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jorja smith teenage fantasy

  • Fantasy - Lian Ross
    "High up in the skies much miles away lived a very special man. One night in my dreams I heard him say he'll be coming to this land. Distant lover King of Galaxy welcome to my world of fantasy ! Come into"
  • Fantasy - Lena Philipsson
    "Like a bird, I'm flying high You're the lifem you are my tenderness You're the reason for this ecstacy It's the way you make me feel You made it fantasy You made it good for me You're the one to make my"
  • Fantasy - Alabama
    "Fantasy, midnight and you and me Ecstasy, spirits running wild and free Take me away, away Outside on a blanket in the moonlight It feels right with my arms around you tight Laying under Heaven watching"
  • Fantasy - Joan Jett
    "I've been friends with you for many days And I know you in so many ways So lets go for a drink to ensure I can be forever But what do you think about when its dark out After we say goodnight I wonder Oooooo"
  • Fantasy - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "(Joan Jett/Kenny Laguna) I've been friends with you for many days And I know you in so many ways So lets go for a drink to ensure I can be forever But what do you think about when its dark out After"
  • Fantasy - Anya Marina
    "You only come out late at night Just like an animal in the moonlight You're wrapped up tight in mystery You've got me so fogged in that I can't even see My friends say I'm caught up in fairy tales and"
  • Fantasy - Scarlet
    "This would be my fantasy that You care about me more Than I care about you This would be my fantasy that You'd make things easy And that I'd be carefree For everyone of those alone they find A lover for"
  • Fantasy - Richie Kotzen
    "Love wasn't love until you came around I can't keep my focus life isn't life unless You come around Tell me what have I become You make my feel how I shouldn't feel How can I get away I gotta know what"
  • Fantasy - Pretty Maids
    "I see the stars are falling down from the sky in the summerheat but I dont know the reason why maybe thats conceit but I can hear the flowers grow in the pouring rain dont ask me why cause I dont"
  • Fantasy - The XX
    "For the desired effect Would you come back August or June, June And I hate that tomorrow's too soon But this collision, came mid bloom Better built to resume I'll see you August, see you June I'm building"
  • Fantasy - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "{Ol' Dirty Bastard} Oh...yeah...yeah...yeah... {Keepin' it real, son, that's right} Ho...ooh...yeah...oh...oh... {The shining star, you're my shining star, girl} Yo New York in the house Is Brooklyn"
  • Fantasy - Bazzi
    "You should know You can go where you wanna go I can take you there Wildest dreams, put some faith in me Take my hand to your fantasy Going through these bottles Fucking with these models All the way"
  • Fantasy - Aldo Nova
    "Summer breeze makes you feel alright Neon lights shining brightly make your brain ignite See the girls with the dresses so tight Give you love if the price is right Black or white In the streets there's"
  • Fantasy - Eternal
    "Living in a dream of fantasy Living in a dream, oh You've got to stop living, living Living in a dream world Living in a dream of fantasy Living in a dream You've got to stop living baby, living You think"
  • Fantasy - Da Buzz
    "I want to live my life with you. I wanna spread my wings and fly away, in my fantasy. You fill my soul with happiness. You fill my heart with lovely words. You gave me hope, i just can't belive that you"
  • Fantasy - Earth
    "FANTASY Black Box/Earth, Wind & Fire Every man has a place In his heart there's a space And the world can't erase his fantasies Take a ride in the sky On our ship fantasise All your dreams will"
  • Fantasy - Andy Bell
    "Did I dream, was it real or traces disappear? A smoke screen, a veil of tears to wash away the fears Whatever the cause now baby I promise I could make it alright And I'll be your fantasy The light atyour"
  • Fantasy - Cassie Steele
    "You want something I can't give You wanna life that I can't live You need anything but me Baby You want commitment but I don't I say I will but boy I won't I don't have time to spend forever Baby, oh you"
  • Fantasy - Appleton Nicole
    "Appleton Nicole Fantasy Fantasy Do you know what to do Would you know where to touch me If I want you to Do you feel what I feel Could you handle me now Now this moment is real I know you know everything"
  • Fantasy - Timbaland
    "'''Money''' Let me show you boy, are you ready? Fantasy oh it could be oh couldn't we I was just thinkin' about you Wildest thing, you have ever dreamed boy So what will it be? Just lookin' at you shorty"

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