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jump mado

  • Jump - C-ute
    "JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP Takaku JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP Atsuku JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP Masa ni JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP kyuuto Itsu made mo akiramenai Kanashimi nara toki ni kieru kara Kagirareta kono michi wo tanoshimazu"
  • Jump - Remy Ma
    "Do you kno where her mouth has been?? See its crazy cuz dudes be wifin bitches Not even knowin You jus wifed a straight jump skeezy nigga Chorus: Your little sister is a Jump Jump Even your wifey is"
  • Jump - Faders
    "I don't wanna live in heartache Don't bring me down again Stop doing my head in When will it end, when will it end Get ready it's show time Got nothing to lose but you And now I've made up my mind You"
  • Jump - Don McLean
    "Well you better jump, jump, jump, If you wanna' live at all. Yes you better jump, jump, jump, Even though you're bound to fall Cause' they're gonna' make you sorry gonna' make you cry If you don't jump,"
  • Jump - The Faders
    "don't wanna live in heartache, Don't bring me down again, Stop doin' my head in, When will you learn? When will you learn? Get ready it's show time, Got nothin' to lose but you, Now I've made up my mind, You"
  • Jump - Anne Heaton
    "Im ready to be afraid Im ready to jump Im ready to let you hurt me If you must Im ready to cry Because I do anyway When Im not doing anything I may as well jump I may as well jump for something Oh forget"
  • Jump - 2-4 Family
    "Yo Yo Yo! Its be your man Jazz Who dat? I just came down here to let you all know Know what son? That we got that flow! 2-4 Family, you better know that! Ley it roll, yeah, cmon! What you hear is gonna"
  • Jump - Royce Da 5'9"
    "(Intro) You know I really don't get it muh'fucka's act like they want me in the game, want me (out) Want me out the game the next minute What the fuck do y'all want?! Chorus* (First you want me in, then"
  • Jump - XTC
    "Instant tunes only just been made Instant songs never to be played Instant tunes hanging out to dry Let me try to introduce you to Instant tunes Instant tunes Instant tunes Instant tunes Ever and ever"
  • Jump Back - The Spencer Davis Group
    "Last night, the night before (jump back, baby, jump back) Twenty four robbers was at my door (jump back, baby, jump back) I got up to let 'em in (jump back, baby, jump back) Hit 'em on the head with a"
  • Jump Up - Take 5
    "Chorus: Jump up and down Everybody's getting' down with this sound When the music takes you around Let the rhythm take you off the ground, hey Your day job's got you sad Somebody made you mad It seems"
  • Jump off - Lil Kim
    "Whoa(whoa) Whoa(ya) Ay oh Tim man its the jump off right here man!!( jump off)(ya) Whoa!(whoa)Whoa(whoa) haha (whoa)Its Queen B!!Its the Jump Off!!I've been gone for a minutenow i'm back at the jump offGoons"
  • Hop, Skip & Jump - Squeeze
    "I wan't nervous when I got this date I went along to investigate She turned out to look like me *(see note) I stood up and gave her the seat I'm so infatuated Seemed like it's complicated I was helpless"
  • Jump Should Boogie - Barry Manilow
    "Well not to long ago in nineteen forty-four When every mother's son was goin' off to war They had to lift they spirits high (High!) For Uncle Sam, motherhood and apple pie Instead of spendin' money that"
  • Jump Shout Boogie - Barry Manilow
    "Well not to long ago in 1944 When every mothers son was goin' off to war They had to lift there spirits high For Uncle Sam ,mother hood and apple pie Instead of spendin' money that they didn't have In"
  • You Say Jump - Zididada
    "Release date: 1. November 2000 Album: Have a zididada day You say jump we say how high - without knowing the reason why Ohh we could if we would - break free but why when it feels so good Don't be sad"
  • Jump For Joy - Jamie Cullum
    "I lost my way On a lazy day And before too long I was missing you It's been a while, maybe 20 weeks Since we were here And I was kissing you You're on my mind, always Won't be long, just days And we'll"
  • Jump That Rock - Scooter
    "Alright crew,Scooter in the house!Coming up with the incredible - the legendary - STATUS QUO!Whatever you want,Whatever you like,Whatever you say,You pay your money,You take your choice,Whatever you need,Whatever"
  • The Jump Off - Marques Houston
    "Yay Shit tight Click right So fine Ya'll can't f**k with us Its the Ying Yang . . . twins and Marques Houston Chita chita moving Yay Drop it like a nudie bar Got little kids wanna be a stupa star (A radio"
  • Jump Off (Explicit) - Lil' Kim
    "(Intro: Lil' Kim (Mr. Cheeks)) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Yeah) Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off right here man! (Jump off!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (It's Queen Bee nigga) It's the jump off (Come on) (Verse"

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