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johnny black ruby

  • Ruby Red - Marc Almond
    "Well it seems you have a heart I saw it once so I know it's true You let it out on Sundays when You let it beat me black and blue When you went and stole my heart I saw it go so I know it's true It was"
  • Johnny Black - Pro-Pain
    "here's a story 'bout an american man who's always used to doin' things the best that he can he's got his wife, he's got his kids by his side you know he'd rather fuck you up then swallow his pride he's"
  • Ruby Horse - Wonder Stuff
    "Ruby Horse I know of course, that it's you, Ruby Horse I ran your course, and I'm blue. (black & blue) I spent friday night with a fly-by-night, she said, hold on tight, she said, "Hold on tight". I'm"
  • Ruby Dear - Talking Heads
    "'Round and 'round and we won't let go And where we stop no one knows uh-huh uh-huh Down and down in a spin we turn Looking like we'll never learn uh-huh uh-huh Think about what ev'ryone is saying Ruby"
  • Rodzice (prod. Johnny Black) - Dawid Obserwator
    "Mamo, mamo, mamo Piszę w ramach przeprosin Tato, tato, tato Syn marnotrawny prosi Mamo, tato sorry Że nie raz mnie poniosło Pisać mi nie jest prosto Nie mogę tego cofnąć już Już sporo przeszedłem To ch*j"
  • Ruby And Carlos - James McMurtry
    "Ruby said you're gettin' us in a world of hurt And down below the Mason Dumb Ass line the food gets worse I can't go back to TennesseeThat NASCAR country's not for me Go on if you think you must Carlos"
  • Johnny Kool - Brian Setzer
    "Written by b. setzer I had one cup of coffee and a cigarette Then I rolled out of bed with my shirt soaking wet If I was gonna get movin', now was the time So I packed up my bags and my gretsch '59 It's"
  • Johnny Cash - Jason Aldean
    "(Watch ya got) Quit my job flipped off the boss took my name off the payroll. (screw you man) Picked up my cell rang my baby's bell said I'm three miles from home. I said sugar why don't you put on that"
  • Johnny Twobags - Vandals
    "Johnny Twobags doesn't have the blues and it makes him sad Brings him down But not down enough to have the blues He's too white to have the blues He thinks he should be black to have the blues He's too"
  • Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs
    "''What I've done, what I've done. Da da daa, da da daa.'' Let's it never be said the romance is dead. 'Cause there's so little else occupying my head. There is nothing I need except the function to breathe. But"
  • Ruby - Neil Diamond
    "They say, Ruby you're like a dream Not always what you seem And though my heart May break when I awake Let it be so, I only know Ruby, it's you They say, Ruby you're like a song You don't know right from"
  • Ruby - Ray Charles
    "They say, Ruby you're like a dream Not always what you seem And though my heart may break when I awake Let it be so, I only know Ruby, it's you They say, Ruby you're like a song You just don't know right"
  • Ruby - Kenny Rogers
    "Ruby, are you contemplating going out some where? The shadow on the wall tells me, the sun is going down Oh, Ruby, don't take your love to town It wasn't me who started that old crazy Asian war, But I"
  • Ruby - Wolfsheim
    "you painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere the shadow on the wall tells me the sun ist going down oh ruby, don't take your love"
  • Ruby - ATB
    "Ruby waits a while before she stays Never looking back 'till he's miles away Keeps her reputation like a stone She's not really tired She's just overgrown She says hey I could be wrong but at least I'm"
  • Ruby - Eddy
    "She danced in the dirty streets Satin shoes tied to her feet People 'round here said she was a sight Every night when the sun went down She'd curtsey and take a bow To the man in the moon and the dim street"
  • Ruby - Kristin Hersh
    "Everybody was so pretty there And up and jumping around And easy it's easy to sleep With idiots and prophets Leaves me wondering Ruby or iridescent cough drop? This baby's like a winter bird, raunchy"
  • Ruby - Tweaker
    ""it isn't always i am well for sometimes i am ailing and yet in steaming night i smile to downplay this my failing and make a noise to bury all of your weeping and your wailing and then in bed by little"
  • Ruby - The Apples In Stereo
    "Ruby oh baby don't you know girl, your silence hurts me so are you listening Ruby oh baby can't you see it's the source of misery are you listening Troubles they seem to follow me as far as I can see, it"
    "Ruby, I hope I see you, I've waited all this week For you to walk my way, your soul will capture me Your mama painted your room a shade of pink, she said But with your great arrival, that shade has turned"

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