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just because you

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just because you

  • Just Because - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "Now just because you think you're so pretty and you ain't pretty And just because you think you're so hot honey you ain't hot And just because you think that you got somethin' Honey you ain't got nothin'"
  • Just Because - Jane's Addiction
    "If I were you I'd better watch out When was the last time You did anything Not for me Or any one else Just because? Just because? You, you really should have known Yeah you, you really should have known Just"
  • Just Because - Brenda Lee
    "Well now just because you think you're so pretty just because you think you're so hot Just because you think you've got something that nobody else has got Though you make me spend all my money you laugh"
  • Just Because - Anita Baker
    ""Buy Anita Baker's CD Just Because Anita Baker (Micheal O'Hara, Sami McKinney & Alex Brown) When I think about how much I'm loving you No limitations, no set of regimented rules I'm amazed how much this"
  • Just Because - Paul McCartney
    "Well, well, well, Just because you think you're so pretty, And just because your momma thinks you're hot, Well, just because you think you've got something That no other girl has got, You've caused me"
  • Just Because - Elvis Presley
    "(B. Shelton - J. Shelton - S. Robin) Well, well, well, Just because you think you're so pretty, And just because your momma thinks you're hot, Well, just because you think you've got something That no"
  • Just Because - Ginuwine
    "Just because I'm all G'd up, doesn't mean I'm out to cut Just because,boo,I got game,doesn't mean I'll forget your name Because I push a 6, doesn't mean I'll ego trip It's hard to believe a playa like"
  • Just Because - Ball In The House
    "I tried to...run away, but I found I couldn't hide. You said that we would never be friends, but there's so much more inside. I left to chase a shattered dream, You know how hard I've tried. And"
  • Just Because - Dingdong Avanzado
    "you're asking me why i love you so well i just feel it i just know how can i express to you what can i say why my heart beats for you this way REFRAIN: i'm not so good in saying what i feel all i know"
  • Just Because - The Proclaimers
    "Just because you think youre so pretty And just because your Mother thinks youre hot And, just because you think youve got something Nobody else has got Youve caused me to spend all my money You laughed"
  • Just Because - NIKKA COSTA
    "I take you in and I hold my breath Try to save the time that's passing by And if you came to say goodbye A thousand summers would never dry Every tear that touched my face And they don't laugh the way"
  • Just Because - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) Have you ever loved someone you knew nothing of Except you'd seen the light inside their eyes Have you ever loved someone just because Nothing felt so easy or so right And I think"
  • Just Because - Yoko Ono
    ""ah, remember this? Why, I must have been thirteen when this came out! Or was it fourteen? Or was it twenty-two? I could have been twelve actually." Just because you left and said goodbye, Do you think"
  • Just Because - John Lennon
  • Just Because... - Joe Jackson
    "Can't drink the water Can't breathe the air Can't hide down in the sewer 'Cause there's crocodiles down there My hovel needs a barricade My pants need an alarm Need some non-alcoholic whiskey And some"
  • Just Because - Ed O.G.
    "[ Free ] You used to be my man, we used to be in love Since we parted ways things is gettin rough Just because I got a kid by you Don't give you no reasons to act like a fool [ Ed ] Yo, you used to be"
  • Just Because - Az
    "It's on for now, niggas ballin' now (uh huh) It's The Firm baby, ain't no fallin' down Thorugh your eyes see your snakeness (Uh huh) No lie, Doe Or Die, try to take this Stay swift, you can follow if you"
  • Just Because - Lloyd Price
    "Look at me, I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud I can't understand, I get misty just holding your hand. Walk my way, And a thousand violins begin to play Or it"
  • Just Because - Dogwood
    "I failed you before But you gave me a chance to do it over and over again How can I be just like someone else When you let me do whatever I please Born free to choose but not to lose What you gave me"
  • Just Because - Baby Bash
    "(feat. Mad One, Mr. G) (Mad One): Its a Limousine full of smoke - smoking big baby Going off the Hennessey and Coke - drinking big baby She don't belong Rollin' on chrome International players on the"

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