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  • We are the grapefriut - Jont
    "I am a donut sitting in starbucks I don't give a f*** cos I am a donut I am your new string you forgot to bring curled up and waiting for a good tuning and I am an old jar buried twenty feet under the"
  • You can be the stars - Jont
    "Feelings can go away but little girl you are here to stay and your mummy and daddy love you so and they're never gonna let you go One song so long, that we sing and if you stayed awake another day you"
  • Another door closes - Jont
    "So if another door closes I hope you see the window opening As people suffering all the time Don't waste your days life slips away Like butter from a knife And if you had a good day my sis Make sure you"
  • Can't turn the sea off - Jont
    "Can't live in a safety net nobody really dropped you yet? well they don't hold on forever. Will hit you like a jumbo jet, don't stop flying there's a way to go yet and we're headed there together... Happy"
  • On my way - Jont
    "You had me down and out, you had me broken like a bottle who'd lost its message and, was filling up with sea-weed You had me sinking, headed for the bottom I'd lost all feeling, I didn't feel like me Well"
  • Sweetheart - Jont
    "Sailing on this motorway tonight thinking I might drown if the waves aren't right wind pushing me from side to side and I'm thinking, of what I had. How if I broke my legs and I broke my head, even after"

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