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julaj morning

  • Good morning - Morning Musume
    "Sassoku Morning Call shiteIkou yo ano sora no kanata madeKokoro no tsubasa ookiku hirogeAnata ni Morning Call shiteMezamete asa no mado aoi soraGood Morning habatakou yoSHAWAA o abitara soukaiOSHARE ga"
  • Morning coffee - Morning Musume
    "Nee hazukashii wa ( doki doki )Nee ureshii no yo ( shiteru )Anata no kotoba[ morning coffee nomou yo futari de ]( yes ) mongen doori ni( yes ) uchi ni sottekureru( yes ) watashi yori yowamushi ne( stop"
  • Morning - Suede
    "Sleepy head get out of bed Big bad world is calling Step in your shoes and catch the news It's another morning Morning, It's morning Morning, It's morning again Rub your eyes as nature sighs The population's"
  • Morning Musume - Morning Musume
    "Nee hazukashii wa ( doki doki )Nee ureshii no yo ( shiteru )Anata no kotoba[ mo-ningu ko-fi- no mou yo futari de ]( yes ) mongen doori ni( yes ) uchi ni okutte kureru( yes ) watashi yori yowamushi ne("
  • Morning - Amos Lee
    "Morning, Like a picture without a frame. Morning, like a smile without a name. Simple, oh, so simple, and yet so true. Oh morning, I know now, why your sky is so blue. Only I, I cannot see through it; oh,"
  • Morning - Phil Ochs
    "C (Cmaj7) Am C (Cmaj7) Am Drinks are done, daylight's come Bb6 C (Cmaj7) It's morning C (Cmaj7) Am C (Cmaj7) Am Crowd's moved on, everybody's gone Bb6 C (Cmaj7) It's morning F"
  • Morning - Melissa Etheridge
    "Morning creeps into the window Its golden fingers touch the sheets where we lay Morning wraps its arms around me And whispers in my ear it was all yesterday Morning you're lying here beside me But somehow"
  • Morning - Killing Heidi
    "I'm shooting through the stars tonight Can't you see me I'm a flash of light Don't know where I'm heading, hopefully the moon Don't know where I'm heading but I hope I get there soon Oh morning, I'll"
  • Morning - Dusty Springfield
    "(Nana Cayammi / Gilberto Gil / Norma Tanega) The morning it is sad The morning so beautiful The sunshine it is sad The sunshine no friend of mine You awake It is day As you go from me away The morning"
  • Morning - Charlotte Lawrence
    "My body My body feels like winter And I stayed in bed until dinner I don't feel the way I look anymore, mm You gave your love away To someone else I know she knows my name So take responsibility For the"
  • Morning - Noa
    "Monday morning and you tell me: Waking up beside you is living in style I feel the sun caressing, softly through the shades, and For no particular reason, I think Im gonna smile! Wake up, sweety, wake"
  • Morning - Wet Wet Wet
    "It's the same old situation Same old faces, but a different town Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide I'm dancing with the shadows, In a cold moonlight. And I can't wait until the morning I can't wait another"
  • Morning - Amel Larrieux
    "Night Passes Slow Get Up Moon Go, I Can't Take It My Thoughts Weigh Me Down And I'm Prisoner To My Blanket Cuz I'm Thirsting For The Brilliance Of The Glorious Return Of The Morning Sleep Enter"
  • Morning - Kisschasy
    "Morning, the sun wakes and when I shake off my daze I see the one I look up to but I never told you I do. Sweet as a honey glaze and warm as a summer day, You are the one I look up to but I never told"
  • Morning - Duct Tape
    "So girls have their beauty salons and guys have home depot, girls play with our hearts for fun cause they know that we won't they talk about their guys and how they screw around with their hearts,"
  • Morning - Teyana Taylor, Kehlani
    "i ain’t here to play no games I am gonna give it to you just how you want it you can call me crazy, baby you just drive me crazy when you touch on it got my legs up hands up at attention you make me stand"
  • Morning - Lennon
    "The feeling of coming to on one there You rip off my clothes as you rip off my life Destroyed my world in a matter of words You left me waiting, you left me deciding. You left me waiting x2 I hear a knock"
  • Morning - Sting
    "Naked, you are simple as one of your hands, smooth, earthy, small, transparent, round: you have moon-lines, apple-pathways: naked, you are slender as a naked grain of wheat. Naked, you are blue as a night"
  • Good Morning Good Morning - The Beatles
    "Good morning, good morning Good morning, good morning Good morning Nothing to do to save his life call his wife in Nothing to say but what a day how's your boy been Nothing to do it's up to you I've got"
  • Good Morning Good Morning - Cheap Trick
    "Good morning, good morning Good morning, good morning Good morning, ah Nothing to do to save his life Call his wife in Nothing to say but what a day How's your boy been? Nothing to do, it's up to you I've"

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