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joker sequence - aparatka

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joker sequence - aparatka

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joker sequence - aparatka
  • Joker & Sequence Aparatka
    "Chce iść do Ciebie, potem nie ciągle kręci, miga się obiecuje, daje mniej taka aparatka z niej /2x Gdy Cię poznałem , nie grało coś na starcie. Chciałem Cię przytulić , mówisz staraj się bardziej. Wciąż"
  • BORYS LBD Obrotowy ruch (feat. Joker & Sequence)
    "centralna gwiazda nikt jej nie zastąpi obraca ssie, ze mi oczy wyszły z orbit jak promień słońca, przenika jak duch tak mnie przyciąga twój obrotowy ruch centralna gwiazda nikt jej nie zastąpi obraca ssie,"
  • Babe Ruth Joker
    "I said, "hey, Cat, you gotta move out of here "I got enough to turn you on" "Well now, Rat, don't you have no fear "Cause I'm lookin' for some dope "We'd better get it on." "Catcher man said we gotta"
  • X Japan Joker
    "Long time ago No ! No ! Little time ago gareki o someru aoi tsuki Sweet junkie girl and stealing rude boy go-mai no Coin mittsu no yume machi o deyou chikatetsu no basha ni nori Laser no Tuxedo, Denim"
  • Quiet Riot Joker
    "Cut it Hit me I am the joker in the pack Fun to be around Bring you luck, full of love When the chips are down It ain't no use, now Play the game Man, I'm not your king Cause when there's a joker In your"
    "nei wiesz, ze ziomków sie nie wypierd* moze to przez to koko i xanax zawsze uwalasz później wydzwaniasz chu* mnie ta partia bo jesteś pała mówię ci nara to bez znaczenia po takim giną nawet wspomnienia jebać"
  • Acid Drinkers Joker
    "The joker is funnyJoker is greatHis the best in this branchHe's got the biggest payCountry wide clownThe most stupid starThe moron of the year,But Don't try to shoot him downDon't talk so loudWall's got"
  • Steve Miller Joker
    "Jungle Love Steve Miller Greatest Hits 1974-78 I met you on somebody's island You thought you had known me before I brought you a crate of papaya They waited all night by your door You probably wouldn't"
  • Bodyjar Joker
    "I was always the smart one Back-chatting and lying I was always left locked in but I'd still get away Through bars of iron And steel They would try to hold me down but I'd still get away I'm joking,"
  • The Back Horn Joker
    "kodomo no koro ni egaita yume, daigakusei to kakimashita. kodomo no yume rashikunai to, sensei ni shikararemashita. shiawase na kazoku no fuukei, muriyari kuchi ni tsumekomare, 'sukikirai ha ikemasen'"
    "Aquabats Miscellaneous SEQUENCE ERASE When time scrambles and it's gone away Can you stop to start again? No time. No one will laugh will laugh when it strikes- This diabolic plan to break"
  • Aquabats, The Sequence Erase
    "Aquabats, The Aquabats Vs. The Floating Eye Of Death! Sequence Erase When time scrambles and it's gone away Can you stop to start again? No time. No one will laugh will laugh when it strikes- This diabolic"
  • The Aquabats Sequence Erase
    "When time scrambles and it's gone away Can you stop to start again? No time. No one will laugh will laugh when it strikes- This diabolic plan to break up all order And who holds the key to stop The countdown"
  • Nina Simone Assignment Sequence
    "Hendin The assignment the assignment okay Not too loud now not too loud The song is called the assignment Talks about the lover's gap Tha gap between lovers Especially in marriage and other forms Bouncing"
  • Authority Zero Society's Sequence
    "The world breaks loose as we grab for the noose We're spinning round and round like we're never going to lose Falling farther fast and always coming in last Jumping up and down, well, look waht i've found"
  • Arab Strap Dream Sequence
    "Give me your gibberish tonight and talk to me with your eyes shut Make me giggle in your sleep, and I can dream that you're a slut And when I wake up stiff, please just feel free to use me Then go to work"
  • Autumn Clan Dream Sequence
    "Yeah! You can change your twisted mind and you can change it all the time Please don't touch my face Don't let me dream again Your darkest nightmare's coming true and everything you see is blue I can"
  • Kim Wilde Dream Sequence
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Shadows across the floor Memories fading in Voices are far away Now it can all begin "New York are on the 'phone They want you here today" "Was it a fashion show ?" "Sorry"
  • Facades Soft sequence
    "I am so disappointedNo one's hereJust the fearI am creeping and fallingIn this placeI will faceWon't you regret this timeWhen I was here for youTo help you alwaysWon't you understandWe were bound to be"
  • Acres Of Lions Dance Sequence
    "And I hope we clash. I hope we are opposing sides and this is all some childish game we play in our minds. And I hope we hurt. I hope this is war and we are relentless. And we feel displaced. We feel"

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