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journey someday love will find you

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journey someday love will find you

  • Someday (I Will Find You) - Kelly Clarkson
    "ooh ooh yeahhh hit it boy don't think for a second that I forgot about you cause i didn't. but after I woke up and you were gone and I didn't understand why. Was it something I said? Was it something I"
  • Somebody Will Find You Someday - Sunrise Avenue
    "It is all right To run to the fields and look for anything All the daffodils are pretty anyway It is ok To envy the birds flying heart to heart singing All the songs about their happy nesting Close your"
  • Someday - The Lynns
    "(Peggy Lynn/Patsy Lynn/James Lewis) Someday, your gonna love me baby just you wait Gonna put aside the games you play, someday Oh someday your gonna whisper my name Look in my eyes and then proclaim"
  • Someday - Christopher Cross
    "Here's a song for the hearts so lonely The ones who feel that love won't come Looking to find that one and only I've got something to say to you You see the lovers walking down the street You feel your"
  • Someday - Patrick Nuo
    "Someday we will know, we will know, we will know Someday we will know, we will know How could you know all the answers to my questions If I couldn't show you what I feel Day after day you've been waiting"
  • Someday - Clarkesville
    "Tomorrow is never a million miles away But I know that you've counted as many miles today All I can say Is when love has you tangled Don't give yourself away All will come undone Someday There's nothing"
  • Someday - Aztek Trip
    "Maybe it someday Maybe if someday it'll all change Maybe someday you will realize Maybe if someday you will find nothings what it used to be Maybe someday well find out ... It's been so long since I"
  • SOMEDAY - Natalia Capelik-Muianga
    "Someday you fill te pain Some day you cry once truful tear I You give you my love You give me misery Wth my eyes open wide Now i can finally see Someday I be the over Don;t you …. And … I will find"
  • Someday - Ween
    "Someday You will hear me sing a love song Someday I'll find a girl to call my own Bringing it all together Doing it on my own Walking hand in hand like lovers And if you wished upon the moon Then it"
  • Someday - Morris Albert
    "Someday, you're gonna say you understand me You're gonna say you want to hold me You're gonna want to call me love Someday, you're gonna take the time to look around And when you find you really love"
  • Someday - Larue
    "I don't know if you're near or far away But I know that I'm thinking of you today I don't know if I even know your name But I know that I'm praying for you just the same Someday we'll fall in love You'll"
  • Someday - Mariah Carey
    "Mh oho mh Hey oho heya Hey hey hey hey ya You were so blind to let me go You had it all but didn't know No one you'll ever find will be Closer to all your dreams than me Believing the grass would"
  • Someday - Valentine
    "Lying herethinkin' about When you told me that you just don't care Sleep alone every night I'm dreaming 'bout the love we used to share Something's lost, it's a feeling that's gone Inside I know that"
  • Someday - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricki & Kim Wilde Do you remember when tears fell like rain When hearts got broken again and again The disillusionment after the pain Seems everything stays the same But time goes by and you've"
  • Someday - Sammy Hagar
    "Dim the lights when you're not sleepingLay the book down on the floorSpread the dream across your pillowUnlock the doorAnd make a wish love will find youCuddled safely in your roomClose your eyes go to"
  • Love Will Find You - Jaci Velasquez
    "Love Will Find You English version of Llegar a Ti" Oh-oh, oh-oh. A blue moon Is the only light that falls upon your room -- Your cold room. Too soon There'll be another empty morning in your life, But"
  • Journey - Samantha Cole
    "Jimmy harry, samantha cole "journey" is dedicated to all of long islands' children. Journey (samantha cole/danny madden/john poppo) There is a voice calling out to you It's a voice that leads"
  • Journey - King
    "Journey It's a long long journey Till I know whera I'm supposed to be It's a long long journey And I don't know if I can believe When shadows fall and block my eyes I am lost and know that I must"
  • Journey - Angela Zhang
    "It's a long long journey Till I know whera I'm supposed to be It's a long long journey And I don't know if I can believe When shadows fall and block my eyes I am lost and know that I must hide It's"
  • Journey - Sean Smith
    "At the journey's end A new life is waiting When you move across the bend Your life will start anew And the road That you follow Will wind until and end And you'll find yourself Starting an adventure"

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