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javier colon

  • Colon-Blo - Cattle Decapitation
    "Sticking to the walls of your insides A corrosive enzyme lives and breathes Only to be excreted With help of fiber and balanced diet Tilting equilibrium Makes way for nausea Rectal muscle gives way Flooding"
  • Colon blo - Cattle Decapitation
    "Sticking to the walls of your insidesA corrosive enzyme lives and breathesOnly to be excretedWith help of fiber and balanced dietTilting equilibriumMakes way for nauseaRectal muscle gives wayFlooding down"
  • Who Speaks Spanish Colon Quesadilla - The Devil Wears Prada
    "This cold floor we know too well. hearts poisoned with pride. Black blood dotting our warmth. Ending our contentment. This place is a contorted altar. I must seek strength from somwhere, For I've reduced"
  • Biggest Mistake - Javier
    "Artist: Javier Title: Biggest Mistake Album: Javier What happened to the way we were We be fighting and yelling things And we can't seem to get it back together Pride gets the best of me I said oh, I"
  • A Song For Your Tears - Javier
    "How am I suppose to let go of this feeling How am I suppose to erase this image of your sweet face When it seems like just yesterday we made a promise of love that I'm about to break How can I walk away"
  • Beautiful U R - Javier
    "hey girl do you have time Can we sneak off somewhere and have a talk Cause I've got things to get off my chest Something's you may not have heard yet, Oh Baby You would be the only love that I need You"
  • Can't Have My Heart - Javier
    "(Verse1) What were you thinking when you left me outside in the cold I waited for you Give me a reason why you never answered your phone just tell me the truth did you really belive you could come back"
  • Crazy - Javier
    ""Crazy" Hmmmmmmmm......hey yea hey...hoooooowhooo....baby, (Verse 1) Kind of like a summer's breeze, you do exactly as you please, drop a brother to his knees just for fun. I think it was the first"
  • Hey Little Sister - Javier
    "(Verse1) Hey there excuse me miss im sorry that i stopped you on the street like this but you look like someone that i once knew don't you reconize me i used to live down at the end of your street tell"
  • If I Never Get To Heaven - Javier
    "verse 1: What does your love mean to me its something i can't answer easily just like the air that i breathe you fill me up inside, you give me all that i need like a bird flying high on a summers day you're"
  • In Your Hands - Javier
    "In Your Hands My life begins and ends All that I am, I surrender to you I've never felt so weak and yet so strong I am home, where I belong I was afraid, of losing everything Now I'm amazed, 'cause all"
  • October Sky - Javier
    "And your eyes once so kind, now they never meet mine; And just stares like a cold winter's night. When you kissed me good-bye, I could taste ev'ry lie. And I don't have to ask myself why. It's as"
  • She Spoke To Me - Javier
    "She said hello and changed me forever One simple word and i was frozen in time I told myself it was now or never i had to have that girl, i had to make her mine So we talked for a while , i couldn't help"
  • She'll Never Know - Javier
    "(Verse1) She was from the other side of town A place where skin like mine just ain't around A place of unwritten laws and ancient ways where no one dares to stray But as our destiny's were laughin, some"
  • Slow Motion - Javier
    "do do do do do dodo do do do do dodo ooooooohhh oooohhh oooooohhhhhh Goin in, I knew what I was gettin into Never thought I'd be so predictable, so weak Somethin' bout the way she looked at me It was"
  • Song For Your Tears - Javier
    "How am i supposed to let go of this feeling How am i supposed to erase this image of your sweet face When it seems like just yesterday we made a promise of love that i'm about to break How do i walk away"
  • Sin Poderte Hablar - Willie Colon
    "S que no debo decir lo que dicta mi emoción siento que gustas de mi y no s por cul razón Los celos me estn matando quiero estar cerca de ti y mi amor te est esperando yo te quiero hacer feliz (Ay, ay,"
  • Qu - Willie Colon
    "Yo creo en muchas cosas que no he visto, y ustedes tambin, lo s. No se puede negar la existencia de algo palpado por ms etereo que sea. No hace falta exhibir una prueba de decencia de aquello que es tan"
  • El Gran Varon - Willie Colon
    "En la sala de un hospital a las 9 y 43, nacio simon es el verano del 63 el orgullo de don andres por ser varon fue criado como los demas con mano dura con severidad, nunk opino cuando crezcas vas a estudiar,"
  • Idilio - Willie Colon
    "Solo me alienta el deseo divino de hacerte mia, mas me destruye la incetidumbre que estoy pasando, y es que la nieve cruel de los aos mi cuerpo enfria, y se me agota ya la paciencia por ti esperando. Y"

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