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  • Jonny - Wonderwall
    "On the night of April the 14th A little girl walked to New York, New York Her best friend Jonny said It'd be impossible 'cause Seattle is too far away from New York, New York Seattle is too far away from"
  • Jonny - Nina Rochelle
    "Fnstret r redan ppet Fast klockan bara r fem Han mste knna luften Virvlar runt dr inne i sitt hem Det hr r Jonny, nr han inte skakar Det dr r porten som han tror att ngon bevakar Rummet r kort och tomt Dom"
  • Jonny - Kittie
    "Listen to me this time We're just whores on a fucking assembly line Believe me,i was there Take what i want,get the fuck outta love Trains won't stop me Trains won't stop me Jonny's been a very bad boy"
  • Jonny Was - Jonny Was
    "Jonny Was, a street walker(x 4) He travels light Ooh, you shouldve seen him Walked right past ya You could not believe it Lyin on the street corner wearin next to nothin Yet he sports a smile And all the"
  • Jonny Y - E-Rotic
    "When they found you It was too late You took the last The last escape And I - I'm left crying The winds of change I feel them blow I wonder why Why did you go Miss you so Jonny Y I can't find you In the"
  • Jonny Makeup - Gravy Train!!!!
    "Toot toot! And a beep beep! You're a coal miner's daughter who turned to the street And with a toot toot! And a beep beep! You snorted two hot loads off of the bar seat In Hello Kitty couture, always the"
  • Hey, Jonny - Huey Lewis & The News
    "Had Race Bannnon's car for just five minutes I had to back in and get my phone When I came back again, he saw his car Well, I thought it had crashed on it's own What a bummer, I was so bought down Race"
  • Jonny (deutsche) - Kittie
    "Hr mir dieses mal zu Wir sind nur Huren auf einem beschissenen Flieband Glaub mir, ich war da Nehme was ich will, verschwinde hier, zur Hlle Zge werden mich nicht aufhalten (x2) Jonny war ein sehr bser"
  • For Jonny - System Syn
    "And it was last night i think Or i heard That jonny died Flew thirty feet So fast One last flight And i hung up the phone And paused for a minute Standing there thinking about it Before i broke down Because"
  • Jonny W - Westernhagen
    "Johnny Walker jetzt bist du wieder da. Johnny Walker ich zahl' dich gleich in bar! Johnny Walker du hast mich nie enttuscht! Johnny du bist mein bester Freund! Johnny Walker immer braun gebrannt. Johnny"
  • Jonny B - The Hooters
    "Hush little baby don't cry like that God's gonna buy you a cadillac. He's chosen you do do his will you can spread the word in your coupe de ville. So jump in the river and learn to swim God's gonna wash"
  • Jonny Sniper - Enter Shikari
    "A whisper from the wind, and I can't help but listen. A crashing of white waves, and I cant help but listen. They're trying to entertain and I cant help but... (Painting A Picture Of Myself) And I'll"
  • Uncle Jonny - The Killers
    "When everybody else refrained My uncle Johnny did cocaine He's convinced himself right in his brain That it helps to take away the pain Hey, Johnny Hey what you say Johnny I wanna go out tonight Come a"
  • Jonny B. - The Hooters
    "It's a sleepless night, she's calling your name,It's a lonely ride, I know how you want her.Again and again you're chasin' a dream, yeah,But Johnny my friend, she's not what she seems.Johnny B., how much"
  • Spel Jonny Spel - Hellbillies
    "Spel Jonny, spel! Ta ein te - dudelidei. Go Jonny, go! Hey, hey, hey. What did I say?. Norske poprefreng dei lukte skog og hei. Sha-la-lee bee dubi dua. Ein poplt p norsk det 'kji beine f te. For teksten"
  • Jonny Be Good - Chuck Berry
    "Deep down in louisiana close to new orleans Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood Where lived a country boy named johnny be good Who never ever learned"
  • Jonny (Original Version) - Kittie
    "Listen to me this time We're just whores on a fucking assembly line Believe me i was there Say what i want And get the fuck outta here.. To raise the wall? Stop me! To raise the wall? Stop me! Jonny's"
  • Jonny Bells Greenhouse - Whitmore
    "I know she told you everything Before she finished me Well you know now that it's all my fault Please don't take it personally I hate you and you hate me But maybe we can sort this out I don't know what"
  • Desolate (feat. Jonny Craig) - Woe, Is Me
    "Out in the everglades, Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave, I can easily say that we will never change But be implacable and never lose your flames. Wouldn't you say that the world has"
  • I'm Jonny Craig Bitch And I Drive In Reverse! - Jonny Craig
    "Oh, take all these pleasures away, for I've sinned, And oh, this is all my fault, I made no effort to speak your name. Tonight I'll place the blame on myself, hiding behind a crutch, Still can't make"

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