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javetta steele

  • Virgin Steele - Virgin Steele
    "Wait till the twilight is gone and the Heaven's lights are on. [1st verse:] Well I have seen the flames While lords of terror reigned Armor clashing splits the night While the angels soared, Packs of"
  • Danielle Steele - The Beautiful South
    "My Guy and Patches Can only hope to match The evil propaganda that her pen can despatch And she better love him good Or she'll take it on the chin A woman is a woman To the enemy within She can put up"
  • A Symphony Of Steele - Virgin Steele
    "Magick speaks with tongues of Fire, Fortune take my hand Iron pounding dongs of Glory, Soaring on command Screaming I rejoin the fray Take me where the thunder walks, A SYMPHONY OF STEELE Take my where"
  • The Spirit Of Steele - Virgin Steele
    "Lords of light, cold lords of darkness Behold the power I now pass over My son this steele, is life and death and spirit... From my hands into your hands The true sword of kings I now pass on My father's"
  • Sons Of Steele - Stormwarrior
    "Back in the fieldes, the banner on our shieldes We marche into the war We stande our rights to claime Unbreakabkle, we'll never falle Fighte for survival Fighte for the legacy of the fallen ones Carry"
  • Invisible Man (Steele) - Undead
    "You pass me every day But you never hear a word I say You walk right by the invisible man But you never see me cryin' No matter how I try, the invisible man It's like I don't exist You can't fake it 'cause"
  • Danielle Steele (The Enemy Within) - The Beautiful South
    "My Guy and Patches Can only hope to match The evil propaganda that her pen can dispatch And she better love him good Or she'll take it on the chin A woman is a woman To the enemy within She can put up"
  • Calling You By Jevetta Steele - Jeff Buckley
    "A desert road from vegas to nowhere, some place better than where you've been. A coffee machine that needs some fixing in a little caf just around the bend. I am calling you. Can't you hear me? I am calling"
  • The Spirit Of Steele (Unreleased New Acoustic Mix) - Virgin Steele
    "Lords Of Light, Cold Lords Of Darkness Behold The Power I Now Pass Over My Son This Steele Is Life And Death And Spirit... From My Hands Into Your Hands The True Sword Of Kings I Now Pass On My Father's"
  • I'm On Fire - Virgin Steele
    "I'm hot and I'm ready Like a star in the night Cold as ice Quicker than sight Yeah I'm wild and I'm mean Like a lion deep in heat You'll feel my love A pounding beat-Yeah! But what you don't see You'll"
  • The Evil In Her Eyes - Virgin Steele
    "She walks in starlight Never sees the sun at all Can't face the bright light Because her shadow reveals all Yeah, she's so sharp She's got a cold steele gleam She'll slash you when you take her- take her She'll"
  • Invictus - Virgin Steele
    "I sing of Power, Magick and Faith A Sonnet of Pure Victory A Hymn to the Spirits of Freedom and Grace And whichever Gods there may be... Manacled, Beaten, Blackened and Burned Cast from the Light of the"
  • Invictus (Re-Mastered) - Virgin Steele
    "I Sing Of Power, Magick And Faith A Sonnet Of Pure Victory A Hymn To The Spirits Of Freedom And Grace And Whichever Gods There May Be... Manacled, Beaten, Blackened And Burned Cast From The Light Of The"
  • Thy Kingdom Come - Virgin Steele
    "Never say ?never' Keep both your eyes on the flame The power that lies within you Comes forth once again Onward through darkness Envisions the diamonds beyond Through burning, deceit and cooruption The"
  • Noble Savage - Virgin Steele
    "Animal, grace in form and power Dignity, a conscious thought The judgement hour To live in honor Quoting freedom's name A noble stance Bearing a proudful mane Noble savage! Hope is born, a changeling"
  • Serpent's Kiss - Virgin Steele
    ""If Heaven is higher and death is a dream Cast away virtue it's not what it seems In whiteness descending the souls steals a star Creates a new Heaven in sin where you are" "Sons of Cain, agonize, bring"
  • On The Wings Of The Night - Virgin Steele
    "When the dark is complete And the day goes to sleep That's when I come alive Faster than shadows On the wings of the night I'll be by your side And my soul spreads wide its raven wings And I cover you"
  • Seventeen - Virgin Steele
    "Little Janey's got a crazy walk Rock and roller, leather vixen talk She moves so fine Belladonna with an angel heart Topless dancer, Paris pearls She's hot! Underneath the lights I wanna feel your body"
  • Tragedy - Virgin Steele
    "Who's to say, who is to blame Who killed our love I can see the lines are drawn Broken hearts and broken dreams Drifting worlds apart The lies are old, the scars are warm I don't wanna lose your love"
  • Rock Me - Virgin Steele
    "I know you wanna rock me I know you wanna scream You're standing there You're an angel of desire With your blonde hair And your pouting hungry eyes Hey, you're not shy You're ready for some action Sweet"

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