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jessy ware you

  • Trust Is Share-Ware - The Ark
    "For all your life youve cared about people you dont really care about Youve heard them shout and youve heard them out Now whats that all about? And all the worlds a United Nations of faceless scorn and"
  • The Crying Game (feat. Jessie Ware) - Nicki Minaj
    "Here we go again, it's the game we love Sheets all over the floor and they laced with drugs You ain't play your cards right, you had the Ace of Clubs Hit you with the Ace of Spade, in your face, and shrugged Blood"
  • Time After Time (ft. Jessie Ware) - Franky Wah
    "Time After Time we play to the end oh, i can't wait for us to start again Time After Time again and again oh, i can't wait for us to start again to make me feel good to make me feel good to make me feel"
  • De Ware - De Kast
    "ik kan je vragen om een vuurtje ik kan je vragen hoe je woont ik kan je vragen iets te drinken en of je werk de moeite loont refr.: maar toen ik jou hier zag was ik meteen verkocht en ik zal eerlijk zijn:"
  • Al's Ware - Less Than Jake
    "Al said goodbye to his mom and dad for the first time in his life tonight left the house and walked out to the waiting car outside and somehow he thought they'd never understand that nothing lasts and"
  • Ware Her Venom - Einherjer
    "" Fear rule my world still Has ruled it, shall rule it Meek is weak " Ill-boding wolfs blood Crowned in woe, death-stained Dread-gard Queen Sear the runes of wrath The rependant writhes in remorse Niflhel"
  • Ware, Arubeki Basho - Mucc
    "ame yo tsuchi yo ware arubeki basho yo imi yo to itte kure doshaburi no ame no naka de naku shita mono sore wa totemo taisetsu na hazu no mono sora ni nagurare doro to hanashi makkuro ni nari nagara"
  • Stuck on you - Jessy
    "Stuck on you At first when you walked by my house I never realised That you were gonna change my life You caught me by surprise We talked, we laughed, we played, we stayed Together since that time And"
  • Was ware wenn - Ferris Mc
    "Ich stell mir grad vor, meine Eltern wrn noch zusammen Ich, das Mttershnchen, ein Amoklufa mit na Schrotflinte im Schrank Glcklich gro gewordn innem groen Haus Ich wr wohl nie ausgezogen und jedes Jahr"
  • Ware, yami tote - Dir En Grey
    "kagirareta jikan no hazama de kaze ni somari tachidomaru ore wa dare? arifureta kotoba no hazama de kowarete iki kurikaesu koko wa doko? ishi o yami ni somete iki o tatsu koto mo kantan de... dakedo mada"
  • I'll get over you - Jessy
    "I'll get over you From the very first moment you caught my eye you were like nothing i've ever seen in my life i caught your attention as you passed me a smile you bought me a drink we talked for a while 'bout"
  • Head Over Heals - Jessy
    "Jessy - Head over heels The phone rings and my heart freaks out Spinning till I touch the ground Counting the days till you'll be mine You're perfect, like a fantasy The words sound like a melody In"
  • What if - Jessy
    "What if CHORUS What if it's you that I want you that I need Just tell me what I shoud do So I can finally get my hands on you - I know you have just what it takes to satisfy my crave When your eyes meet"
  • Rain - Jessy
    "Rain The sweetness of the rain over my face The softness of your touch caressing my skin Feeling shy after your waterfall of words Try to print them in my mind By saying the words like a verse - CHORUS I"
  • Silent tears - Jessy
    "Silent tears like a long and distand memory fading in my mind I forgot all there's about you never looking behind now all there is left for me to see the pain in your eyes staring at me CHORUS (4x) silent"
  • Look At Me Now - Jessy
    "I've been caged by you for such a long long time You had your own particular way to fill my mind With low esteem regarding myself So I kept me hidden within my shell And it took so long for me to see How"
  • Look @ Me Now - Jessy
    "I've been caged by you for such a long long time You had your own particular way to fill my mind With low esteem regarding myself So I kept me hidden within my shell And it took so long for me to see How"
  • Dancing In The Dark - Jessy
    "Can we try again Start a new and lovely story that will Shine a ray of light upon our hearts And bring back a long, lost glory Of how it used to be Baby, you and me Convinced we were each other's destiny My"
  • How Long - Jessy
    "How long how long 'Till we crash and burn how long how long to the point of no return The windmills in my eyes can't you see that they've stopped turning it's such a lonely sight the wind no longer tries to"
  • White lies - Jessy
    "White lies These mixed-up emotions too hard to controle We need to make a decision I know that it's hurting your body and soul Your heart is ripped out by excision I need to breath again I hope you'll"

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