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  • Tancbuda i saksofon - Justyna Szafran
    "słowa: Joanna Szczepkowska muzyka: Jerzy Satanowski Rozkapryszonym bogom Polecając serce moje Robisz błąd, skrzypku, robisz błąd Niepokój serca mego Sonatowym rzeźbisz smyczkiem Nie ten ton, skrzypku,"
  • Jealousy - Aikawa Nanase
    "Kiri no naka yureru foguraito Igokochi no warui saido shiito Pedikyua no tsume ni ochita Yoru dake ga shitteru namida Futari no kage ni hisonda Dareka no kaori kanjinagara Watashi wa ki zukanai furi de Mado"
  • Diamond jealousy - Akira Yamaoka
    "Ohayou takashimakun, konkai no kimi no ninmu da gaRei ni yotte, kimi mo shiku wa kimi no membaa ha toraerareShaberanai shaberanaiHanasanai hanasanaiShaberanai shaberanaiHanasanai hanasanaiBoutou no kaki"
  • Jealousy - Ghostface Killah
    "(Jealousy) What made you get the same shoe as mine? (Jealousy) I cop attain and bought a house then came (Jealousy) Why'd you have to say my mother's name? (Jealousy) I could kill you or leave you shamed (Jealousy)"
  • Jealousy - Natalie Merchant
    "Oooh, jealousy Oooh, jealousy Is she fine So well bred The perfect girl A social deb? Is she the sort You've always thought Could make you What you're not? Oooh, jealousy Oooh, jealousy Is she bright So"
  • Jealousy - James Iha
    "Hey now you never wanna be alone you never Wanna be apart From me on your own Hey now if we runaway and hide and you tell me theres A hurt if you confide You've been lost for so many years all your heartache"
  • Jealousy - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) Just jealousy, my jealousy Is what you see doing me Jealous of me, such jealousy It shouldn't be - leave me alone Time is running out, out runs the time I waste it on my own But don't think"
  • Jealousy - Paris Hilton
    "I thought you were my best friend I felt we'd be together 'til the end You're not the girl I once knew Tell me where she is 'cause she's not you You used to be that shoulder That shoulder I could lean"
  • Jealousy - Bee Gees
    "Jealousy , jealousy Two o'clock in the morning , I don't see my love around You say you want to be with me girl But you're never to be found I know you're seeing someone else And it's sending me insane Jealousy"
  • Jealousy - Kitty Wells
    "Jealousy, is there no cure Your distrust hurts me darling, that's for sure Have faith in my love or set me free You are driving me crazy with jealousy Jealousy, you must control Your suspicious"
  • Jealousy - Spoon
    "Jealousy you have never done a thing for me no youve never done a thing for me jealousy jealousy things go wrong it sends me somewhere that i dont belong yeah its just some place that i dont belong things"
  • Jealousy - Queen
    "(Mercury) Oh how wrong can you be? Oh to fall in love was my very first mistake How was I to know I was far too much in love to see? Oh jealousy look at me now Jealousy you got me somehow You gave me"
  • Jealousy - Billy Fury
    "Jealousy Was only through jealousy Our hearts were broken And angry words were spoken Now all I have is memories To cherish so tenderly With every token you have given to me I love to well For I doubted"
  • Jealousy - Iggy Pop
    "He's got a great bit hit He's in a limousine When I see his face Somethin' starts to freeze He's got money for miles His girl comes out of VOGUE When he acts like an ass He's treated like a rogue I feel"
  • Jealousy - Cary Brothers
    "Touched by all of your grace The only one to see my other face Is it too much to ask of you To stay inside with me? Is it too much to ask of you To keep me alive? It's my jealousy Creepin' up on me Just"
  • Jealousy - Good Charlotte
    "For every lie I ever told, for every line I ever sold For everyone I ever hurt before I could always find a good excuse I could always find something to use I could always find a way out of the truth Well"
  • Jealousy - Utopia
    "It wasn't really nothin' I was just trying to have some fun I let my guard down, I just turned 'round Someone slashed me with a razor tongue It's a strange situation I'm not quite sure what it means The"
  • Jealousy - Tom Odell
    "Yesterday was awful You know what I mean. Yesterday was awkward You could probably see. I didn't mean to hurt you, or gain your sympathy It was my jealousy. Yesterday I was stupid And I shouldn't have"
  • Jealousy - LIZ PHAIR
    "He's got a million dollar car He's got a thirty-seven year old guitar He's got a family who deals heroin You're on the edge of your chair And you feel it He's looking at you, he's laughing at you It's"
  • Jealousy - Martin Solveig
    "I cant stand the people after me Dont want anymore jealousy They pretend to be my friend They say this for ever Al they set to give their hand Any brand new commer Ahaaa! they wanna put me down Ahaaa!"

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