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johnny depp-I

  • Johnny Depp song - Johnny Depp
    "Johnny Depp your deep, I like to watch you when you sleep, And smell the shirt in which you slept, Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp, Your hip, Id like to bite your lower lip, And scrunch your Edward Scissor hair Johnny"
  • Johnny Depp - Wesley Willis
    "You are a rich man You are a rich rock singer You are a busy man with the midas touch I like you a lot in the mix Johnny Depp Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp Johnny Depp! You are a working class dog You"
  • Johnny - Sneaker Pimps
    "I put my hand upon her knee And she said, do you want to see? I put my hand upon her breast And she said, do you want to kiss? Gently, gently Gently, Johnny Gently, Johnny, my jingo Gently, gently Gently,"
  • Johnny - Lucky Dube
    "Johnny was a good boy According to his mother But when she wasn' t looking yeah Johnny became a bad boy He got into drugs yeah Oh poor Johnny One day he double-crossed And it cost him his life She"
  • Johnny - Kendall Payne
    "Johnny shot to the moon yeah It's on the nightly news yeah Theres nothing I can do oh Johnny shot to the moon yeah oh Johnny's got Johnny's got Johnny's got Something to say Johnny's not Johnny's not He's"
  • Johnny - Bad Boys Blue
    "I can hear them talking as I'm walking down the street They're saying, You're a fool, got to get back on your feet You tried so hard to keep her love and don't know what to do And ever since she left your"
  • Johnny - Nomadi
    "Johnny guarda attentamente il mondo, per il mondo non fa caso a lui. Johnny scava con le dita in fondo, se ci fosse un fondo casomai. Johnny vive intensamente come se un domani non ci fosse mai, di"
  • Johnny - Nana Mouskouri
    "When I think of Johnny I remember the spring I remember his laughter And the way he would sing R Oh! How I loved Johnny With my heart I loved Johnny Oh! How I loved Johnny But he never knew I prayed"
  • Johnny - Slapstick
    "Johnny wanted his life to go far He went to town and bought a guitar he had a friend and he showed him a chord It was fun, but he started getting bored He developed a need for fame and greed said a rock"
  • Johnny - Violent Femmes
    "Oh Johnny do you miss your mother do you miss your father oh an johnny, do you miss me oh and I was so hungry I just wanted to attack and I was so hungry and that mean I'll never look back Oh Johnny sometimes"
  • Johnny - System Of A Down
    "Hello, my name is Johnny Well hello, my name is Johnny I, like to explain myself And I, like to complain in vain Sweet little boy, Johnny! Sweet little boy, JOHNNY! Let me show you the way to mind Let"
  • Johnny - Thin Lizzy
    "Somewhere on the waterfront Johnny's hiding with a gun Swears he'll kill any man that tells his story He's not sorry for what he's done He broke into a drugstore To cure his daily need He didn't mean"
  • Johnny - Prince
    "We got a wonderful show 4 y'all 2night, uh (alright, I love it) But first off, before we get 2 the band We'd like 2 bring up this nice funny young man, uh (look at that dog, man, give me one of them) Jimmy"
  • Johnny - New Power Generation (N.P.G.)
    "We got a wonderful show 4 y'all 2night, uh (Alright, I love it) But first off, before we get 2 the band We'd like 2 bring up this nice funny young man, uh (Look at that dog, man, give me one of them)"
  • Johnny - Craig David
    "It's another day at school and he's just walking out the door Got his ruck sack on his back and his feet dragging on the floor Always late, but when he's questioned he can't think of what to say Hides"
  • Johnny Reb - Johnny Horton
    "You fought all the way Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb You fought all the way, Johnny Reb Saw you a-marchin' with Robert E. Lee You held your head high tryin' to win the victory You fought for your folks, but you"
  • Johnny 99 - Johnny Cash
    "Well they closed down the auto plant in Mahwah late last month Ralph went out lookin' for a job but he couldn't find none He came home too drunk from mixin' Tanqueray and wine He got a gun shot a night"
  • Frankie and Johnny - Johnny Cash
    "Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts Oh and how they could love Swore they will be true to each other True as the stars above He was a man But he was doing her wrong I ain't gonna tell you no stories I"
  • Frankie's Man Johnny - Johnny Cash
    "Well now Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts They were true as a blue blue sky He was a long-legged guitar picker with a wicked wanderin' eye But he was her man nearly all of the time Well Johnny he packed"
  • Johnny Stew - Lindsey Buckingham
    "Written by Lindsey Buckingham. Johnny, oh Johnny, Where do you roam? Wel always remain here, So don leave us alone. Some say they knew him, And some just left him alone. Johnny, oh Johnny, Where do you"

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