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jean lady yea

  • Yea! - Ludacris
    "Usher: Peace up...A Town's Down! Lil' Jon: Yeah, Ok! (usher,usher,usher) Lil Jon! Usher: Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaaah Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaaah (lets go) Usher: I'm up in the club with"
  • Oh Yea - Eminem
    "Yeah, mmm hmmm This one goes out to all the pretty young ladies out there in pretty young lady land mmm hmmm see what I'm sayin I want you to just peep over your shoulders hunny... ya see Now lets"
  • Yea yea yea - Shampoo
    "(Tell Me Baby)ChoursBe Bop -a- LulaBup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - WaBe Bop -A- LulaBup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - WaYea Yea YeaYou're Gonna Have To Tell Me BabyWhat It Is You WantCause I Can't Read Your MindEverytime"
  • Yea, Yea - The Ramones
    "Yea, yea there's a girl I know Yea, yea well I love her so Well she's a little of this a little of that She makes my heart go flippity flap Oh baby baby I just love her so Yea, yea well she's the most"
  • Betty Jean - Tim Curry
    "Oh, way, I'm in love with Betty Jean Oh yeah... Oh, way, every time I see her standing there She's the toughest girl for seven blocks Yellow sweater, flourescent socks....Yeah... Oh, way, I'm in love with"
  • Sarah Jean - Dead Milkmen
    "now, i understand some of ya don't know sarah jean, so i'll tell ya a little bit about her.. she's a lesbian eskimo midget albino. she went to college and she started the lesbian midget eskimo albino"
  • Norma Jean - Jorge Benjor
    "Norma Jean Continua atraente viva e sorridente Nos sonhos da gente Norma Jean salve Norma Jean Platinuam Blondie Loira Americana Sex Simbol Mito feminino Dos anos dourados tijucanos e copacabana Norma"
  • Yea God - Newsong
    "When I woke up this morning I just had to talk to God And tell Him about some things on my heart And the wonder of all wonders He came right into my room And told me I could have a new start Then suddenly"
  • Yea Yea Yea (Tell Me Baby) - Shampoo
    "Chours Be Bop -a- Lula Bup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - Wa Be Bop -A- Lula Bup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - Wa Yea Yea Yea You're Gonna Have To Tell Me Baby What It Is You Want Cause I Can't Read Your Mind Everytime"
  • Jean - Les Trois Accords
    "Jean, Jean provoque des bagarres criminelles (bagarres criminelles) Jean voudrait se faire tatouer les aisselles (tatouage d'aisselles) Jean a plein d'amour dans ses ventricules (dans ses ventricules)"
  • Jean - Jimmy Dean
    ""Jean" Jean, Jean, roses are red; All the leaves have gone green. And the clouds are so low, You can touch them, and sow Come out to the meadow, Jean. Jean, Jean, you're young and awise; Come"
  • Jean - Walter Egan
    "by Walter Egan Jean was a girl with style, Boy, heads turned every time she'd smile, Envy turned her girlfriends' eyes green Whoa oh oh Jean. Soon days of youth slipped past, Jean had to grow up fast, Working"
  • Jean - David Hasselhoff
    "Jean, Jean, roses are redAll the leaves have gone greenAnd the clouds are so lowYou can touch them, and soCome out to the meadow, jeanJean, jean, you?re young and aliveCome out of your half-dreamed dreamAnd"
  • Jean - Jeanette
    "Just the other day I started thinkin' how we messed up our love and fell apart an' I really couldn't keep on playing "hangin' tough" I'm feeling weak an' I'm gonna lose my guard Don't you stay away need"
  • Jean - Kelly Jones
    "Jean take me down Just take me to your place And do what you do to me Take me to the place you wanna go Now that you've been there I've seen it. I've been it. I'd mean it I don't know where you're going Long"
  • Antenna (feat. Wyclef Jean) - Fuse ODG
    "(Fuse ODG) It’s Fuse ayiii Killbeats lets go She dey do me wayo ooooo but she dey spend my money ooooooo Oya I go tell my mammy ooooo I should have listened before oooo She dey do me like antenna She’s"
  • Lady - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Lady, lady when you're lonely Maybe when you're lonely Will you know why When you sing a song again Then you will sing a friend Lady lady singing lonely If you're ever lonely you'll realise When you"
  • Mystic Lady - T. Rex
    "Baby Mystic Lady You do own my night Put my dogs to fright Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea Riding sliding Sorceress In your dungarees Got me on my knees The people in your life are cruel Keep on riding that hard"
  • Mystic Lady - Tyrannosaurus Rex
    "Baby Mystic Lady You do own my night Put my dogs to fright Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea Sliding riding Sorceress In your dungarees Got me on my knees The people in your life are cruel Keep on riding that"
  • Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink & Missy Elliot
    "Where's all my soul sistas Lemme hear ya'll flow sistas Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge Struttin' her stuff"

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