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judas price

  • Judas - Icehouse
    "Always stand in the shadows, turn your back to the light now we want to see the face behind the name cross your palm with silver, see it shining so bright you know there has to be someone to take the blame"
  • Judas Priest - Anthrax
    "Marking my time on the line Filthy with the knowledge I'm Planting seeds, spreading the disease Rip away, tear up the beams Ravaged, it's all so damaged You're locked in Disinter the ancient ways"
  • Judas Smile - Prince
    "CHORUS: U been bamboozled, hoodwinked, took If U thought that U could put me down And not get a page in my book U been bamboozled, hoodwinked, took Tryin' 2 ball, U will fall And never get a second look Before"
  • Judas - Helloween
    "You promise us a bright golden future You say you will save the world That there will be no more hunger and pain But we only see your golden hands You say you take care of our survival Sending us missiles"
  • Judas - Lady GaGa
    "Ohohohoh I’m in love with Judas Ohohohoh I’m in love with Judas Judas! Judaas Judas! Judaas Judas! Judaas Judas! GAGA When he comes to me I am ready I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs Forgive"
  • Judas - Franks Enemy
    "Judas at the end of the rope No salvation and no hope Judas at the end of the rope No hope Did he wonder if it had to be As he succumbed to his destiny Did he wonder about what he missed As his lips formed"
  • Judas - Mago De Oz
    "Esta carta que le escribo a su ilustre seora es un fax informativo me acabo de suicidar Mi nombre es Judas! Me visto por la cabeza llevo un vestidito blanco y nadie sabe con certeza de qu coo estoy"
  • Judas - Vanden Plas
    "Obsession throwing Sticks and stones To break your bones into Sympathy for lies and hate Are no no good Enemies sow bitter seed To satisfy their blood Behind your eyes You ar so mean It's a sticky situation,"
  • Judas - Samsas Traum
    "Ich bin die Gier in Dir, Wie ein Feuer breite ich mich aus Und zeige Dir die Zhne wie ein Tier, Das die Beute vor sich hertreibt, Das Dich jagt, Das Dich reit, dich ttet, Das an Deinen alten Knochen nagt. Ich"
  • Judas - The Verve
    "Feelings Only feelings Just let 'em, let 'em go Feelings Only feelings Just worthless, so I let 'em go New York, I was Judas She said 'A latte, double shot for Judas' Cry for the things that happen,"
  • Judas - Raul Seixas
    "Ei quem voc? Ei quem voc? Vamos responda Quem voc? Eu sou Judas Parte de um plano secreto Amigo fiel de Jesus Eu fui escolhido por ele Para preg-lo na cruz Cristo morreu com um homem Um mrtir da"
  • Judas - Dover
    "JUDAS I don't care about what you say because I just don't get it I don't care about what you say because I just don't get it now I see a light on you that wasn't there before now I see a light"
  • Judas - Reveille
    "Can't understand? guess I'll paraphrase And allow this spark th set the mic ablaze Because all my rage just builds up inside 'Till there's no place to run and no place to hide Now I gotta revive, gotta"
  • Judas - Tricky
    "(Martin Gore) Is simplicity the best Or simply the easiest The narrowest path Is always the holiest So walk on barefoot for me Suffer some misery If you want my love If you want my love Man will survive The"
  • Judas - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "To be lonely is my only trust In my silent movies I can expose my lust Taking snapshots in the light That I do recall when I retire Playing with my fantasies I let the curtain fall In my desire Still"
  • Judas - The Agony Scene
    "They shut their eyes now that night has fallen And pray the wolves are kept at bay For now the mist hang arms wide open Like some cruel depiction of Christ For now the silence comforts Lost souls who"
  • Judas - Imperative Reaction
    "The light is fading out so slowly It's hard to even notice But this drought is only the beginning Moving forward pushing aside The subtle warnings we chose to deny Seem so far away now But if we could"
  • Judas - Kelly Clarkson
    "The only one who took you in The only one who held your hand Defended you against the others Had your back on everything Never let you down You turned around betrayed your only brother Forgetting me,"
  • Judas - Until The End
    "Illusions of growing up. Your world is falling down. Beliefs you once held true, lie six feet underground. You can kiss your dreams goodbye. Weakness dedicates your fate. You forgot the promise. You promised"
  • Judas - Oceans Of Sadness
    "Sleep, angel, sleep And so we lie We die Congratulations on the other side I hope you swallow in hell For I have seen the light in different skies I am able to tell We've learned from laughter We earn"

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