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jony come home

  • Come Back Home - Close To Home
    "Got your pictures Constantly reminding me I won't be sleeping tonight And this empty feeling I have inside Lets me know that I was just a waste of time When you find yourself alone and theres no place"
  • Come back home - Home Made Kazoku
    "Come back home for me baby mou ichido Furikaeru to soko ni kimi ga mada iru kiga suru yo Ima wa doko de dare to nani wo shiteru no? Yuugure no machikado ni hibiku aishuu no melody Kimi no kaori ya nukumori"
  • Come Home - Adkins Trace
    "Adkins Trace Chrome Come Home Maybe you were right, maybe I was wrong Maybe I said goodbye a little too strong But, you been away way too long... Come home A little too harsh, a little too loud Out"
  • Come Home - Trace Adkins
    "Maybe you were right, maybe I was wrong Maybe I said goodbye a little too strong But, you been away way too long... Come home A little too harsh, a little too loud Out there on the edge of a little"
  • Come Home - Placebo
    "Stuck between the do or die, I feel emaciated. Hard to breathe I try and try, I'll get asphyxiated. Swinging from the tallest height, with nothing left to hold on to. Every sky is blue, but not for me"
  • Come Home - Bird York
    "Long day stabbing at shadows blank eyed, just staring out windows he's gone, left me again same song on permanent repeat, a Big Dog on a thin leash,these thoughts, have got me lost and wondering"
  • Come Home - Kiyoharu
    "kyoumi ga aru hougaku aruiteru izure wa ari jigoku ga kieru darou naikouteki sa, kono aijou gaiken wa iu yori yowai kedo Come home. Come home. Come home. Come home. NAIFUUYUUDO no ue dakiaou SUBIIDO wa"
  • Come Home - Zoe
    "When will you come home When will you be mine I have waited so long just to see you smile So tell me why do only theese feelings in me Call upon your name Why do all these dreams with in me Always end"
  • Come Home - James
    "It's that time again when I lose my friendsGo walkabout, I've got the bends from pressureThis is a testing time when the choice is mineAm I a fool for love or foolish with desireYou can throw him out you"
  • Come Home - Back Door Slam
    "I got your letter today Said you gone for good I would get you back If only I could I don't know where you gone I don't know who you with All I know is that I'm lonely back here and I can love you better"
  • Come home - Dave Clark Five
    "As I write my letter todayTears start fallin' from my eyesI remember things we used to sayAnd the ties that bind our loveOnly one thing I want to doCome home (whoa yeah)Come homeLong as I know I'm comin'"
  • Come Home - Anthony Evans
    "Drifting away so many times Searching for something I could never find Living the live on my own Wondering why I felt so alone Knew I was wrong but my pride Stood in the way I was so blind That's when"
  • Come Home - Robert Post
    "Come home You don't need no strength We are here You are weak Saveyourthirst And save your hunger For everything we have Come home You are mislead Don't need a reason to get through Shouldn't have had"
  • Come home - Joss Stone
    "My love I had so much to say but now it's lost My words still burn inside at such a cost We had so little time to show our love And it were never enough Never enough And all the time spent On tears and"
  • Come Home - OneRepublic
    "Hello world Hope you're listening Forgive me if I'm young Or speaking out of turn There's someone I've been missing And I think that they could be The better half of me They're in their own place trying"
  • Come Home - Oceanlab
    "I don't know why you feel we can't just talk through... Not just walk through And leave me here You leave a note and think that it's a clean break No more heartache You made that clear I wish that I"
  • Come Home - Kris Delmhorst
    "You left here on your dirty feet But you're gonna come home on the train. You left here on your shoe leather But you're gonna come home on the train. You left here on your limousine But you're gonna"
  • Come Home - Groove Theory
    "You were born into a cold world With only the angels on your side And they whispered you must stay gold here Don't let nothin' blind your eyes So you go out into those cold streets And you get caught up"
  • Come Home - The Coral
    "Come home you've been gone too long I hear you walking like a tired dog All alone in the wild untamed A fading face in the picture frame Well i'll be waiting when the cuckoo calls A different place but"
  • Come Home - Eyes Set To Kill
    "You say it's okay, To leave it alone. But I want you to know this, This case isn't closed. Doors are open, the lights are left on. And there's never a night I sleep, When the dreams that I have, If you"

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