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jessica ashley 24 hours

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jessica ashley 24 hours

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jessica ashley 24 hours
  • Jewel Jessica
    "He used to walk with jessica Down to the diner They'd sit and talk for hours About nothin' in particular Just bullshit the time away That's what she used to say She'd wrinkle her nose when she said it That's"
  • Real McCoy 24 Hours
    "24, 24, 24 hours The city doesn't sleep, 7 days a week 24, 24, 24 hours We're leaving on a fast plane 24 hours, 24 hours 7 days a week 24 hours, 24 hours I'm leaving on a fast plane Dowtown, entertainment,"
  • Andrea Corr 24 Hours
    "I see your eyes remember You know this song And I try to see your picture But that's your song with somebody else You know I love inside your head Cos I can't be there You're a mystery Intrigueing me great And"
  • Domestic Problems 24 Hours
    "24 hours a day, I'm in my head 24 hours a day, I'm in my head Do you? I don't think so Have you ever thought? Only once but I was just a boy - God said no and Do I have the faith to keep it going *Chorus* Everything"
  • Alexz Johnson 24 Hours
    "I've been sitting in the dirt (for 24 hours) I've forgotten what im worth (for 24 hours) Said that you'd be here last night I'm trying to shake you from my skin (for 48 hours) Clean up this mess i've"
  • House Of Games 24 hours
    "24 hours, I don't like the way you talk with me 24 hours, remorse - all mine 24 hours, no secrets, tricks or lies from you Cause you're conscience - and you are my key and escape from guiltyness I can"
  • Betty Boo 24 Hours
    "I always knew No matter what you say or do Right by your side I keep you satisfied Other girls can stare And try to catch you if they dare Mondays, Tuesdays You're always working overtime But Fridays,"
  • The Sundays 24 Hours
    "Few true cares have I As the world turns round I was blind but Now I'm still blind Too few cares have I As the world turns round I was blind but Now I'm still blind I liked you for 24 hours In your house And"
  • Jude Harrison 24 Hours
    "Ive been sitting in the dirt for 24hrs Id forgotten my own worth for 24hrs Said that you'd be here last night Im trying to shake you from my skin for 48hrs Clean up this mess Ive been put in for 48hrs"
  • The Sounds 24 Hours
    "Fragile, handle with careYou fall in love then you lose your headFor the last 24 hours,Well I've been crying my heart outThis time hoping for the betterBeen down seems like foreverFor the next 24 hoursWell"
  • Welbilt 24 Hours
    "24 Hours The light's go down in Baltimore Blink your eyes the sun is coming up The radio is playing songs we should have known but Never seems to be quite loud enough The traffic lights they match the"
  • Tom Jones 24 Hours
    "Salty skin on my back Sweat that pores like rain I can feel the attack But Im numb to pain The cold is creeping in and it chills my veins Ive got one more minute, twenty four hours to go No redemption"
  • Hush 24 Hours
    "Verse 1 I take a deep breath and unload every thought Everything I've ever known anything I was taught When I think I'm on a roll I have to slow down 'cause my words get ahead of myself I know how"
  • Terry Poison 24 Hours
    "There's somewhere plotting with Kimberly She's been abducted, baby, by the aliens, baby Oh, honey, we go way back It's only you and me here, now initially here Now I want you on the run again Twenty-four"
  • Knockout 24 Hours
    "I'm saying things that I don't mean When I look back I don't know what I was thinking Why must I be the one to see only the worst in everything Maybe another time or day I'll look at things a different"
  • Joy Division 24 Hours
    "So this is permanence - love's shattered pride What once was innocence, turned on its side Grey cloud hangs over me - marks every move Deep in the memory, what once was love Oh how I realised how"
  • 10CC 24 Hours
    "Here on the street Feeling the cool of the dawn Shuffling feet Faces are ragged and worn They've been working all night Waiting for the curtain to rise While you're under the sheets You with the stars"
  • Swans 24 Hours
    "And She Sits There By The Wall Making Holes Where I Just Stood And Her Hands They Touch Her Face Like Her Face Is Made Of Wood And She Holds On To A Memory Of Something I Never Said But She Still Can't"
  • Cipher System 24 Hours Left
    "Come on, let's play a little game shall we Of course you want, You have no choice I play death and you can play alive I make your sins I think your thoughts, Too bad for you that we from now on play by"
  • Ice Cube 24 Mc Hours
    "Put the whoop on 'em (ice cube, a.k.a. don mega) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. poppa don) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. the big fish) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. brainiac) Keep it gangsta y'all, keep it"

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