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jem - keep on walking

  • Keep On Walking - Jem
    "The world's got so dark I need some guidance to see 'cause this pain in my heart is taking everything from me. It is true that love makes the world go round Please give some love to me 'cause I'm feeling"
  • Keep on walking - Colin Hay
    "Keep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walkingAcross the milesKeep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walkingAcross the milesMaybe we'll get there, then again maybe we won'tIt doesn't even really"
  • Keep Walking - Virus
    "When I stumble and start to fall, I take a look at the flyers up on my wall. I think of what my life's become. All the things that I have seen. All the things that I have done. My friends they carry me"
  • Keep Walking - Hurricane #1
    "My hands are shaking eyes focused on you I'm only doing what I've got to do when I can't face it when I'm dead on my feet six o'clock in the morning asleep on the street miss tightrope walker high up on"
  • Keep on walking - Gino Vanelli
    "I gotta keep walking to someone I loveThis empty heart's in jeopardyLiving without youIt seems I keep falling for someone somewhereOne single hope someone realKeeps me hangin' onNow I really don't mind"
  • Keep On Walking - Scouting For Girls
    "Why don't you come home, its not very far. I wait up each night, for the sound of your car. Well, well well, we both knew it wouldn't be easy. Oh how we both knew it wouldn't be easy. Oh yeah yeah, but"
  • Keep On Walking - Boyzone
    "Seems like I was always running From someone or something So scared what life could hold Didn't even want to know Each day I would stand against it Put up my defences Wouldn't let nobody inside Then you"
  • Keep On Walking - Ronan Keating
    "Seems like I was always running, From someone or something, So scared what life could hold, Didn't even want to know, Each day I'd stand against it, Put up my defences, Wouldn't let nobody inside, Then"
  • Hollywood Jem - Jem And The Holograms
    "Hey look it's Jem Hollywood Jem Totally awesome, stylish and hip Stopping traffic on Sunset Strip Hey look it's Jem Hollywood Jem Doing the talk shows Posing for films Going to parties in Beverly Hills There"
  • Jedz - Czarno-Czarni
    "W letni dzień chłopak pragnie jejWysłał wiersz i oświadczył sięCzeka już jedenasty dzień na odpowiedźPrzyszedł list pełny miłych snów"Lubię Cię" napisała muMożesz być ze mną nawet dziś tylko przynieś rybęRef:"
  • I keep walking on - BWO
    "People go ballistic When the pressure gets too much Living in a landslide All devoid of feel and touch When the storm is over I pick up what's left of me Running for the freedom From the cult of misery"
  • I keep on walking - Lidia Kopania
    "Wherever I have been was empty land No voice to feel the space Whatever I have seen through frozen eyesWhere tears in a lonely crying faceRef. I keep on walking I am holding on I keep on tryingTill my"
  • Gotta Keep Walking - Willy Mason
    "On the road, no way home, Guess I gotta keep rollin' on til the lights come on. I'll sing a song, it won't take long, Shut my eyes and I'm back where I belong In trouble's arms Singing mama's songs when"
  • Just Keep Walking - INXS
    "Green Fields - Grass and earth Broken bottles - bricks and dirt Sunshine soothing - clouds are hazy Dark street corners - feeling lazy Fast car driving Sleek and modern Public Transit Photos Waiting Blood"
  • Walking - October Fall
    "She checks her watch It's just past four She's walking into the liquor store She's inside out And quick to dream With empty pockets she can barely breathe And she waits And she waits Doesn't"
  • Walking - Bosson
    "I pass some kids down at the playground I see two lovebirds holding hands And there's an old man that I meet earch day He's drinking the finest brand I am walking In the middle of the street of life I"
  • Walking - Adam Gregory
    "I go walkin' Down a long road tonight I go walkin' Not a single soul in sight The night air is so cool The moon shines so bright It's lonely out here But I'm feelin' alright I keep walkin' I keep"
  • Walking On - Army Of Me
    "Your skin is thin, you take it in Until you fell over the ground You built a wall, a hundred stories tall You hide inside, you shiverin' And I will reach out to you and I will carry your fill For tonight"
  • Walking On - Steve Winwood
    "Theres a place that I know from this feeling It keeps on getting better now Making love, seeing faces in the clouds Hear what they will tell me now Out beyond the blue horizon And in the wake of falling"
  • Jem - Jem
    "Il mio nome jem, sono una cantante bella e stravagante che balla il rock and roll e tutta elegante. e qualche volta lo sai sono esuberante il mio nome jem, sono sempre un po' frizzante, tenera e raggiante,"

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