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johnson andreas

  • San Andreas - Zeamsone
    "miałem być najlepszy jak 6 6 6 miałem być najgorszy jak 6 6 6 miałem być najlepszy jak 7 7 7 miałem postawić mój pomnik zrobić save, save, save co dzień zbijam 5 i 5 a gdzie są moi przyjaciele? gdzie"
  • San Andreas Fault - Natalie Merchant
    "Go west Paradise is there You'll have all that you can eat Of milk and honey over there You'll be the brightest light The world has ever seen Sun-baked slender heroine Of film and magazine Go west Paradise"
  • Mrs Johnson - Neil Finn
    "Mrs Johnson you're sitting on my aubergine my aubergine my aubergine mrs Johnson you're sitting on my aubergine please get off Mrs Johnson you're sitting on my artichoke my artichoke my artichoke Mrs"
  • Mr Johnson - Les Wriggles
    "Monsieur Johnson est cadre dans une grande entreprise Prises d'initiative et rigueur sont de mise Cette nuit il s'attelle la gestion du stock Et pour tenir le coup quelques grammes de coke Ce matin ses"
  • Mrs. Johnson - Toto
    "Know these words are wrong to say Need you more and more each day (Chorus:) Hey Mrs. Johnson Give me your answer as fast as you can Hey Mrs. Johnson Don't you know I really love you Here's my life, it's"
  • Big Johnson - Sir Mixalot
    "(Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking) Oh!, y'all been tellin some lies 'bout your penile region (*laughing*) (Female voice: F**k me up here) (*mixed*) That's what I heard from your girl, boy (Break - Female voice) We"
  • Jimmy Johnson - Lagwagon
    "I remember well them holding him down silent honor to his torture tortures me now pound in the mold forth the outside space why did they put jimmy johnson in a place he didn't belong in some new school"
  • Mr Johnson - King Missile
    "Mr. Johnson lives on the corner of our street And he laughs at our bell-bottom trousers and our bare feet And he calls us long-haired faggots as we walk by But we don't get mad, because we know he's uptight (Chorus) Hey"
  • Jack Johnson - Tom Russell
    "He was born in 1890, on the Gulf of Mexico Fought his way around the world with hand, and heart, and soul So trot out all your Great White Hopes, But they'd better bring a gun Jack Johnson's made of iron"
  • Jim Johnson - Porter Wagoner
    "The past ten years just flashed before my eyes I remember the day my daddy died He left mom four boys and three-year old Ginny Lou She got sick and we almost lost her too Times were rough even when dad"
  • Magic Johnson - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "L.A. Lakers fast break makers Kings of the court shake and bake all takers Back to back is a bad ass fact a claim that remains in tact M-A-G-I-C See you on the court Buck has come to play his way and"
  • Tommy Johnson - Big Sugar
    "(G. Johnson/D. Wall) Well, it's cold outside Feel the winds start to blow Well, it's cold outside Feel the winds start to blow Well, it's cold inside When your baby don't want you no mo' You know, I"
  • Melody - Molly Johnson - Molly Johnson
    "Melody (Craig Ross / Molly Johnson) It's so easy here with you Like a walk in the park Just before dark Oh it's so easy here with you Like sun on my face A bright summer day You're like a melody That"
  • Save Me - Andreas Novak - Fame Factory
    "Someone's crying out there At a crossroad in the dark Reaching out for nothing Like an arrow through your heart Wait until tomorrow When the angels save your soul Told to be to careful It's your destiny,"
  • Gravity (feat. Andreas Moe) - Gromee
    "Let’s freeze time, Stay in the moment So we can breathe it Live this life Moving slow motion Defying emotions Leaping over every wall we go Running to the shore Trying to swim into the river of Everything"
  • The Whisper Within - Andreas Martinelle - Fame Factory
    "looking out from my window and all you feel the same just like a brindstone there ist inside your head you never know what to do you never know what to say it kiss it slowley and never go so way singing"
  • Long Time (feat. Andreas Moe) - John de Sohn
    "We could start the universe with our heartbeats tonight Don't let go, we're moving up in the speed of light I say you, I've been waiting for a long time Oh for you, feels like I've waited for a lifetime We"
  • Last Dance (Feat. Andreas Moe) - Avicii
    "If this is our last, last dance move a bit closer, just let it take over And if this is our final chanceIf this is our last, last dance move a bit closer, just let it take over And if this is our final"
  • Colors (feat. Tiesto & Andreas Moe) - Hardwell
    "Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breath next to me Now your heart is in the gold There is a mystery that I wanna know No more hurt into field In the dark we can glow Past the night, there is a feel where"
  • Jennifer Johnson & Me - Robert Earl Keen
    "Deep in the pocket, of an old sport coat jacket I chanced to discover an old memory Three for a quarter, a black and white portrait Taken of Jennifer Johnson and me I'm in the corner, my shirt collar"

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