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jean baptiste maunier

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jean baptiste maunier
  • Benny Benassi Spaceship (feat. Kelis, Jean Baptiste)
    "Trip on spaceship Trip on spaceship Trip on spaceship Trip on spaceship Sitting on top of the world Watching the stars... go by I got my head in a dream Got my head in the clouds I can fly I can fly I"
  • Absynthe Minded Jean-baptiste Is The Howling Wolf
    "Is it the people, is it the place Is it this athmosphere that makes me fade Away in circles i lose my head It all is such a bore i cant accept no more Of that bullshit them people say to me I am a cynic"
  • Les Trois Accords Jean
    "Jean, Jean provoque des bagarres criminelles (bagarres criminelles) Jean voudrait se faire tatouer les aisselles (tatouage d'aisselles) Jean a plein d'amour dans ses ventricules (dans ses ventricules)"
  • Jimmy Dean Jean
    ""Jean" Jean, Jean, roses are red; All the leaves have gone green. And the clouds are so low, You can touch them, and sow Come out to the meadow, Jean. Jean, Jean, you're young and awise; Come"
  • Walter Egan Jean
    "by Walter Egan Jean was a girl with style, Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile, Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green Whoa oh oh Jean. Soon days of youth slipped past, Jean had to grow up fast, Working"
  • David Hasselhoff Jean
    "Jean, Jean, roses are redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and soCome out to the meadow, jeanJean, jean, you?re young and aliveCome out of your half-dreamed dreamAnd"
  • Jeanette Jean
    "Just the other day I started thinkin' how we messed up our love and fell apart an' I really couldn't keep on playing "hangin' tough" I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard Don't you stay away need"
  • Kelly Jones Jean
    "Jean take me down Just take me to your place And do what you do to me Take me to the place you wanna go Now that you've been there I've seen it. I've been it. I'd mean it I don't know where you're going Long"
  • Edison Glass Jean Val Jean
    "Jean Val Jean, the weeping criminal Broken with the weight of compassion It's hard to hold what you don't deserve Remember your promise to be pure It's a battle between just and good What you know is"
  • Jorge Benjor Norma Jean
    "Norma Jean Continua atraente viva e sorridente Nos sonhos da gente Norma Jean salve Norma Jean Platinuam Blondie Loira Americana Sex Simbol Mito feminino Dos anos dourados tijucanos e copacabana Norma"
  • Chuck Berry Betty Jean
    "I love the way you talk (Oh yeah Betty Jean) Speaking little, saying a lot. (Oh yeah Betty Jean) I love the way you walk (Oh yeah Betty Jean) Look like you're dancin when you're not. (Oh yeah Betty Jean) I"
  • David Bowie Blue Jean
    "Blue Jean-I just met me a girl named Blue Jean Blue Jean-she got a camouflaged face and no money Remember they always let you down when you need 'em Oh, Blue Jean-is heaven any sweeter than Blue Jean She"
  • Neil Young Amber Jean
    "Every morning got sun to shine Every day got plenty of time Every night there's a moon so fine There for you, my Amber Jean. Still some lines that should get crossed Still some coins that might be tossed Still"
  • The Proclaimers Oh Jean
    "I'd never been lucky with girls I confess Don't know who to blame for my lack of success Cause even with ones up the back of a bus There was always the risk of a slap in the puss But Jean, Oh Jean, You"
  • Foghat Shirley Jean
    "Price / Peverett - Knee Trembler Music - ASCAP Well I was sittin' in a smokey room, band playin' rock and roll, Everybody burnin', yearnin' for some alcohol. I got up to buy the wine, when I saw Shirley"
  • Arno Jean Baltazaarrrr
    "Je l'ai vu au petit matin Toute nue dans mes grands souliers Placs devant la chemine Pas besoin de faire un dessin Fatigu j'ai la gueule de bois Sur le lit j'ai jet mon fouet Contre elle je me suis pench Et"
  • David Bowie Jean Genie
    "A small Jean Genie snuck off to the city Strung out on lasers and slash back plazas Ate all your razors while pulling the waiters Talking bout Monroe and walking on Snow White New York's a go-go and everything"
  • The Cloud Room Blue Jean
    "Blue Jean, where have you been, in this song I sing, I've been riding this train tryin' to see you againBlue Jean, where have you been, in this song I sing, you're all torn and you're frayed, and you're"
  • Travis Selfish Jean
    "Cheers Thanks for everything You hung me up by my heart You're just so selfish Jean Yes you are Hey you Threw it all away By holding everything in Hey Jean don't rock the boat When you can't swim Well"
  • Tim Curry Betty Jean
    "Oh, way, I'm in love with Betty Jean Oh yeah... Oh, way, every time I see her standing there She's the toughest girl for seven blocks Yellow sweater, flourescent socks....Yeah... Oh, way, I'm in love with"

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