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just another day

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just another day

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just another day
  • Eno, Brian Just Another Day
    "Oh it's just another day, It's just another day on Earth Oh it's just another day, Just another day, It's just another day on Earth Oh it's just another day on Earth It's just another day on Earth One"
  • Angelina Just Another Day
    "Just another, just another, just another day Just another, just another, just another day Just another, just another, just another day Just another, just another, just another day Just another day, before"
  • Astrada Just another day
    "I don't believe that we've Just another day! First kiss me goodbye Then you kiss me away! I don't believe that we've Just another day! I'm fallin' apart 'Cause you're walking away! You told me the other"
  • City Sleeps Just Another Day
    "Just another day without you yeah There's a girl with a lollipop on my mind When I get this high she's got the flavor Jesus Christ is a mannequin in real life Down on Wilshire he does me favors Chorus:"
  • John Mellencamp Just Another Day
    "Bobie Doll and Big Jim Picato Call me up every single day They don't work and they don't want to Come on down to some Damn Cafe Bobie Doll tells me "live in the moment" Don't get too far ahead - don't"
  • Dio Just Another Day
    "You never sing for pleasure You only make the sounds You never feel the magic Cause you think the world is round You never dance in moonlight You run but you never move You don't believe in someday And"
  • Natalie Imbruglia Just another day
    "Monday's eyes have got stuck on the ceiling againThen motivation just hung up the phone on a friendA bottle of wine and this sorry excuse for a songNothing excites me and I don't know where I belongBut"
  • Venus In Flames Just Another Day
    "Roads leading you out of here Where you can't be found I know you can't run away from things They follow you around It's just another day But I don't feel the same You have gone away It's just another"
  • Jade Valerie Just Another Day
    "Always knew there would come a day there would come a day we'd say bye bye bye Now summer's gone and life moves on and we're too old to cry cry cry So hum a tune for me and you, don't make it blue asking why"
  • Sam Cooke Just Another Day
    "just another day that my Lord, my Lord has kept me yes it is just another day that I've been in my saviors care yes it is Wanna say through he do his loving arms al around me and then I found, I found"
  • BBMak Just Another Day
    "You will always be the one that I adore, Mean so much to me, but dreams you were before, Its you Emily that makes me write this song, Your eyes are open wide but still so much to see, All that's new to"
  • Closterkeller Just Another Day
    "You promise me You promise me There will be such a day When you will come to stay This feeling will not die Tell me it won't be long Don't ask me to go on Waiting for you You tell me You want me To"
  • Spirit Of The West Just Another Day
    "This is what we want, you know how to get it Bring it on home, rub our faces in it Show us something shocking, show us something grim Show us something more Cause the something's wearing thin it on down Don't"
  • Keith Sweat Just Another Day
    "Yeah (Another day) Just another day (think bout this one) Layin in my bed i think, Constinin On u and me u could neva know girl what im goin thru everything i see an do reminds me girl when it was me"
  • Jon Secada Just another day
    "Mornings alone When you come home I breathe a little faster Everytime we're together I'd never be the same If you're not here How can you stay away, away so long Why can't we stay together Give me a reason"
  • Oingo Boingo Just another day
    "(There's life underground) I feel it all around / I feel it in my bones My life is on the line / When I'm away from home When I step out the door / The jungle is alive I do not trust my ears / I don't"
  • Queen Latifah Just Another Day...
    "(Queen Talking) We gon take this one over to 275 Paulstand 384 Steuyversant, we gon take it over to 155 Morgan 144 Harrison Chorus: (1x) Just Another Day, living in the hood Just another day around the"
  • Stacey Earle Just Another Day
    "I woke up early this morning, I asked myself why It's four in the morning, so closing my eyes I rolled over on my other side Ten o'clock came fast Heard a noise down the hall Sounds just like broken glass And"
  • Level 42 Just another day
    "Just when we started believing in something We'll push the wall and start again Come kick and screaming just like a baby The open wound that nevermends A fragile piece of understanding that's hurled in"
  • Hey Just Another Day
    "wake up late i lose my dreams i rub my eyes to break the screams look left look right for my keys another day is waiting for me everyone just a crime i can't understand this killing ground another corpse"

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