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  • Judith - The Cult
    "Comes and goes And goes, she comes No man will ever Make her moan Break her bones Hey Judith Judith Hey, hey On the weight of a storm She comes and goes Oh Judith Yeah, Judith Oh Judith Judith Judith Oh"
  • Judith - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Judith Que veux-tu de moi ? Que veux-tu ? Judith Je naime que toi Le sais-tu ? Hier tu membrasses Demain tu te lasses Judith Dis-le-moi Que veux-tu ? Hier tu membrasses Demain tu te lasses Que veux-tu"
  • Judith - A Perfect Circle
    "You're such an inspiration for the ways That I'll never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for me to show you How the savior has abandoned you F*ck your God Your Lord and your Christ He did this Took all"
  • Judith Heavenwood - Heavenwood
    "Walking so lost In the cold and dark forest I gazed upon light Shimmering in the horizont Beyond the trees I felt compeled To walk into this light Hidden beneath the bushes I gaspes as I saw What was creating This"
  • Judith (deutsche) - A Perfect Circle
    "Du bist solch eine Inspiration Fr die Wege ich nie aussuchen wrde Oh, so viele Wege gibt es um dir zu zeigen Wie dein Retter dich in Stich gelassen hat Vergiss deinen Gott Deinen Herrn und deinen Christen"
  • Judith (Renholder Mix) - A Perfect Circle
    "You're such an inspiration For the ways that I will never ever choose to be Oh so many ways for me to show you How your savior has abandoned you Your lord, your christ Took all you had and Still you pray,"
  • Remember When It Rained (Ft. Judith Hill) - Josh Groban
    "Wash away the thoughts inside That keep my mind away from you. No more love and no more pride And thoughts are all I have to do. Oh, Remember when it rained. Felt the ground and looked up high And called"
  • Popstar - Judith Holofernes
    "Seit ich denken kann hab ich Popstars verehrt doch mir scheint irgendwie verehre ich verkehrt ich glaub die anderen Mdchen verehren irgendwie anders ich wei nicht was es ist der Saal wird still die Lichter"
  • I Will Follow You - Judith Lefeber
    "I Will Follow You lyrics Artist: Judith Lefeber Album: other songs Buy other songs CD Lyrics: I Will Follow You Seems like heaven Seems the world just turns for us One embrace Sacre place for all"
  • Blue Tears - Judith
    "BLUE TEARS Yesterday you come home And you talk me,you don't love me anymore It's not the first time It has happened to me many times before Baby can't you see I don't know what to or what to be I am"
  • Fools Rule The World - Judith
    "(Bush): "We need to break the cycle of violence" (Roosevelt): : "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself" (Bush): "it's essential" Mighty men, do you know the names Of the innocent people used"
  • La Bella - Judith
    "I walk in the sunshine with my head in the clouds my feet are sore from traveling her sweet lips were more made to kiss than to cry from pain or roses after an evening's rain a shadow is drawn across"
  • Love Me - Judith
    "Deep inside I can feel, our love is real, Deeper then deep. You've touched my son, you, You made me hold just with a kiss. I've been hurt before, now I have to close the door, To all my pain. For a brand"
  • Scared - Judith
    "Baby, do you understand, That I have to say goodbye to you my friend, Please don't think it's easy for me to do. You're my best friend and I still love you too. Into the night I cry, can anybody tell"
  • Sorry - Judith
    "Once you and I where as innocent as kids Love could easy grow to the corners of our hearts unaware of danger we started to grow up When we discovered borders I crossed the line And now I'm sorry from"
  • You - Judith
    "You see me as the girl next door Like you, know so many many more Just a fish that swims in your direction and could bring love and affection But I can't play the game of love with you I know it will"
  • Get Into It - Judith Owen
    "Get into it baby, 'get into it" I've been down in such a dark place; I've been a phoney and a fool; Just to please everyone who said that they loved me; And i spat out the food that i was afraid to swallow I've"
  • 1709 - Judith Owen
    "I am here I am now So don't let the ghost of her keep you in the past I am clear I know now That the love like ours from heaven was born to last There is fear There is doubt Impetuous love takes a little"
  • We Belong - Judith Owen
    "God there is a reason Why we do the things we do I was broken i was bleeding I really thought i'd lost you But you were all believing Yes, you could see that we would pull through And love is such a hard"
  • Let's Hear It For Love - Judith Owen
    "Look, Look at what you've done You've hit and run my heart And i just can't seem to think of saving myself And i still don't understand Why you'd be the man for me; But i can't seem to think of loving"

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