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josh powell neil thomas wake

  • Baden Powell - Baden Powell
    "Quem homem de bem no trai O amor que lhe quer seu bem Quem diz muito que vai, no vai Assim como no vai, no vem Quem de dentro de si no sai Vai morrer sem amar ningum O dinheiro de quem no d o trabalho"
  • Thomas - Laika
    "sittin' in the corner eye-in' little Jella her head all clink-clank scary box of knick-knacks she's always in a scurry-scurry shakin' with her worry-worry kickin' up a sandstorm runnin' up the slide-down bee"
  • Thomas - A Perfect Circle
    "Humble and helpless Learning to pray Praying for visions to Show me the way Show me the way to forgive you Allow me to let it go Allow me to be forgiven Show me the way to let go Show me the way to forgive"
  • Mr. Powell - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(HARPSICHORD INTRO) just about a hundred years or so ago ten men rode their way down the mighty colorado and as I read about their journey I couldn't help but feel a very similar yearning to mr. powell and"
  • 100 Powell - Luti-Kriss
    "Scar me with You With skin gone I am stuck in the middle of You There is nowhere else I want to be Outside You there is no me So suffocate, and drown me in You That is where I'll be Humbled at your feet Is"
  • Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
    "You had a girlfriend That wasn't good enough for you She was younger But that was old enough you knew To get undressed for you Stressed for you Distorting everything Became depressed for you You were"
  • Thomas Dileva - Di Leva Thomas
    "I'm based on a true story Naked number one, that's what people call me Tell them I'm in town, riding on a donkey Sing a song and your heart will never fall Make love, be a conscious animal I'm not a"
  • Fred Neil medley - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Sometimes I think about old Saturday's child And all the happy times, we were running wild I was searching for the dolphins in the sea And sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me And I look back, I"
  • Solid Ground- Josh Kelley - Josh Kelley
    "Thinking back to better days and the wrongs and right have faded grey If I told you once you told me twice How the love of both can turn the lies It's so easy to turn my head around But now I've beat the"
  • Jamie Thomas - Graham Coxon
    "Jamie Thomas, Jamie Thomas, Jamie ThomasJamie skates so nice and cleanWish he could be my toy machineJamie skates so nice and cleanWish he could be my toy machineJamie skates so nice and cleanWish he could"
  • Mister Thomas - Aphrodite's Child
    "A friend who's got daisies in his pocket Mr. Thomas owns a red bike And his heart flies like a kite He gives a coin to the children Who play war with wooden guns Mr. Thomas remains at home When other"
  • Doubting Thomas - Nickel Creek
    "What will be left when I've drawn my last breath Besides the folks I've met and the folks who've known me Will I discover a soul-saving love Or just the dirt above and below me I'm a doubting Thomas"
  • Thomas Sagt - Ja, Panik
    "Fr dich renn ich durch halb Europa ich schneid mir die Haare ich steh wie ein Idiot da ich hatte einen Plan ich hab mich schwer verschtzt sie haben ihre Hunde auf mich angesetzt und so und so stolpere"
  • Doubting Thomas - Stephen Speaks
    "All my life I've been working toward something Believing these hands could get me through As my heart collects dust upon the shelves of my life My hands are busy working up to you And it seems that this"
  • Henry Thomas - Lovin' Spoonful
    "My cat dragged it Through the door one fine morn In its back ears hung Forty pounds of feet and tongue Ooh wee, my dear Henry Dig the dog the cat dragged in Ohh wee, my dear Henry Dig the dog the cat dragged"
  • Stormtrooper - Josh Fischel - Pepper
    "(verse 1:) You think that we can't see your face. I think you need to give us our space. you know that we can raze this place and leave you without a trace. Storm trooper storm trooper why are you here"
  • A Bachelor For Baden Powell - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine
    "Join the cubs See the world Pay your subs Meet the girls Sell your toys Be reborn They lvoe a boy in uniform 37 wasted years Closeting his greatest fears Still in shorts and eating jelly He used to come"
  • The Penguin Against Putrid Powell - Meganoidi
    "No way out! Confusion I need some more instructions I don't know where to go to Their faces so vicious I've never seen such creatures And everyone is after me You are happy now watching your favourite"
  • The Circus (Dave Powell Mix) - Erasure
    "Call it new technology And they use it to burn And they show no concern Work for their prosperity While the big wheels turn Now it's too late to learn Don't upset the teacher Though we know he lied to"
  • Neil Armstrong Ou Gagarine - Pascal Obispo
    "Le ciel peut bien Nous attendre encore un peu De faire ce pas par humanit Le seul qui nous rendrait vraiment heureux On rve tous D'au-del, de lointains karmas Un jour de tout quitter pour les cimes Comme"

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