DEAD! (Blunt time-pull out your philly)Ha ha,mighty Aftermath (Sip a glass of 'gnac,reload your nine milli) Whose soul ever contest,DEAD! In me ear Dre.You hear me now?DEAD! (Blunt time-pull out your"
  • Blunt Crusin' - Asher Roth
    "yo we crusin, (yo we crusin') yeah we crusin, (yeah we crusin') yo we crusin' (yo we crusin') down the streets (down the streets) i got the money, who go the dutchies? you got the munchies? i got the weed you"
  • Blunt time - Dr.Dre
    "DEAD!INTRO(Blunt time-pull out your philly)Ha ha,mighty Aftermath(Sip a glass of 'gnac,reload your nine milli)Whose soul ever contest,DEAD!In me era Dre.You hear me now?DEAD!(Blunt time-pull out your philly)(Sip"
  • James Connolly - Black 47
    "Marchin' down O'Connell Street with the Starry Plough on high There goes the Citizen Army with their fists raised in the sky Leading them is a mighty man with a mad rage in his eye "My name is James"
  • James Cagney - Nik Kershaw
    "forty winks in the lobby make mine a G&T then to my favourite hobby searching for an enemy here in your paper houses stretching for miles and miles old men in stripey trousers rule the world with plastic"
  • Lower Eastside - Habits Delinquent
    "In this little session of the promised land where I lounge wit my homeys and i'm freakin' my friend I gots the 6-shoota' down to my side sittin' in the ride pop it in drive, i'm rolling through the east"
  • Lower Loveday - Menswear
    "I'm late to meet my friends at New Street Station An hour ago and now they've gone away I should have left my bed and got up early I won't see them again 'til next monday I heard they may have gone to"
  • Lower saxony - Stella
    "This is my girlfriend's garden party Mommy and daddy in Lower Saxony We drove down for good company The daughter due of duty Daddy bends over With a body so male and a body so wild As he goes on to smile"
  • Swing Lower - Trance To The Sun
    "Swing over my great silver chair You won't get lost there In moments of contemplation Where else can you go? And who will be there? Two blocks from here There's a caf that's blue You'll tell me your stories I"

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