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  • Ahe Tamoure - A La Carte
    "When I was south sea bound on a lovely isle When the people they dance and play Well a beautiful man with a south sea tan - He taught me Tahitian .tamoure. Tahiti come to me Tahiti man I see You"
  • Eternal E - Eazy-E
    "Yo this is Yella as we wine down to the final song I wanted to make this one to remember my lil nigga E I know he wanted this track on his record though he was takin' from us to god damn soon so I finished"
  • E. Dagger - Lagwagon
    "Come on E; try to go easy We can do anything (repeat) Come on E; we got it covered We can stop anytime (repeat) Come on E; it's just a party Let's go to party town Then we can party down Come on E; Check"
  • MC2 = E - Flow
    "Let's start FLOW's stage everybody Stand Up Clap your hands, rock heads From friends to the world! Let's start FLOW's stage everybody Stand Up Clap your hands rock heads From friends to the world! ATENSHON"
  • Silent E - Tom Lehrer
    "Who can turn a can into a cane? Who can turn a pan into a pane? It's not too hard to see It's Silent E Who can turn a cub into a cube? Who can turn a tub into a tube? It's elementary For Silent E He"
  • She Didn't Go, Ahe Did Leave - Colby O'Donis
    "Excuse me baby what's the deal What's the deal? How you feel?) Could you tell me baby how you feel? How you feel? I never try to cross the line Cross the line girl But I stepped on it a couple times She"
  • Mr E - the Getaway People
    "5 little kids in a rock 'n' roll band got money in the pocket and money to spend Drummer had a friend who had a cousin called Jack who had a head for the good times, called crack He liked to go cruisin'"
  • E-Cord - Pagoda
    "Check 1...Check 2...Check 3 Welcome to the E-cord Why that's a strong boy Use it what it's used for Use me what i'm used for I'm a whore Reap with the same thing What the hell I'm gonna sing Damn I got"
  • M-E - REO Speedwagon
    "Lately we're acting like two kids in school, Spelling out things so he wont know we're through. We know it's over and we don't want to say, But letter by letter, he showed me today. And he really turned"
  • Victor E - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "This pleasure book I'm writingDoesn't give me any thrillAll it does is prove conclusivelyWhere there's a way there's WillWho by the way along with MaryPeter, Patsy, and Paul.Has the cheek to turn the otherWhen"
  • E-Pro - Beck
    "Beck Guero E-Pro See me comin' to town with my soul Scrape down at the bump of my fingers Holdin' over the devil I know All my troubles just hang on your trigger Take your eyes and ?? to the road Shoot"
  • Apt. E - Eye 90
    "Think of all the hearts being broken, the untrue words being spoken. Its hard to trust the one you're with. Isn't it interesting how its broken and just can't be fixed. The truth isnt something that"
  • Doko e - CAN
    "Those filthy bloody factories in Tokyo,Its just a polluted city.Where can we go?Discover Japan!The pollution is making it more and more shitty.For Gods sake, lets get away.But where can we escape to?This"
  • E-mail - Melissa Ferrick
    "You've got it all figured out, yeah you've got a plan to get us out of here and wash my hands clean of the tax man You've got it all set up like you're in charge of fate You're gonna make me famous like"
  • Vittorio E - Spoon
    "I took a river and it wouldn't let go I want you to stay and I want you to go I took a river and the river was long and it goes on I want to be there tonight I want to get there but it's just out of sight I"
  • M. E. - Underworld
    "(anatano yume ni watashi wo tamoteru) Can you hold me in your dreams. (watashi wo kanjiru koto ga dekiruno Watashi ga anata wo kanjiru youni) Can you feel me like I feel you. Goodbye mother earth. I don't"
  • E Song - Virginia Coalition
    "Oh, now little girl, don't cry yourself to sleep There's a brand new world around you You can make it if you try She said the trying's not enough Sometimes it gets to me I see people where they're"
  • A+E - Clean Bandit
    "I'm a snake, I'm a tricky little freak, I'm a killer you won't see me as I slither down the street I make noise and I'm poised like a train as you please, I make heat when I tweet I am the real McCoy, all"
  • L.O.V.E - E-Rotic
    "Take off your shirt Feel free like a bird Makin love in the sun is fun I've heard Im coming from far away Coming to you and thats what i say I'm Ronny - the sunshine man I will love you in the sand I got"
  • Just Tah Let U Know - Eazy-E
    "... ... ... ... (keeps on repeating) Verse One: It's that man comin up from that land of tha C-P-T ("What's my motherfuckin"

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